Creative ideas for decorating your new home

Home Improvements - July 18, 2019

Once you move into a new house, you probably want to put some personal touches on it and make it a home. There are lots of ways you can design and decorate it so that it fits your style and shows your personality. Out of the entire move, finding ideas for decorating your new home is by far the most interesting part. If piano movers Brooklyn helped you transport your piano, you can make it a central piece of a room, for example. You can play around with the things you already have or get new decorating pieces. Let your creativity shine and experiment a little.

Paint the walls when decorating your new home

Painting the walls is a full-proof way to spruce up the look of your house. If you don’t have any ideas for decorating your new home, start by painting the walls. When you paint the walls a color that you like, your entire house will feel fresh and brand new. There are a few ways to go about painting your walls.

  • You can go for different colors in different rooms. This way every room will tell a different story and have its own style.
  • If you want to, you can match the colors to the furniture. Go for complementary colors, paint the walls the same color as a key furniture item or use a contrasting color.
  • You can get creative with the colors of your walls add an accent wall. Paint one of the walls in a room a different color to add a bit of interest if you don’t have other ideas for decorating your new home.
  • If you want to experiment, but you don’t want something as permanent as paint, use wallpaper. There are different patterns you could get and make any room look more interesting.
A white wall with eight pictures on it. One of the ideas for decorating your new home is making a gallery wall.
Making a gallery wall is a great idea for decorating your new home.

If you are dealing with a smaller space, it’s smart to paint the walls a light color. Lighter colors make space look larger and more open. Just like you can hire Long Island City movers, you can hire professionals to paint the walls of your new home. They will do the job much quicker and better than you, especially if you have no experience.

Final touches for the walls

Once your walls are painted, the rooms are slowly coming together. You don’t wave to leave the walls bare, though. It’s great that they are a nice color, but that doesn’t represent your personality as much. If you don’t know how to decorate your new home, consider hanging some artwork, photography, and paintings on the walls. That is a really good way to show your interests and your style and it will add more character to the rooms.

One of the ideas for decorating your new home: adding details

Adding small trinkets to your shelves, coffee tables and similar pieces is a good way to make space feel more homely. You can add scented candles or diffusers to make your rooms smell nice. After all, when you’re thinking of ideas for decorating your new house, you should think about making it smell good as well.

shelves on the wall
Add small decorations to your shelves if you run out of ideas for decorating your new home. Make the house look homely and put together.

Another option is adding plants. Plants bring life to the room and they can have a calming effect. There are many types of plants you can go for, even fake ones if you’re bad at keeping real ones alive. Small figurines and decorations, prints and paintings will make any room look more put together and add some personality.

Decorate your new home with floor-to-ceiling shelves

Even if you’re only moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you still have to think of ideas for decorating your house. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way to decorate your new home. They add character to the walls and you can use them to display anything you want. You don’t have to only keep books on them, you can add photos and different decorations. A big piece of furniture like this can’t go unnoticed, so whatever you display on it will be seen. It’s always a good idea to have a key item in a room that people focus on and a big shelving unit can be that.

Black floor-to-ceiling shelves.
Big, floor-to-ceiling shelves can even act as an accent wall. You can’t miss them, so people can see everything you display on them.

Use books to decorate your new home

Another idea for decorating your new house is displaying books in different ways. Books don’t have to be displayed only on the shelves. In case you hate unpacking, you can get unpacking services NYC and then think about where to place the books from the boxes. You can get creative and show your love for books by placing them all-around your house. Place your favorite books on your coffee table so that all of your guests can see what you’re interested in when they come over. Stack some books on top of each other and turn them into an end table or a shelf. Display them on your fireplace or in some nooks and crannies in your home. So, release your creativity and show everyone how much you love to read.

Decorating your new home

If you’re feeling stuck, you can always look for ideas for decorating your new home online. Make sure to have fun in this process and to be satisfied with the look of your home. Showcase your personality and try to think outside the box. You can find DIY home decor ideas or buy new decorations. Use your creativity to make your home look unique and to ensure that you’ll love your new living environment. Also, remember that you can always change things up, so don’t worry about making mistakes. Everything is fixable.

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