How to spend summer in Brooklyn

Best places to live in - July 19, 2019

While getting your tan in the Hamptons is the dream of many New Yorkers, we believe it is not the only way you can get the best out of your summer. There are means to spend summer in Brooklyn and make it more memorable than any lavish pool party. What’s more, some of you will probably make relocating to Brooklyn an idea worth considering. So, let us get right into it.

Spend summer in Brooklyn right there on the streets

If you have just moved to Brooklyn, know that you don’t need to hire long distance movers New York in order to get to that perfect summer location. You are, in a way, already there. Summer is a great time to explore the Brooklyn streets. From fairs to festivals, all the way to rather common fireworks displays all around the city, you will find this borough to be just the fun you need.

A fair ride
Fairs and festivals are all the rage amongst Brooklynites during summertime.

For those who would describe themselves as adventurous, we suggest that you take a self-guided walking tour around Brooklyn, and see where the streets take you. Places like Bushwick for the street art and cobblestone-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights are definitely worthy of your attention. Still, if guided tours are more your cup of tea, we suggest that you check out some offbeat Brooklyn walking tours since there is plenty of quality to choose from.

Don’t forget to try out the historic wooden roller coaster as well. If you survive the ride, treat yourself with some delicious dishes at artisanal cuisine at outdoor food festivals.

Brooklyn beaches are to everyone’s taste

While moving in the summer can have its challenges, in order to spend summer in Brooklyn you will need only but a towel and a bathing suit. This beautiful borough is also home to many beaches. Brighton Beach is great for a nice afternoon. After a day of sunbathing and enjoying the waves, you can dine on traditional Russian food at Tatiana’s on the boardwalk. If you are looking for a beach that is more peaceful and quiet, pack your book and head over to Brooklyn’s Manhattan Beach.

Howbeit, if you are in Brooklyn just for a visit, it would be quite a shame if you missed the Coney Island experience. Iconic boardwalk, Nathan’s hot dogs, ride on the Cyclone, and New York Aquarium are just some of the more prominent people choices. You can also spend that picture-perfect summer twilight from the ’90s by watching a seaside baseball game at MCU Park. In addition, Coney Island is now home to a new amphitheater. You can enjoy seaside concerts all summer long.

Feel free to splurge a bit

When you decide to spend the summer in Brooklyn, you won’t have to worry about handling liquids and foods when going out. With so many restaurants to choose from, you will soon wonder if it’s worth cooking at home. This summer you can sample various cuisines at the Brooklyn Food Festival.

Two women looking at food on a food festival
Spend your summer in Brooklyn by surprising your taste palate.

When talking about summer food in Brooklyn, one simply must mention Smorgasburg. It is a weekly food festival filled with Brooklyn’s finest foods. From savory cuisine to artisanal ice cream, you cannot be wrong when making your choice. This festival takes place on the weekends. On Saturdays, you can catch it at East River State Park, while Sundays are reserved for Breeze Hill in Prospect Park.

If there are any Latin American cuisine enthusiasts amongst our readers, they will be glad to know that Red Hook won’t disappoint. The Red Hook Vendors have been diligent at serving Brooklyn residents and visitor since 1974. Now, that’s a tradition. So, when the weekend comes, make sure to be at Red Hood Recreation Fields at 160 Bay Street. They work from 10 am until sundown.

Not every summer has to mean beachside

And we are not the ones to exclude all other options. Some people simply don’t like the sea. Whether it is the salty water, the feeling of sand, or the distinct smell of the ocean, we won’t judge. Everyone has the right to have preferences. With this in mind, spending your summer in Brooklyn by pool hopping. There is an abundance of great public pools to choose from when in Brooklyn.

Two little girls swimming in a pool
Who needs the beach when you can be super cool at a pool?

Still, we believe that there are a couple that stands out. One of them that you seriously shouldn’t miss is the Pop-up Pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you are a busy mum and sometimes lack ideas for amusing your kids, this is the way to go. The pool is 30 by 50 feet in size and maxes out at an easy 3.5 feet deep. This is perfect for new and inexperienced swimmers. This pool is open from June 29 until Labor Day weekend. It is free to the public, so feel free to visit from 10 am to 6 pm for a 45-minute session.

More comfort means more money

Now, perhaps a hipster pool would be more up your alley. If this is the case, McCarren Poll at the McCarren Hotel and Pool in Williamsburg are the ways to go. Both day and evening swims are available, providing some great Instagram picture opportunities. You can reserve your place in advance by purchasing passes beforehand or try your luck by buying them at the door. A party package is great if you plan on bringing friends. Still, if you don’t want to shell out the cash, public pool in Williamsburg would be a better choice. Either way, it is a great way to spend summer in Brooklyn, and enjoy a sunny day at the pool.

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