Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

Moving guides - June 21, 2019

You’ve booked your move and packed up all your belongings, you’ve even rented your moving truck. Now you are curious about how you should pack a moving truck? When you’re planning a DIY move, you’ll need to know all the tips for loading a moving truck like a pro. With the help of your affordable movers Brooklyn, you’ll be able to maximize the space and protect your belongings while trucking. Keep reading to find out how to pack a moving truck like an expert. In order to make sure all your things arrive in one piece at your new home, planning how to load the truck in advance is a smart idea.

Choose the right size of the truck rental you need

Choosing the right size truck rental may seem like a daunting task. And it is a task that requires some organization and keeping track of all your belongings. While you may be tempted to save money and choose a smaller truck, you could end up losing time and money. If the truck is too small for moving from NYC to Boston, you’ll have to make several trips back and forward! If you don’t exchange your rental for a larger size you’ll have to attempt several trips back and forth. Either way, it’s going to be a major hassle and a headache.

Multitasking man in a suit
When in doubt, contact the truck rental company representative directly and ask for advice.

To choose the right size of your rental, read about each of the rental company’s options carefully. Every company should provide you with a thorough online list of the amount and weight that can fit inside each of their moving truck options. Additionally, make sure you double-check whether or not a truck rental comes with a loading dock. This will make loading a moving truck like a pro easier, as large and heavy belongings need to be lifted onto it.

Gather all supplies for loading a moving truck like a pro

Besides sturdy boxes, plastic wrap and packing tape, you have to rent a dolly for carrying heavy items. You will also need furniture pads or blankets for added protection. When stacking your boxes in a moving truck, you want to make sure every item is properly protected with plenty of padding. Fill in the gaps between boxes and furniture items with furniture pads or moving blankets. This practical system prevents things from shifting while the truck is on the road. This way your items won’t be scraping up against each other. Don’t forget a mattress bag to cover your mattress. Or moving straps that hold items in place while the truck is in transport.

Disassemble furniture for loading a moving truck like a pro

You will have to disassemble all the bulky items, like bed frames, tables and desks. But after disassembly, you will have to tape their pieces together. Repeat this for longer items such as skis and poles, lamp bases and lamp parts. These items can be placed inside your carpets after you roll them up. Them tape your carpet closed, at both ends and all around.

Dismantling your furniture will help maximize your space and distribute the weight of heavy items more evenly. For example, if you take the legs off of a dining table, you’ll be able to place the table upright on the truck without the legs sticking out. This means more room for your belongings, and you can put the table legs somewhere else in the moving truck to help even out the weight.

Load largest and heaviest items first

Ready to begin loading a moving truck like a pro? Start packing the largest and heaviest items first like bed frames, tables, appliances, couches, sectionals, and tables. Considering the weight and size of these items, they belong to be on the bottom of your truck rental. When placing couches, headboards, and tables on the bottom of a moving truck, make sure they are placed in an upright position. We recommend putting them closer to the can of the truck. Moving straps are a must because they secure the furniture and heavy belongings in place.

Group similar sized boxes for loading a moving truck like a pro
Grouping similar sized boxes together should make moving day go smoother and faster.

Load boxes next, from largest to smallest

  • For the next step, start stacking the largest and heaviest boxes onto the truck. Put the first heavy boxes on top of the appliances and furniture. You can fill the gaps underneath the tables and desks with them. Just ensure the heavy boxes don’t have any fragile items in them.
  • Your second round of items should be medium to lightweight boxes and appliances. Put them on top of furniture and appliances, but never underneath, as you could with heavy boxes. You risk crushing them. And always label every side of your boxes! When stacking lighter items, try using moving straps to hold these in place as well.
  • Try stacking boxes in rows until they reach the roof of the truck. This is crucial: space between the top row of your boxes and the truck’s ceiling should be filled with soft padding! Use garbage bags full of clothing, bedding, and linens.
  • When loading fragile items on a moving truck, like mirrors or lamp shades, jewelry, and collectibles, you need to pack them at the very top of the pile.
Gloves and screwdrivers
Before you begin loading a moving truck like a pro, you have to gather all necessary moving supplies for packing and relocating.

Ready to rent a truck?

There are fortunately many truck rental companies on the market to choose from. Just start planning your next relocation early, especially if you chose a DIY one. Your preferred moving company can help you choose the one that best fits your budget and needs best. For those of you who would still prefer the help of moving professionals, JP Urban Moving team has got your back. Visit our website and explore our vast network of reputable and reliable movers. Good luck and happy moving!

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