Host a perfect housewarming party

After the move - September 14, 2019

A housewarming party is a great way to celebrate your relocation. Apart from celebrating this new big step in your life that is moving to Brooklyn, it will also help you meet the new neighbors, and settle as a new member of the community. Now, there are all sorts of ways in which a party can go wrong. However, in order to host a perfect housewarming party, you need but to follow the text below. It will prove to be the ideal guide to your ultimate goal.

Before you go all out on buying that ice unicorn and calling the go-go dancers, we have to give one important advice. A perfect housewarming party should not include you going broke. After all, the relocation itself is a nice pat on the wallet. There is no need to go into debt in order to impress your new neighbors. And no one expects you to throw a party that would put a shame on Gatsby’s name. There is more than one way to throw a party that everyone will be happy to attend, and you’ll still have enough money to feed your family.

A huge party with confetti
Yes, it is a special occasion, but it’s still not New Year’s Eve.

So, the first thing you need to do is:

Set up a budget you are comfortable with

No housewarming party can be perfect if the host is left with a bitter-sweet feeling afterward. With this in mind, it would be smart to set up a budget you will be comfortable with. Just as you did with your relocation, after all. Only this occasion has much smaller importance. With this in mind, feel free to allocate as little money as you want for this situation. Do not go overboard, as there are much nicer things to spend money on. Whether it is new furniture, some renovation project, or a new toy for your pet, it will be of much greater use.

Ready, set – wait for just a little bit longer

As tempting as it may be, inviting your whole community to party right after you’ve moved is not the best decision. You want to wait for a least a few weeks, and then send your invitations. It is on a rare occasion that you come across a perfect housewarming party that takes place amongst unpacked boxes. So, take your time to settle in, sort your rooms, and get it all in a decent and presentable shape. Even if it takes months, you should not speed up this process. Rather enjoy making your new place into a true home. There is always time for parties, and people never miss out on free drinks.

Time for invitations

Whether you opt for email, facebook, or handwritten invites, is solely up to you. Whatever corresponds with your style is perfectly suitable. Just make sure to send them out a week or so in advance. It would be smart to include that the RSVP would be most kind. It will help you plan accordingly and know just how much food and drinks you need.

A piece special paper
Make it as special or as straightforward as you like.

There is no way to throw a perfect housewarming party without assigning it a theme

This is a certain way to make your party memorable, and not as dull as they can be. Sure enough, you will leave an impression on the guest, be it for the better or for the worst. However, since you are still reading this text, we believe that you enjoy quality and creativity. And you can’t have either of those without standing out a bit. You can go for some safe versions, and make your party neat, tidy and vanilla. There is nothing wrong with that. You can spice the mood with some music. If you had piano movers Brooklyn transfer your instrument to the new home, you can make that the part of this wonderful evening. Think of a repertoire, and try to make it a joyous one. After a few drinks and a bit of laugh, all of the guests are bound to start singing along.

If you like to walk on the wild side, we suggest that you go all out and make it a costume party. Who said that dressing up funny is just for the kids? In addition, you will get to know the people you are surrounded with just a bit more. Although in costumes, people tend to use this opportunity to show their taste, sense of humor and class, whether it is intended, or by accident.

Set up a bar

We have mentioned drinks quite a few times in this text. This has not happened by chance. Although we are not proponents of heavy drinking, alcohol is a nice and universally welcomed means of relaxing the crowds. So, use this to your advantage, and set up a bar to make your perfect housewarming party even better. You can look up some cocktail recipes on the Internet, and give multiple opportunities to your guests. Still, keep in mind that some beer, wine, and juice will all do perfectly fine. After all, you are not throwing a drinking competition. Or, are you?

A table with wine bottles and glasses and fruits
How fun are you willing to make your perfect housewarming party?

Do not go crazy with food for the perfect housewarming party

While you might be the number one fan of sushi, some people are allergic to fish. This is just one example where your super-thought-through theme party can go awry. So, when it comes to food options, try to keep it simple and as universal as possible. A perfect housewarming party means that everyone can have a good time. Not that food needs to be an essential part of this. However, it is nice to have something to eat while making small talk, and looking for a way to fill the uncomfortable silence.

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