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Home Improvements - September 2, 2019

Size can be overrated when considering hacks for creating additional storage space in your home. Just consider our tips and you’ll be able to feel more comfortable and organized in your new space in no time. We understand when our clients are feeling cramped in a cluttered space. As certified furniture movers Brooklyn, we have seen how it can hinder one’s wellbeing, making us feel nervous and eager for change. This is especially true when you live in a big, bustling city. When living in a smaller apartment, it’s important to use these easy and effective tricks to create additional storage space in your home. Here are our top ways to make any home feel more roomy, practical and efficient.

Try to create more additional storage space in your home by building some storage

Clutter that quickly spreads in every apartment can make any space feel disorganized and tight. All the East New York moving companies have witnessed this. Stacks of papers, bags, and clothing keep busting out from every nook and cranny making the room feel smaller and out of balance.

A chair and an ottoman with a pale zebra print
An ottoman that will allow additional storage space in your home

A great way to create additional storage space in your home is to build a closet at the base of a staircase for example. If you don’t have a staircase, there are of course many other ways to build additional storage space in your home that will allow you to stash more items in a minimalistic or elegant manner. Just keep on reading.

Under-cabinet storage racks

Every kitchen, no matter how big it is, could always use some more storage space. We keep adding our tools and appliances labeling them all as pure essentials. If decluttering is not an option for you right now, install some pull-down racks. These are life-changing home improvements under $150 and will provide you with quick and easy access to kitchen essentials. Remove the clutter of spice racks or knife holders from your kitchen. When you finish cooking your meal for the day, the rack swings up against the bottom of the cabinet. You can buy ready-made racks or make your own rack with store-bought hinges. They are perfect for storing knives, spices and any other small items. You will have more counter space afterward.

Make the most of the narrow spaces

In a small kitchen, you can create additional storage space in your home in narrow filler spaces. Try to install a very practical vertical pegboard rollout.

  • We can recommend the 18 to 30-inches wide rollout drawers for cabinets.
  • And there are even rollouts that can make good use of the narrowest spaces, like those only 3 to 6 inches wide. These are pullout pantries.
  • Pullout pantry shelving comes in the form of single tall, narrow drawers. They have shelves, drawers, baskets or even pegboard.

These types of shelves are very efficient in putting skinny spaces to work.

Clothes on hangers
All you need to create a lot of hanging space in your closet is to add a second rod with two metal closet brackets underneath your existing one!

Build behind-the-door shelving for quick and easy additional storage space in your home

The area behind any door is potential additional storage space in your home. We often overlook the capacity these spaces hold. You can easily build a set of shallow shelves and mount them to the wall behind any door. The materials are not expensive. Take your laundry room, for example, it’s potential is often overlooked, check out best airport car cervices.

  • Measure the distance between the hinge on the door hinge and the wall it opens to. Then subtract an inch. The result is your maximum shelf depth.
  • We used 1×4 inch boards for the sides and top of the shelves. After you screw the sides to the top you can screw three 1×2 hanging strips to the sides. One will sit on top, one on the bottom and one will be centered. Nail standards to each side.
  • Complete the shelves by adding a 1×2 trim piece the visible parts by nailing them in. This pieces not only dress up the finished look but it also keeps the shelves from falling off. Don’t forget to put a rubber bumper on the frame at the end. It will protect the door.

Hide your clothing and you will elegantly create additional storage space in your home

It can be difficult to find space for all your clothing and accessories. If they keep pouring out of all your shelves and closets, and you can’t seem to make your place feel like home because you can’t additional cabinets or build closet space, use what you have. Store out of season clothing under your bed. You can use different containers or boxes. After you’ve packed your clothing under the bed, set up a dust ruffle in order to hide the boxes from view.

Store your excess clothing in suitcases, then simply roll them away

If you always seem to struggle to find the space for your bulky luggage, here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone. Use those few unused suitcases to make additional storage space in your home. They are great for storing seasonal clothes. And you won’t have to look for containers and boxes, plus your luggage won’t take up any extra room. It was already laying around your home. Roll clothes like shirts, sweaters, and pants instead of folding them. Create loose bundles of clothing before storing them. This method is useful because it takes up less room, and materials breathe easier.

New row of hangers can easily create additional storage space in your home
Salvage the space at the hidden ends of your closets by adding a set of wire shelves to create additional storage space in your home


If your home is getting smaller and smaller, do not worry. There are many different ways to create space in whatever square footage you have available. You can manipulate your existing furniture, build some or use some super handy home accessories. There also many ways you can bring an airiness and brightness to your home. No matter what is the actual size of your home, it’s easy to create some room, storage, and brightness with these easy tips. As long as you feel relaxed, organized, and comfortable in your home, you’ll be fine in whatever layout you choose. Still, if you’re hoping to create more space, these efficient suggestions can be just what you need!

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