The best ideas for housewarming gifts

Home Improvements - August 9, 2019

Moving to a new home often signifies a change for the better. A kind of a fresh start, and a new beginning. Apart from having Carroll Gardens movers help you with the relocation, having a housewarming party is a great way to make this whole experience all that more enjoyable. And just imagine the joy of receiving gifts that you actually like. We will make sure that you put such a joyous smile on a person that has just moved with these ideas for housewarming gifts.

A bit of a disclaimer before we delve into the subject of a perfect gift. No matter what we say, it is best that you get something that goes along with the homeowner’s style and personality. Getting them a cat if they are allergic to fur just because we said so is not the smartest move. If you do not know the person who invited you to the party all that well, try to stick with the safe options that we will not list.

A heart-shaped heart box
The best ideas for housewarming gifts can only be best if the receiver likes them.

The safe ideas for housewarming gifts

1. Simple, yet effective

Every home will feel much more welcoming and pleasant if a person is greeted with a nice doormat. Yes, this may sound crazy or tedious, but we believe it to be true. Just imagine seeing a note that says ‘Welcome, I hope you brought some beer’. Perhaps not that classy, but funny nonetheless. And isn’t that a nice start to a pleasant interaction with your neighbor?

Still, if you want to go super vanilla, get something that says ‘Nice to see you again’, or something of the sort. If they have a pet, a mat with some paw prints or a pet illustration will be great.

2. Useful and elegant

We all tend to enjoy a bit of glamour and elegance in our everyday lives. It can make us feel special, sometimes even like we are living in a movie. Drinking water out of crystal glasses, and getting a bubble bath while those expensive candles are burning will surely make a difference in the atmosphere. So, one of the ideas for housewarming gifts that we have in mind includes some elegant oil and vinegar set. This will freshen up every dining table, and give it a sort of a new look. Simple, yet highly effective.

Another thing you can get your friends is a bath accessory set. There are no words that can describe the difference this can make. Well, maybe there are, and we exaggerated a bit, but it is still a cool gift that the new homeowners are sure to like. Besides, spending money on the quality moving company New York has probably kept them from splurging on these simple items. So, use this opportunity to make their home that much nicer and tied together.

A nice looking bathroom
A gift that makes a home look nicer is a gift worth giving.

The not-so-safe ideas for housewarming gifts

3. Seemingly safe

On the first hand, plants can seem super easy to take care of and can make every place seem much more pleasant. This is true, don’t get us wrong. However, there are people that simply do not care for plants. Yes, they can claim they are nice, but watering them, keeping them in appropriate temperatures, and transferring them to fitting pots as time goes by can be too much to handle. So, even before getting as simple a plant as cactus, try to find out if the person you intend on gifting it to will indeed like it.

4. A decorative contribution

Whether it is a nice pillow, an interesting painting or an amusing lamp, chances are the new homeowners might not like it, or have room for it. While you can deem them utter perfection for any interior, don’t be surprised to find people who are going to disagree. And, a purchase is a purchase, however money you might spend. So, do not go all out for that crazy designer lamp if you are not sure that your neighbor is going to be just as keen on it as you.

The you-better-be-sure-they-are-going-to-like-this ides for housewarming gifts

5. A family extension

Although moving with a child can be hard, but we do not suggest that you give it to the new homeowners, and pass your trouble to another. We were thinking about something a bit more low-key. A dog. Or a cat. Or even both, if you think you can pull it off. These little bundles of joy make friends for life and can bring positivity and happiness in every home. Just make sure that the people you are gifting these furry creatures are indeed keen on animals, and taking care of them on a daily basis.

ideas for housewarming gifts - A white puppy
A puppy can be a wonderful gift, as long as the homeowners are dog-enthusiasts.

6. A hobby suggester

Getting someone painting or a pottery set can be the greatest of all ideas for housewarming gifts. That is if the person is into it. Anything that is strictly related to a hobby can be regarded as a double-edged sword. It can be a home run or an utter disaster. You certainly do not intend on having your gift collect dust in the future, so make sure to treat lightly. You can ask a friend for advice, and see if the gift would be well received. If it is something particularly big or expensive, you can even join your finances. Just remember, getting a cocktail set for a person that has quit drinking three years ago is not the choice you should make. Other than that, get all the information you can get, and happy purchase!

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