Ideas on how to remodel your basement for living

Home Improvements - July 26, 2019

Not having enough room in the house is quite a popular problem in modern society. Nowadays, we have everything – and we love having our things. We have separate rooms only for our video games or home cinemas, and we run out of space easily with trinkets and similar items. However, we only realize this when it’s too late. But instead of searching for moving boxes Brooklyn to pack up your items for the storage, you can do an easy home renovation! If you have a basement in the home, then it’s time to create a wonderful living space in it! With just a couple of easy steps, you can turn the old basement into the room of your dreams! In this article, find out how to remodel your basement for living with ease!

What is the biggest difficulty when you want to remodel your basement for a living?

Of course, one thing is clear. If it was really easy to remodel your basement for living, everyone would be doing it. This is a complicated process that will take some time and energy. However, at the end of the day, it might not be the challenge you are imagining. With proper planning and forethought, you will be able to do it with no stress!

The piping might prove to be a challenge during the remodel.

First, we need to locate what the biggest problem with renovating the basement is. This is usually the way this room is built within the house. It is the basement where you will find all your heating ducts and plumbing drains. When you skin a bit deeper, you can find the water pipes and gas lines running under the floor joints. What’s more, you also need to be wary of all the electrical wires too.

This is why basements are the most challenging rooms for both local movers Brooklyn and home renovators. The challenge is to create a room that is both warm and welcoming, and yet to respect the integrity of your home as well. So, this is where the majority of your planning will go when you remodel your basement for living.

Clean up everything first

Before you start doing any DIY projects in your basement, however, you will need to prepare it for the remodel. First, you will need to make sure that your basement complies to the local housing code. Inspect it thoroughly and check for any leaks, too. These can be a nasty surprise during a remodel, and you want to fix them before you begin.

To help with this, a clean-up is a smart idea. Take out all the boxes and crates you might have lying around, along with the trash and old appliances. This will give you a clear vision field and easy access to all the parts of the basement. Then, you will also want to do a moisture test before you remodel your basement for living. This way, you will know whether you need to invest more money in water-proofing space. It is also a great way of handling mold in your home, too!

Sort out the paperwork you need to remodel your basement for living

Before you start your project, one final thing you will need are the documents for it. Usually, home renovation projects require certain building permits. Depending on what you want to do to remodel your basement for living, you will need to get the appropriate paperwork. So research the building codes in your area and discover exactly what you need. There might be some regulations about ceiling height, for example, or the number of exits you need to have in your basement.

a blueprint
Plan the layout carefully.

You cannot start your renovation without the proper paperwork. Also, learning this information can be very important, because you might need to rethink the project itself. For example, if you didn’t plan for enough exits, then you might need to redo the blueprints and include these in there too!

Work on the walls and floors first

The first thing you will want to work on when you remodel your basement for a living are the walls. You do not want to leave the empty concrete ones. Not only are they ugly to look at, but they are just not a suitable living environment either. So, first, you will want to add some sort of insulation. The easiest and most popular one is polystyrene foam insulation, which you can plop directly to your foundation wall, but you should explore other options too.

a parquet might not be the best choice when you remodel your basement for living
Make sure your floors are waterproof!

After that, you will need to frame the walls and then start hanging the drywall. Do this either horizontally or vertically, depending on your basement and your own preference. Then, it’s time for the floor. Here, the best option would be some waterproof materials. Spilling liquids is an inevitability of life. What’s more, when you install waterproof flooring, you are protecting yourself from possible floods or leaks that can happen too. Remember, the basements are most likely rooms to get hit by these – so prepare accordingly!


To conclude, it is not too hard to remodel your basement for living. The biggest challenge, really, is the planning. You need to carefully plan how you will evade all those pipes and wires hiding in the basement, but also need to plan for the building code. Afterward, it is only a question of setting up your walls and floors to create a safe room san diego inspection company near me. Afterward come the light fixtures and the furniture, depending on what you will use the room for! Adding some fun decor items as the finishing touch will make your basement into the room of your dreams! Have fun and think outside of the box!

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