Clean your house after the relocation

Home Improvements - September 27, 2019

Moving into a new home is like turning over a new leaf. The possibilities are endless and you can change your entire life. But before that new life can begin, you have one very important job on your plate; a job that will represent a purge of everything that’s old and a job that will allow you to live in a brand-new house. And that job is cleaning. When you want to clean your house after the relocation, you want to be really thorough. Whether you decide to clean before you unpack or after will depend on many things. Among others, it will depend on whether you feel ready to tackle cleaning before unpacking, and whether you paid for unpacking services NYC. Our advice? Clean before you move! That way, you will erase any traces of the previous owners and prepare a property for your family.

Start cleaning by focusing on the high places

There’s a right order for everything in life. When you are looking for movers, you won’t book a moving date before asking for moving quotes Brooklyn. You have to focus on the right order of things or you risk running into trouble – as simple as that. The same goes for cleaning. When cleaning your house after moving, you want to start by cleaning the high places before you move on to low ones.

A kitchen with high ceiling.
The object hanging from your ceiling should be the first ones to get cleaned.

Things like ceilings and lighting fixtures are notorious for sprinkling dust on everything that’s below them. And what’s the point of cleaning your floors and countertops if they are going to get dirty by the end of the day? That’s why you have to work smart, and start with the objects that are the closest to the ceiling.

Yes, we know it sounds like a lot of hassle and you might be tempted to give up cleaning altogether. But the truth is that without this step, your home will never look its best. You could have the best ideas for decorating your rental apartment but it won’t mean a thing if it is dirty. Right?

End your cleaning spree by cleaning the floors

There really is no science behind this. If you decide to clean the floors first and then dust your countertops, some dust is bound to end up right where you don’t want it – your fresh cleaned floors. So only after the entire room is cleaned, wiped, and dusted should you proceed to clean the floors. With this cleaning order, your entire home will be picture-perfect and dust-free by the moment the time for hosting a housewarming party comes. And it will come as soon as you clean and unpack!

An organized room to be gained when you clean after the relocation.
Wondering what good is to be gained if you decide to clean after the relocation? Does a beautiful living area sound appealing?

Clean your house after the relocation by starting with the fridge

There are some things you can put off until you feel more rested and settled into your new home. But the fridge is not one of them. You will need a place for keeping your perishable goods, and you’ll need to start storing it as soon as you move. That’s why your fridge is of utmost priority. Luckily, if your fridge is empty and defrosted (defrosting your fridge is a must before moving) it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to clean it.

Start by removing the shelves and cleaning them with soap and water. For the inside of your fridge and freezer, you can use a solution that’s part water and part vinegar. This powerful mix is enough to clean even some stuck-on gunk, as long as you put some muscle behind it. Once the fridge is cleaned and ready for use, feel free to proceed.

Continue by cleaning the kitchen

There really isn’t that much to say about this step. The important thing was to mention that the kitchen should be the first room to clean. It’s also the first room to unpack, so you can understand just how important it is. All you have to do is follow the right order – the ceilings, then your countertops and appliances and, finally, the floors. Just like that, the kitchen is done and ready to be used.

A lot of attention should be given to bathrooms when you clean your house after the relocation

When it comes to bathrooms, you shouldn’t focus all of your energy into ensuring everything is spotless and dust-free. No, when it comes to this room, the real focus is on the disinfection. You want to use good and strong cleaners that will get rid of any germs. Be very thorough, and don’t forget to sanitize the doorknobs, faucets, and light switches. 

A clean white bathroom.
Everyone wants to have a clean and spotless bathroom.

Extra tip: when it comes to cleaning the toilet, don’t bother to clean the toilet seat. Just replace it. It will be a much safer alternative and it won’t make a dent in your budget. At JP Urban Moving Brooklyn, we consider that to be a winning combination.

Finish up and have fun

Once you finish cleaning the kitchen and bathroom/s, all the hard work will be behind you. Almost. All that separates you from a fun new life are the few remaining areas, such as bedrooms and your living room. For these rooms, you’ll want to clean item by item while sticking to the right order, of course. You can use the vacuum cleaner for dusting larger areas and you can use wet mops for those harder to reach places up town jungle. Speaking of which, don’t forget to clean the easily overlooked spaces, like doorknobs, the tops of doors and windows. And yes, we know that to clean your house after the relocation this way will turn into a long process. But that process is a necessary one and it will lead to a lot of good things. You just trust us – we know what we are talking about.

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