Where to go if you want to move out of NYC

After the move - December 30, 2019

Many people dream of moving to NYC and, funny enough, many people dream of leaving NYC. While NYC is obviously a wonderful place to live, there are many reasons why one would want to leave. For one, NYC can be expensive and congested, and can inspire many people to move elsewhere.

These days, many people are actually moving from New York City to other cities across the country–According to census data, almost 300 New Yorkers leave the city each day. This giant exodus started only a few years ago. Though many New Yorkers are moving to other cities across the country, some are actually headed to more rural areas. In fact, many states around the U.S are now incentivizing young people to move by giving them tax subsidies and covering other relocation expenses. In many places throughout the US, there is plenty of available real estate, a lack of young people and a surplus of jobs. Moreover, the rent and cost of living in all of these states tends to be significantly lower than NYC, which is attractive to many New Yorkers.  Some of these states have even developed programs to entice young people to move there.

Thinking about leaving the big apple? Here are some of the best places to move from NYC.

       1. MAINE

Maine is a beautiful state, however, Maine has an aging population and is having a hard time attracting young people. In 2008, the state of Maine began the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit program which allowed students graduating from Maine Universities to use a portion of their student loan payments as tax credits. However, starting from 2016, the program has now expanded to include graduates from any university within the U.S.A. Moreover, Maine now offers in-state tuition to out of state students.

      2. VERMONT

Vermont is another serene and picturesque state with an aging labor force. To attract more young people, the state has developed a Remote Worker Grant Program which funds covering up to $10,000 of relocation expenses. The $10,000 is split up into two years of payment — $5,000 per year.

      3. ALASKA

The Alaska Permanent Fund allows residents of Alaska to receive a portion of the states’ mineral revenue every year. To qualify for the dividend, Alaskan residents must live in the state a full calendar year (Jan 1 – December 31) with no intention to move out of the state. In 2019, residents of Alaska received $1606 for the year.

          4. OKLAHOMA

Like Vermont, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is also looking for remote workers. The program offers up to $10,000 of relocation expenses to people willing to move there for at least a year. Find out more here.

      5. IOWA & KANSAS

Both Iowa and Kansas offer free lots of land to those willing to build houses there. There are certain criterions you need to meet in order to qualify for the program. Check out The Iowa Free Lot Program and Free Home Site Program to better understand what you need to do.

Of course, all of these incentives are intended for long-term commitment, to get people to fall in love with these places, and make sure that people don’t just come and go for the financial perks.

Obviously, life in rural or small-town America is not for everyone. However, if you are nature-lover who wants to move out of NYC, and live a more affordable life, the places on list are definitely worth considering.

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