10 Practical tips for a smooth office move

Moving guides - August 28, 2019

Relocating your office is not a bad idea, especially if it comes with some benefits! If you choose an area that is accessible and more convenient for your employees, you will be able to remodel and design the layout, which can improve employees morale. But you might also save up some money on lease and utility bills too! Contact one of the best east New York moving companies in order to go through a smooth office move.

How to plan a smooth office move? – 10 practical tips

As you probably already know, moving isn’t always easy, and no, it’s not fun, definitely. Disrupting your business is something that you don’t want, but whether you are moving across the state or just down the street, your business might suffer. You will have to turn down some of your customers or postpone some of the tasks until you finish with the relocation process.

Keep your employees informed.

This can be an issue because downtime can cost a lot. In order to finish your office relocation fast and have a smooth office move, you should hire long-distance movers New York. If you want to have a smooth office move, you should follow these ten practical tips:

  1. Gather Moving Supplies
  2. Take Your Personal Items Home
  3. Get Rid of The Old Furniture
  4. Schedule Activation Of Utilities
  5. Plan The Timeline
  6. Remove Contents Of File Cabinets
  7. Label Boxes
  8. Be Present On The Moving Day
  9. Take Pictures Before and After
  10. Hire A Professional Mover

Gather moving supplies

If you are planning to move at least a couple months from now, you should start gathering moving supplies. Don’t throw away free cardboard boxes that you are getting your office supplies in. Except for moving boxes, you will also need:

  • Cardboard boxes (different sizes and types), packing peanuts, packing paper, packing tape, and tape dispenser/roller
  • Zip ties
  • Moving Blankets
  • Markers and box cutters

Take your personal items home

Advise your employees to take their personal items home before the moving crew arrives. Those items are framed photos, coffee mugs, plants, decorations, etc. When the moving process is over and everything is set up and working again, you should bring all those small things back again. Some of your employees will move with you too. Therefore, you should help them to find a suitable apartment in New York City. Be a good employer, make your employees happy!

picture frames
Take your picture frames, coffee mugs, plants, and other personal items home.

Get rid of the old furniture

Every business owner is tempted to take their old office furniture with when they are relocating. You can buy new furniture to reduce the relocation process (disassembling and assembling). You can sell your old furniture to the new tenant who will take over your office. However, you can always store your office furniture. Call your professional mover and ask for their storage services.

Schedule activation of utilities

The worst thing that can happen after you move in is to discover that electricity and water are not turned on yet. Ventilation, cooling, and heating system are essential for protecting office furniture from damage. Contact your utility companies before the move and ask them to activate your utilities a day prior to the move.

Want to have a smooth office move? – Plan the timeline

If you want to be sure that everything is going according to the plan, you should make the timeline plan for your office relocation. These are the tips that you should follow in order to create a good timeline plan:

  • Plan early and create a weekly “to do” list
  • Ask for a copy of the floor plan for your new office
  • Find out the time of moving out from your old office and moving in into your new one
  • If you still have some leased equipment in your office, ask the owner if they want to pick them up themselves
  • Make a post-moving “to do” list
Make a smooth office move - create a checklist!
Make a “to do” or checklist.

Remove contents of file cabinets

Emptying the file cabinets is not fun at all, but it has to be done, especially if the cabinets are huge. However, if you have vertical file cabinets with two to four drawers, you should leave files inside of the drawers. Be sure to lock and secure the drawers and prevent them from opening during the transport.

Have a smooth office move – label boxes

Labeling boxes will significantly reduce the unpacking time after the move. After sealing each one of the packing boxes, you should label it properly and write what does that box contains and where does it belong. Get some good permanent markers and packing labels before you start!

Be present on a moving day

You should, as an owner, appear on a moving day and be present through the whole relocation process. If you are hiring a professional mover, you will be able to sit back and relax, but making an appearance is a must! Two managers should also be present, one at your old office and one at the new one. Like this, you will be able to answer the questions that movers have during the relocation process.

business man
Be present during the moving day!

Take pictures before and after

If you are leasing or renting a new office, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of the office space before you move in and after. Taking pictures will be of use if the landlord claims that you have damaged his property but you actually didn’t. Take pictures, have proof!

Have a smooth office relocation – hire a professional mover

Every professional moving company has well-trained and devoted workers. They also have years of experience in the moving industry. A professional team will arrive at your location, pack and protect all of your office furniture and relocate them fast and efficiently. Professional mover provides a lot of moving services. If you decide to hire a professional mover, your business will be up and running in no time!

A smooth office move requires time and planning. Be sure to inform all of your employees about office relocation and keep them up to date. Don’t forget to transfer or cancel your utilities in time and hire a professional mover at least a month or two before the move.

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