Guide to pack for storage like a pro

Storage guide - July 11, 2019

Are you planning a move? Or are you just decluttering your home? Is your home filled to the brink with all the items you have collected during the years and just want to get rid of them? Or are you moving your company with commercial movers Brooklyn? Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit, you need to know the basics of packing. You also need to find a storage unit that is cost-efficient. You do not want to waste money on something you do not need. With this in mind, we have created an article focusing on tips on how to pack for storage. Without further ado, let us begin!

Research what you can put in storage

This is important when putting your belongings in a storage unit. There are specific items that cannot be put in a storage unit and the storage facility should provide you with a list of restricted items. If they do not, make sure to ask them about everything that comes to your mind. The main rule about storage restrictions is whether the item is flammable.

books should be on shelves when you pack for storage
You should pack your books carefully!

This means that propane tanks, paint, fertilizers, any kind of explosives, fireworks, gasoline, are not welcome in your storage unit. This is merely a safety procedure and it is done in order to avoid damage to other items. Other restricted items are perishable foods, some sorts of medicine, and plant life. These are not welcome because they can attract pests and vermin, and also because an unpleasant smell that can spread out to other storage units next to yours.

Creating an inventory

This is a big one, and if you are moving you are probably aware of that. You need to make a list that features all the items that you plan putting inside the storage unit. You should also divide your inventory by type and list what each box contains. This is also important because, during your move, you may find yourself not knowing what you want to store and what you want to take to your new home. Another good idea is to make a copy of the inventory just in case. What if you lose the list that you keep at your house, or just want to check if something you need is in your storage unit. Making an inventory will make your life much easier and we strongly advise you to do so when you pack for storage.

Using boxes

The best way to store items in a storage unit is by putting them inside boxes. If you are unsure about how to pack for storage, look for packing services Brooklyn. They are experts in the craft and will know how to do everything accordingly. If your budget is not big enough to support getting packing assistance, then you should read this paragraph carefully! The most important thing when packing stuff inside boxes is to use different sized boxes. Some smaller items may fit inside a box perfectly and that will make your packing more space-efficient. Another benefit of using different sized boxes is that you can stack everything and leave no space unused. Smaller boxes can fit some holes left by bigger boxes.

labelled boxes
You should label all the boxes


When stacking boxes it is also vital to put the heavier and sturdier items on the bottom of the pile. If you put heavier items on top, they will crush the lighter box underneath. By putting the heavier items on the bottom, you will ensure that your pile has a good foundation to build on. Also, do not forget to fill the boxes as much as you can. However, you should not overpack them. If you do so, the box may break apart and cause mayhem inside your storage unit. What we meant was not leaving any space inside the boxes. You should do this so that the boxes on top do not cause dents on the boxes underneath. Safety for your items first!

Labeling boxes

To make use of your inventory, even more, you should label the boxes. This can be done if you divide the items by type. For example, put your glass items inside boxes (carefully pack them and use a lot of packing supplies) and use a marker to write down “Glass, fragile“. You can also use colored stickers and then write down in your inventory what does each color represent.

Disassemble your furniture

Furniture and other bulkier items should be disassembled before you store them. This will save you a lot of space in your storage unit and help you move them from your home to your unit. If you are not sure how to do so, make sure to find furniture disassembling services. The most common items that can be disassembled are tables, beds, and even some closets. Look for screws and pieces of furniture that can be taken off. 

a table and a sofa
Be careful when disassembling your furniture

Get enough packing supplies

Packing supplies are a must when packing for anything, be it your long distance move, or packing for storage. Other than boxes, packing supplies include packing paper, plastic wrap, Styrofoam, old sheets, cushions, etc. They are all used to ensure the safety of your items when you pack for storage. If you are packing glassware, make sure to use sheets or packing paper to cover each glass, and then wrap them tightly with plastic wrap. It is important to wrap it tightly to avoid the items moving and scratching each other. 

Packing power tools

When packing power tools, you need to first empty the fuel tank. As we previously mentioned, fuel and any type of flammable material is restricted from the storage unit. You should also try to find the original boxes if you have not thrown them. If you had, measure the tools and try to find boxes that can fit them, and leave some space while measuring so you can include packing materials as well.

This should be about it when it comes to packing for storage. Good luck with your endeavor! 


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