Summertime relocation guide for beginners

Moving guides - August 22, 2019

Moving in the summer means more than dealing with an especially hot day. Summertime is peak season, and the majority of people are rushing, just as you are, to hire their Carroll Gardens movers, find the perfect home, and relocate there. So, if you are a novice at this process, it would be best that you get familiar with our summertime relocation guide, because it was made with beginners in mind. Of course, if this is not your first rodeo, you are more than welcome to continue with the read, as you may find out something you weren’t already aware of.

Moving during the peak season

It somehow happens that the vast majority of people come about the thought of moving just around summer. The biggest bulk of all the relocations performed over the year is clumped up in a few hottest months. What this means is that the competition is high, and the prices are higher. Especially at the beginning and the end of the month. Now, having that everyone is moving in the summer, you need to do a lot to beat the competition. You must be fast, organized and efficient. We realize that you are not super experienced with the relocation process, and there is only so much a person can do when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, for example, for the first time. Still, try to make the best of it.

Word 'summer' in letters, in sand
Every summertime relocation guide will tell you that organization and swift action is paramount for your success. We are not the ones to disagree.

Every complicated process is best tackled with a meticulous plan. Yours should have at least the following:

  • Contacting the moving company as soon as possible
  • Scheduling the week of the move, if the date is too vague for you to establish. You can call them later and give the exact one.
  • Consult your movers about the services that they offer. If you plan on hiring them to pack you, you are good. However, if packing by yourself, you need to act swiftly.
  • Get the packing materials that you need, such as boxes, packing tape and packing paper. You can search for them at your local grocery and clothing stores.
  • Make a list of actions that will need to be taken care of. Things like changing your documents (if necessary), managing the transfer of your children to another school, documents for your pet and so on.

Speak with your movers

Having that moving during summertime means you will need to do a lot of stuff a lot quicker than usual, do not restrain from speaking with your movers about some advice. The input they give you from their vast experience can be tremendously helpful in your situation. Work with them, and find a solution that will be perfectly fitting for your possibilities and needs. Many companies will take a step further to ensure a successful relocation, and consequently a happy customer, who, in this case, is you.

A group of people having a meeting
Make sure to speak with your movers, and with conjoined efforts come up with the best course of action for your particular case.

Summertime relocation guide for the moving day itself

Moving is a strenuous job any day of the year. However, once you bring the high temperatures and humidity to the table, things undoubtedly go from bad to worse. Still, there is a way to make the hardship of moving during the summer easier. You will need to cover as much as you can during the time that leads up to the moving day. So, make sure that packing, decluttering and downsizing are all taken care of before the moving day arrives. Clean out the garage, attic, basement, backyard, and every other nook and cranny you can think of. Check out cctv cameras installation in dublin.

Since there is a lot to do, and the temperatures get alarmingly higher during the day, try to do the biggest bulk of the work during the morning hours, as well as the evenings. During your free time, plan out the course of action. This will make the job easier, and you will be more efficient. Come moving day, try to get up earlier than usual, and double-check if everything is as it should be. When the movers arrive and finish loading your items into the moving truck, make sure to inspect all of the areas of your house, in order to ensure you haven’t missed a thing.

Keeping cool, and keeping your cool

Summertime relocation guide wouldn’t be much if it didn’t have the concrete advice that would help you deal with the heath. So, here they are:

  • dress lightly, and make sure that the majority of your body is covered. This sounds a bit contradicting, but we will explain what we mean, and why it is necessary. You want to be covered in order to protect your skin from any scratches and injuries that may occur during the moving itself. Carrying big boxes in a hurry will expose you to a lot of hazards, so it’s best to be prepared for the worst. This means having closed-toed footwear as well. In addition, you do not want to get a sunburn while you are out, and it is easy to forget to apply sunscreen every so often when you have all the moving chores piling up. Cotton, white and light shirt, some comfortable pants and a pair of sneakers will do you just fine.
A girl wearing a white shirt and a protection vest
When moving during the summertime, you want to be comfortable, yet safe and protected.
  • have refreshments ready and nearby. Making sure everything is in order, working with the movers, and watching over your kid during the moving day can make you forget even to drink water. And, during summertime, this is super important. The extra physical activity paired with extensive heat can leave you dehydrated pretty quickly. So, make sure that you have a bottle of water nearby at all times.

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