Prohibited items- the items NY movers won’t move

Moving guides - September 26, 2019

Moving can be stressful since there are so many things you need to remember. It can be physically tiring as well. This is why most of us hire a moving company to help us move. Sometimes even the packing company is needed and this means our job is pretty much done in no time. But before you hire a moving company, you should know that there are some items NY movers won’t move for you.

Make sure you understand why there are items NY movers won’t move for you

There are many reasons for it and the most common reasons are:

  • They are illegal to possess
  • Your other belongings might get damaged
  • Some items NY movers won’t move could damage the moving truck
  • They can be toxic
  • There is a risk of damaging these items and it’s too risky.

As you can see, the moving company is not just trying to help themselves not get damaged but yourself as well. Both your and their belongings might get damaged during the move. Keep in mind that they won’t just refuse to transport any illegal items you own, they will also report you. If you are not sure if some of the items you own are on the list, hire packing service NYC and they will pack just movable items.  However, there are some things they will move if you are moving to a place nearby, but not long distance. Never try to hide items that are not allowed from your moving company since there are reasons they refuse to move them.

Illegal items

Things like drugs and weapons will absolutely be refused by the moving companies. If you hire affordable movers Brooklyn, they will refuse any illegal items you might have. Not just drugs or weapons, but any other items considered illegal, and the list of illegal items is not the same in every state. So make sure some of your items are not legal in the state you are in, but illegal in the state you are moving to. Moving companies will alert authorities if they discover any illegal items in your possession.

Items NY movers won't move- two pistols
Drugs and weapons will not be                             accepted by the moving companies

Aggressive or poisonous substances

Any kind of poison, an explosive substance, any acids or cleaning products that could spill and damage the moving truck or your belongings will be refused from the moving company. It might be best to move them yourself in your car if you are moving close by. In case you are moving long-distance, it might be best to just throw them out or get a storage unit and store them. Make sure to get a list of these substances online. Even bug spray is considered poison so most moving companies won’t move it.


Most moving companies won’t move your house plants if you are moving long distance. This is because the house plants can’t live too long in a condition such as in a moving truck. On the other hand, if you are moving close by, they will mostly accept them.

Items NY movers won't move- a house plant on the window
Plants are sensitive so they could die during          the move, so movers refuse to move them

Any personal memories or valuable items

Items that are of sentimental value to you will mostly be rejected by the moving company. If you have expensive paintings or other valuable belongings, they will probably be rejected. This is because the moving company won’t risk damaging them. You need to hire fine art movers. Accidents happen and they want to avoid being responsible for damaging something so important to you.


Moving to the new house without your furry friend is not an option?  Moving with pets is not easy and some moving companies will refuse to move your pets. This is because the conditions in the moving truck are not suitable for a pet. It can get too hot or cold and the pet might get ill. It is best to either move the pet yourself or get a specialized moving company that will move your pet with you.


Food can be pretty tricky to move, especially long-distance. Moving companies will not take this risk. Food can get spoiled easily es well, so molds can be spread to other items you own. It means food can cause damage so it is one of the items NY movers won’t move.

The fridge with food and drinks inside
Food can spoil and mold could be spreader on other items

Equipment that has oil in it

Moving companies will not take any flammable items. Oil in any kind of equipment is flammable and it can cause a fire. In case of a road accident, it can make a fire or an explosion and that is not a risk moving companies are willing to take. Make sure you drain oil from the equipment so it doesn’t contain any oil in them before the movers arrive and you won’t have any problems.

Personal documents

And not just ID and passport. Any documents that are irreplaceable or important. Like the ones that are related to the bank, taxes, airline tickets, collectible stamps, cash, even items like keys are not accepted. Personal photos and photo albums are on the list of items NY movers won’t move.


It goes right on the list since it is flammable. The moving company will consider it a dangerous item. Deodorant cans can be explosive. So they will not be accepted as well.

Big or heavy items

Things like pianos will not be accepted. Some movers don’t have the equipment to move heavy items like pianos. You need to hire movers that offer to move the piano. Same goes for big closets, tables and any other furniture that can’t be disassembled and is too heavy for a couple of movers to lift up.

The piano
The piano is big and heavy so movers might refuse to move it

What should you do?

There are some things you can do chimera motors. If you want to take your equipment that contains oil, drain the oil. You can use your car to move the items like personal memories and documents, or put them in a box and carry with you.

There are good reasons that moving companies refuse to move some of the items on the list. You need to understand that the low is stating what they can or can’t transport. There are companies that handle dangerous items and substances and they have special trucks equipped for that kind of job. Other than this, moving companies are not just looking after themselves. They are trying to protect your belongings as well.

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