How to spend the first day in your new home

After the move - July 15, 2019

Finally! Your relocation went good and now you are located at your new address in Kensington! If you had enough money and hired a professional moving company, you are not very tired, right? A professional Kensington moving company, in case you did not know, is a licensed and experienced company that provides a lot of moving services. So the relocation process is over but there are a lot of things to do still. If you are wondering how to spend the first day in your new home, we are here to give you some tips and advice! Take a deep breath, make coffee and let’s begin!

What to do and how to spend the first day in your new home?

As you already know, the relocation process takes a lot of time and causes moving stress and headaches. However, if you had the luck and New York movers by your side, your moving process ended smoothly. A professional moving company tends to satisfy their customers. But, let’s see now how to spend the first day in your new home?

  • Evening Arrival
  • Morning Arrival

Evening Arrival

If you arrive in the late afternoon or evening, you will most likely want to take a shower and lay down. There won’t be enough time for unpacking. Therefore, you should unpack the essentials box that contains sheets, pillows, blankets, and pajamas first. Try to assemble the bed frame if possible. If it’s late, you can also put the mattress on the ground! It works the same, believe it or not! Order dinner or eat food that you prepared for the trip, get a warm shower, jump in your pajamas and have a good night of sleep! You will need it! Tomorrow is a new day and you will need a lot of strength.

House view. Evening.
If you arrive late, you will eat, take a shower and hit the bed.

Morning Arrival

If you arrive in the morning or early afternoon, you will have plenty of time for unpacking, resting and spending time with your family in your new home. However, you must be exhausted, so it would be nice to have a good meal before you start doing anything else. Now, let’s see what to unpack first and how will you spend the first day in your new home!

  • Inspect the Condition of Your New Home
  • Place all Boxes in Correct Rooms
  • Unpack Essentials Boxes
  • Put All the Essential Furniture Together
  • Install Large Appliances

Inspect The Condition of Your New Home

If you are renting your place you should immediately inspect the condition of the place. So, the first thing you have to do is to fill-in condition report as your landlord requested. Take a lot of photos of your new place, especially if you notice some problem. Making a detailed record about how your home looks like will help you get your deposit back when you decide to move out. However, moving doesn’t have to be boring all the time, here are some ideas on how to make the moving process fun!

How to Spend The First Day In Your New Home – Place all Boxes in Correct Rooms

Properly labeled moving boxes will make the unpacking process easier. Since you know where to put each box, you will need just a few extra hours to place every box at their correct places! A professional moving company will do this job instead of you though. However, if you are unloading a moving truck by yourself or with your friends, don’t just pile the boxes up in the biggest room and call it a day! Don’t be lazy, one or two more extra hours will help you a lot tomorrow, believe us!

Person carrying moving boxes. Pile of boxes behind
Place all properly labeled boxes in the correct rooms.

Unpack Essentials Boxes

The essentials box is also called an “open first” box for a reason. Every essentials box contain hygiene product, medications, glasses, lenses, toothpaste and toothbrush and everything else that you and your family members are using on a daily basis. You should pack one essentials box for each of your family members. However, one big “family essentials” box should contain clean sheets, blankets, pillows, lamp if you need it and clean towels.

Put All the Essential Furniture Together

Assemble essential furniture together as soon as you can. Obviously, you will need this furniture sooner or later, right? Things such as chairs, dining table and bed are the most important things and should be assembled first. However, if your furniture, including essential ones, haven’t arrived yet, you should improvise and use a sleeping bag for the night or two.

Spend The First Day In Your New Home Installing Large Appliances

If you have decided to bring your old appliances with you instead of buying new ones, you should install and position them as soon as you can. Find positions and pre-determined places for your refrigerator, stove, install a dishwasher and hook up washer and dryer. Set those appliances up get them ready for proper use. In case you don’t know how to install these appliances, you should search for professional help rather than injuring yourself or causing any kind of damage to appliances or house.

Washer and dryer.
Install all large appliances and hook up washer and dryer.

Professional Mover

If you want to have an amazing experience every step of the way, you will hire a professional moving company. They will pack, carry, relocate and also unpack all your belongings fast and smoothly. A professional moving company cares for the customers and that’s why they always tend to make their customers happy and satisfied. If you have any question about the move and the moving process, call your professional mover and their lovely customer service worker will help you and explain everything in detail!
A professional mover has plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • NYC Local Movers
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Business Movers
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Moving Supplies
  • Residential Movers
  • Fine Art Movers
  • Storage Space
  • Special Services (such as Piano Movers)

This is how you should spend the first day in your new home! However, we have one additional tip for you:  There is no need for rushing, it’s just the first day! You will have a lot of time to unpack, arrange and even renovate some rooms around! Have a lovely day! Best of luck!

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