How to handle disputes with movers

After the move - August 13, 2019

Handling disputes is something that plenty of people do not take lightly. In fact, this is a stressful situation no matter with whom you might have a dispute. When it comes to the relocation process, the stress level can only rise. In order to handle disputes with movers, one needs to understand what his or her’s rights and obligations are. On top of that, it is important to find out what is the regulatory agency that you can talk to in the case that you might have issues settling your dispute in a gentlemanly manner.

So, today we are going to share with you some of the best practices and guidelines that you can follow in order to handle disputes with movers. Therefore, in the case that you are looking to move soon, bear with us till the end and be ready for whatever may come your way.

What are the best practices that you can use in order to handle disputes with movers?

As we have already pointed out, disputes are something that no one enjoys. They are especially stressful in a situation when they may be holding up your move into your new home. Having all of your items stuck with unreliable movers Bensonhurst is something that you should do your best to avoid. However, we cannot always make the right decisions. After all, all of us are humans and all of us make mistakes from time to time. So, what can you do if you make a mistake and hire a mover that puts you in a bad spot?

Handle disputes with movers when your relocation is not on schedule
Running late may be a dispute that you will need to handle

In order to answer the above-mentioned question correctly, we are going to share with you the following list of how you can handle disputes with movers:

  • The type of dispute
  • Check your contract first before getting into any kind of arguments
  • Be friendly, but assertive
  • File a claim

Let’s find out more about these four bullets.

The type of dispute

The first thing that we need to keep in mind is the fact that there are different kinds of disputes. In order to be prepared to take on the unreliable mover that you may be stuck with, you need to find out what are the most common ones:

  • Billing disputes
  • Delays
  • Damages and losses

The first type of dispute related to billing is probably the easiest to handle. However, in order to make sure that you are going to handle this dispute with ease, you need to insist on obtaining your moving estimate in writing before signing a contract. It is going to be much easier to handle disputes with movers in this case.

Delays related to your business relocation can hurt a lot and are one of the frequent ones. After all, with traffic and weather, it can be difficult to stay on the calendar.

Some of the worst disputes to handle are damages and losses. The best way to prevent them is to invest in moving insurance.

Counting money
Billing is one of the most common moving disputes that you will have to handle

Check your contract before getting into any sort of an argument

Now, before you get into any sort of an argument, you need to know what your basis is. Where will you find this piece of information? In your moving contract of course.

Before you try to handle disputes with movers, make sure to consult your contract. It is important to know what your rights are. While they are defined by the rule of law, in general, the details are defined in that important piece of paper that both you and the moving company have signed. Check this page if you are looking for best criminal defense lawyer in san diego.

After you have double-checked what you had signed, you should approach your movers and resolve the issue that may exist between you no matter whether it is a billing issue or the low quality of moving boxes Brooklyn.

Be friendly, but assertive in order to handle disputes with movers

Keeping the right attitude is going to play an important role in handling your dispute in the right way. Also, it is going to help you reach your goal of resolving the problem in your favor. The best way to manage this is by being friendly and assertive.

Assertiveness is one of the magic words in communication. It means that you should speak clearly, self-confidently, objectively and without attacking the other side taking part in the conversation. Of course, in the case that you believe that there might have been some wrongdoing on their end, you should tell them that. But, make sure to do it in a nice and polite manner. 

People dislike feeling attacked. On such occasions, they will become protective, defensive and, as a consequence, aggressive in a conversation. These are not the feelings that you should look to provoke. So, when you are dealing with your fine art movers NY, make sure to stay just like the art – very fine and nice.

File a claim

One of the last resources that you are going to have on your disposal is to file a claim. Sometimes, this is the only thing that you can do in order to handle disputes with movers.

Laptop and a notebook
If all other options fail, file a claim to protect your interests

Depending on whether you have moves interstate or locally, the addresses for your claim may differ. So, in the case that you moved between states, you should file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They are the government agency that manages interstate moves. Local administration is going to depend on the state within which you moved.


You need to prepare well in order to handle disputes with movers. So, make sure to follow the pieces of advice that we have provided you with above. Only then will you be able to take on unreliable movers.

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