Where to donate unwanted items after relocation

After the move - September 17, 2019

Moving process is often daunting and it takes a lot of time. It’s also stressful and gives us tons of headaches. However, if you want to go through the moving process without problems and hiccups, you should hire Park Slope moving company and get their full-moving services. But, the moving process also gives you an opportunity to declutter! You will find a lot of forgotten books, toys, clothes, and even furniture. If you have no time to donate unwanted items before the relocation, you should certainly do it after!

Where can you donate unwanted items?

There’s no doubt that you will find plenty of unwanted items when you start decluttering. Before you decide to throw away most of the items, think of people who really need help and who might use some of your unwanted items. If you don’t have time to donate unwanted items before the relocation, you should separate everything, pack into moving boxes Brooklyn and safely place all of those items in the storage unit.  There are a lot of charities and non-profit organizations around. Though, if you don know how or where to donate your unwanted items, here are some suggestions:

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Local Libraries
  • Food Banks
  • Baby2Baby
  • Dress For Success


Before you start thinking of how to spend summer in Brooklyn after the relocation, you should take care of those unwanted items. Goodwill is one of the most popular places for donations! It has over 3000 stores all over the country! They will accept unused and gently-used items to sell in their store or online on their website. Therefore, if you want to donate some of your belongings to the Goodwill Donation Center, simply drop off your items at one of their stores. You should also know that some of these Goodwill stores offer pickup services as well!

Donate unwanted items  to the Salvation Army

You should also consider donating some of your household items to one of the Salvation Army’s Family Stores. They are accepting furniture, appliances, household items, clothes, and even automobiles. You can drop off your items at the nearest Family Store or give them a call and arrange the pickup. They are providing pickup services too!

vacuum cleaner
If you want to donate some of your household items, appliances or furniture, head to the Salvation Army Family Store.

Local libraries

Books, papers, and magazines can be very heavy and since every professional moving company charge by weight, they will just add to your bill. Therefore, you should donate some of your books before the relocation. If you have no time, you should ask your mover for their storage services and store your books safely. After you are done with the relocation, you can donate your stored books to some local libraries. Almost every library will accept pre-owned books, DVDs and CDs.

Food banks

Non-perishable items that you are not planning to take with you such as canned goods, pasta, tuna, rice, cereals, you should donate to the closest Food Bank. All these non-expired and unused food can feed a person in need, so don’t throw it away! So, pack all of your non-perishables and drop it off to one of the nearest food banks or hire Move For Hunger’s relocation company partner to handle the move of your non-perishable food.


If your children have outgrown the toys and baby items that you still possess, it’s the time to let go of it! Consider donating these kinds of items to Baby2Baby non-profit organization. This organization accepts baby gear and toys and distributes them further to children hospitals and shelters. Baby2Baby accepts toys, clothes, diapers, backpacks, beds, blankets, cribs, car seats, high chairs, etc. Therefore, if you have a lot of baby clothes and toys, you should check if there is a Baby2Baby donation site somewhere near you!

beach toys
Baby2Baby accepts toys but they also accept beds, sheets, diapers, cribs, etc.

Donate unwanted items t0 Dress For Success

Ladies, ladies, ladies, listen up! If you have work-appropriate clothes sitting in your closet, you should consider donating them to Dress For Success! This non-profit organization provides development tools and professional attire to help women thrive in the workplace. Dress for Success organization accepts shoes, handbags, nearly new suits, business appropriate appeal, jewelry, and cosmetics. Find an affiliate in your area and donate unwanted items to this organization that helps women in need!

What kind of items the donation sites won’t accept?

You should know that the donation sites won’t accept everything. Therefore, before you pack all your items and rush to the nearest donation site, you should give them a call and ask what kind of items they do and do not accept. These are the items that the donation site won’t accept:

  • Hazardous materials/chemicals
  • Unframed mirrors or glass/broken glass
  • Items with stains, tears, rips and pet odors
  • Broken flooring and lighting that doesn’t work
  • Out of date and broken electronics, etc.
broken phone
Donation sites won’t accept broken electronics.

Hire a professional moving company

As we all know, the moving process takes a lot of time. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and headaches, you should hire a professional JP Urban moving professionals and let them handle the relocation. Whether you are moving locally or preparing for a long-distance move, your professional mover will send a well-trained team to pack and prepare all your belongings for the relocation. Contact your professional mover and schedule an appointment at least a month or two before the move. Even though helping your professional mover is not necessary, you can also start packing some of the seasonal clothes in advance to speed up the moving process. Don’t forget to buy enough packing boxes and moving supplies before you start packing and decluttering. You should also label each box after sealing it to speed up your upcoming unpacking process too!

These were some of the places where you can donate unwanted items whenever you feel like it! Each one of those charity non-profit organizations will provide you with a tax deduction receipt after you drop off the items at one of their places. Don’t throw away items, donate them to charity!

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