Can you pack your office for relocation in a day?

Moving guides - September 20, 2019

If you are reading this article, that means you are nearing an office relocation with rapid speed. Congratulations – you are about to enter an exciting and hopefully prosperous period in your life. But before that happens, you are faced with a huge challenge! It’s never an easy task to pack your office for relocation, no matter how small that office may be. However, having in mind the busy lifestyle of a businessperson, we assume you don’t have weeks to tackle the packing process. Naturally, you are interested to know whether it can be done in a day. We won’t give you an answer right now! Instead, we’ll go through the process that happens before your commercial movers Brooklyn come to haul your items away to the new location. You be the judge whether that work is something you can accomplish in a day.

Before you start packing, you’ll have to plan the layout of the new office

Here’s a very important question for you – what are the dimensions of your new office? A lot of times, businesses are relocating into either a bigger or smaller office space. That means that the layout of the new office cannot be the same as the current layout, meaning there’s a possibility not all of your items will have to be packed. Why would you pay additional money for packing services Brooklyn if you have to pack only half of what you own?

A layout of a modern office.
Do you have a visualization of what you want your new office to look like?

So, before you starting taping up the boxes, measure every part of your new office. Create a layout in advance and pack accordingly. Besides, that will be of huge help once you arrive at the new location and start unpacking. And anything that doesn’t make the cut you can donate or hire furniture disposal specialists to haul them away.

Form a team with your employees – and delegate the tasks

You already have a winning team right by your side – your employees! Now it’s just the matter of making a good plan, and making sure everyone knows what their tasks are. One thing is for sure – don’t put all the work on other people’s shoulders. As a leader, it is your job to participate just as much as your employees, if not even more! Show up in high spirits and give your team the necessary motivation. The good results won’t be far behind!

Pack your office by paying special importance to your documents

Think of your documents as the backbone of your business. With all the transfers, transactions, deliveries, etc. (in other words, every important piece of information) you have on them, every loss can be very detrimental. That’s why you have to take special care of your documents when you pack your office. Now, depending on the volume of your documents, and the form they are in, you can take different approaches.

  • Pack separately all of your most important documents, as well as the ones you’ll need right after relocating.
  • Make sure the box that carries those documents has extra protection. You might even want to keep it in your sight the whole time.
  • Print copies of your documents and store them in a safe storage unit in NYC.
  • Back up your data to ensure all of your electronic documents are safe as well.
Business documents to take care of when you pack your office.
The success of your relocation depends on how much focus you put on safety.

See? Not such an easy process as it initially seems. Due to the nature of the task, have only your best people on it, and make sure you are included. After all, you will have to pitch in if you want to pack your office quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Make sure all of your furniture is protected when packing your office

Seems like there will be no easy part of packing your office for a relocation because to pack your furniture is also a challenging task. So what’s the right way to approach it? Some of your items will allow for disassembly and reassembly, and others won’t. It’s the best idea to disassemble all of your furniture that’s made out of parts. You can do it by yourself if you feel capable enough, or trust your employees, or you can hire disassembly and reassembly professionals. The choice is yours.

Once your items are taken apart, wrap every part in protective packaging and place it inside a box. Make sure every box is properly labeled – especially the ones containing fragile items. And you’ll have to think of a special strategy for those items that can’t be detached. We can’t tell you what the process should be as that depends on the size and type of the item. But what we can tell you is that safety is the key, and that’s what we focus on here at JP Urban Moving Brooklyn. Use lots of protective packaging materials and you won’t be sorry!

Moving and packing the IT equipment will be a complicated task

In fact, it will be too complicated for you. That’s why it’s always advisable to delegate this task to the people from the IT department in your office. Even if that department consists of only two people, they are the ones who should be in charge of this task. Disconnecting and reconnecting all of the IT equipment is one of the most complicated and intricate parts of moving an office. There’s a lot of room for error and, considering how expensive the machines you are working with are, any error can be a very costly one.

A laptop on a table next to a notebook and a cup of coffee.
Take good care of your IT equipment – you did pay good money for it.

So, is it possible to pack your office in just one day?

What do you think? Hey, if you feel capable enough and are sure that you and your team can pack your office in one day, go ahead and do it! We are rooting for you! But realistically, we think that this process should happen over the course of a few days, especially if you have a bigger office. Besides, every additional day will make the entire process less stressful and will give you some time to work on the safety of your items. Without rushing things, everything should go in perfect order!

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