Creating your perfect home photography office

Home Improvements - August 27, 2019

Working from home means that you need an environment that is inspiring and can encourage you to work. This can be hard, especially if you don’t have many rooms to go about. Still, the are certain parameters that can be found in every home. And, when creating your perfect home photography office, you need to be mindful of a few key factors that make all the difference. As is with every space that is predestined for creative work, you need to arrange it so that productivity is encouraged. You need space that stimulates and makes you feel pleasant overall. So, let us see how you ought to go about this interior venture.

Before we delve into the do’s of this project, we think that addressing the don’ts would be an adequate first step. Certain mistakes can ruin the whole place, no matter the quality of other features. Following that statement, it is better to start with the knowledge of what not to do, and than build up from there.

A nice and tidy home office
The best way to get to this kind of home photography office is to know what to avoid first.

When creating your perfect home photography office, be careful not to:

Overcrowd it with furniture

As all the commercial movers Brooklyn know, too many items in office space only make your work harder. They have witness people downsize with every commercial relocation time and time again, never regretting their decision. You can learn a lot from this. Having too many gadgets and gizmos around you can distract you with little to no effort. If you yearn for productive space, minimalism is the key. Especially when dealing with creative work. You want your mind to feel free, and not clogged. Too many items in your office can contribute to a messy and unorganized space. So, start with arranging only what you need (the necessary equipment, a comfy chair, and a big desk), and add only if you feel it will enrich the space.

Overdecorate the space

This is a natural followup to the latter advice. Yes, pictures, plants, and figurines can make the place feel warmer and more personal. Indeed, you want to decorate your home photography office so that it is pleasant. However, when setting out to buy decorations for your office, be mindful not to get carried away, as many of us tend to do. Limit your purchase to 2-3 items, and see how it sits. You don’t want to end up with a table so filled with items that it limits your movement and work.

Be unorganized and clutter up the room

This comes after your decoration is done, but is paramount when it comes to the actual work. Namely, avoid using this room as storage. There are plenty of perfectly fine storage units that can keep your items safe and sound. You have allocated this room for work, and nothing else. You want it containing only the items you need for your business, and nothing else. That is what makes space productive.

Setting up a perfect home photography office

Now that we have covered the important mistakes, we can freely delve into the choices you should go for. Keep in mind that there is no need to rush things. Ideally, this is an office you are going to be using for a long time, and it should be addressed with due care and attention. Just as Long Island city movers took enough time to move your home, and did so efficiently and without mistakes, so can you follow in their footsteps.

A man working in his home office
As you are probably familiar, a quality product requires time and patience.

Take measurements of everything

Since space you will be working with is undoubtedly more limited than the usual open office space, you will probably have to have the majority of your furniture custom made. However, if you find a desk that fits perfectly in your office, all the better. Still, the only way to know that something fits is to have your measurements. This includes measuring the door as well since you will need to fit all the furniture through it first.

Be careful when picking colors

Yes, this is your personal office, it is in your home, and you have all the freedom in the world to color the walls purple, complete with green polka dots. Howbeit, this might not be the best choice, considering your goal is the perfect home photography office. When editing photos, you don’t want colors reflecting from your walls to hinder your view of the image. In addition, if you plan on taking photos, you also need to consider the best option for the background. Shades of gray tend to work well with both of these prerequisites. They also work well with light, making the room not too bright, nor too dark.

Speaking of light

Natural light is more often than not a highly sought after feature of every office space. Still, having that you will be working with image editing and photo creation, you will need to be able to control the brightness, and not wait for night time to work. Consider getting heavy curtains or blinds to make your office more suitable for your profession.

A computer with image editing program running.
Editing photos is all about colors, and you want the image in front of you to be as real as possible.

Creating the perfect work environment

When it comes to your ideal home photography office, there is not a plant on your desk or a picture on the wall that can compensate for your uncomfortable chair or a desk that is too low. With this in mind, make sure that you have your priorities straight. Since you will be spending the largest amount of your time sitting at your desk, consider investing in a quality chair that has lumbar support. Find a big desk that will allow you to work freely. There is no need to mention the quality of your equipment. That is the end-all and be-all of this art branch. After you have covered these main items, you can move on to pictures, plants and scented candles. What you will be left with is a home office that inspires productivity and makes you feel ready for work as soon as you enter.

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