How to make moving enjoyable?

Moving guides - July 5, 2019

Whether you believe it or not, there are ways to make moving enjoyable. And there are even people who love the idea of packing and moving. If you are one of them, there is no need to tell you that relocating can be fun. However, the words unpacking and fun put in the same sentence can seem crazy for others. But your movers and packers Brooklyn guarantee it is true. These expert tips make moving enjoyable if you incorporate a bit of planning in advance. With some imagination, you can turn one of life’s biggest stresses into a fun experience!

Label your boxes to make packing easier

The first step to making moving enjoyable starts during the packing part of the move. The fun begins by assigning each room in the house a different color and symbol. For example, the kitchen is a blue star, the bathroom is a red triangle, your kid’s room is a yellow circle, and so on. Label each box and item with the symbol of the room it belonged to. You can use strips of tape to label the furniture and plastic bins. When you arrive at your new home, use the same symbols to mark the corresponding doors. Even if you hire a professional moving and packing crew to do this, they can quickly unpack the moving truck by following this system. They can easily see where everything goes and even have a little fun while working. Either way, it is practical and easy for you.

Headphones make moving enjoyable if you play some great dance playlists to keep yourself motivated
Create two dance playlists to help you

Create two dance playlists that you will use during your move: one for packing and one for unpacking. For a packing playlist, use some popular ear-worms like peppy dance music that will keep you motivated. And for the unpacking playlist, chose songs that remind you what a champion at moving you are!

Map out your house to make moving more enjoyable

Professional unpackers recommend using a floor plan. It will be a crucial tool for a successful relocation to Brooklyn. Since you’re usually paying movers by the hour, introducing them to a floor plan will save you not only time but money. The floor plan doesn’t have to be a municipality approved official blueprint, a basic sketch will do the trick. Just mark each room and where the furniture goes clearly.

Floor plan sketching is also a great way to get your kids involved. Let them color it, and while they do that, they can decide where they want their bed, where the toy box. You can change things later, but giving kids this input and sense of control during the moving process will make a happy difference. After you’ve finished sketching, put the floor plans outside each room so that the movers don’t have to ask where to place each piece of furniture.

Keep it simple to make moving enjoyable

When you have to pack up your whole life, you should look for any and every shortcut that would make your life easier. Here are some of our most effective tips:

Girl wrapped in towels enjoying a spa
Set up a personal bribe goal for yourself that will inspire you to work hard in order to achieve it.

1. Tape it up!

If you have furniture like dressers where you store clothes, instead of taking the clothes out and packing them in a separate box, leave them in the dresser. Your movers can wrap up the whole dresser and secure the drawers shut. They will lift up the entire dresser with all its contents and load it onto the moving truck, ensuring that nothing shifts or moves in transportation. When you get to your new place, just tell them where to put this piece of furniture and they will set it up in no time!

2. Make moving more enjoyable by keeping everything as easy peasy as possible

When packing up clothes that are on hangers in your closet, also don’t take them off. Simply pack them together with the hangers by using a bag from dry cleaners or even a garbage bag. You can easily move your clothes yourself by just transferring them right into your new closet. Just pull them out of the bag and you are done!

3. Kitchen essentials 101

If you already keep your flatware and kitchen tools in drawer organizers, leave them there and pack it all up. When you arrive at your new home, you can take everything out of the box and just put the organizers into the new drawer. If you’ve never used organizers and you’d like to try, now is an awesome opportunity to make some changes in your kitchen.

4. Eat some energy restoring foods to make moving enjoyable

For those of you who were lucky enough to enlist a group of friends to help out on your local moving day, make sure you plan how to treat them. People usually stock up on junk food but we recommend you stock up on some energizing, healthy snacks. All of you will need those during a long day of moving. Treat your friends with some organic chocolate bars, guacamole with some lentil tortillas, etc.

Stacked cardboard boxes and some duct tape
Don’t forget backup eyeglasses and contacts, diapers and baby gear if you are moving with a child.

Set up an essentials kit

As you’re packing up your old house, make sure you pack an essentials box or a piece of luggage for all of the items you’ll need right after you move in. The most important items are outfits for a few days, favorite shoes, toiletries, important documents, your checkbook, food for your pet, medication, etc. This super important box (or luggage) will save everyone from rummaging through boxes for the first few days in the new home. That alone will make moving enjoyable much more. If you can’t pack up everything in one box or suitcase, you can pack several. It’s important to feel comfortable in your new home instead of living out of boxes. Just make sure you properly label these essentials boxes so that you know where they are during the move.

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