How to boost your relocation budget

Moving guides - June 18, 2019

Most of us went through the moving process at least once. And we all know how much a relocation costs. Hiring a professional moving company is one of the best solutions in order to save some time and reduce the moving stress. However, getting full moving services costs a lot. Now, let’s see what you can do in order to save some money and boost your relocation budget!

Tips and tricks to boost your relocation budget

Whether you are making a long or short-distance move, hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended. Hire Kensington movers during the off-peak days if you want to save some money. In order to get an attractive offer and discount for some moving services, you can also negotiate with a professional moving company. But, if you want to boost your relocation budget, there are a lot of other things you can do! Let’s start.

  • Organize and Make a Checklist
  • Declutter
  • Make a Garage/Yard Sale
  • Ask your Freinds and Family for Help
  • Get Free Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies
  • Hire A Reliable Moving Company

Organize and make a checklist

If you organize and start planning as soon as you can, you will save a lot of money. Making a moving checklist will put everything in order and you will be able to finish every task on the list before the moving day. Reduce moving stress and finish a task or two every day. You can also involve your family members in the moving process. Every member of your family should get a task or two too!

In order to boost your relocation budget, you should start with making a checklist!
Start planning in advance, organize and make an ultimate moving checklist!

You will boost your relocation budget if you declutter!

This is one of the ways to save money on moving! Every household has unnecessary items that nobody uses anymore. Those kinds of items usually end up in the garage or storage room. If you declutter and throw away items that you don’t need, you might save yourself from one more back and forth drive with a moving truck. You will need less money for fuel but you will also have more space in the moving truck for things that you actually want to move with you. For the future, you should de-clutter your home annually!

Make a garage sale and boost your budget for moving

If you have a lot of items in good condition, you can sell them and earn some money. If you have time, you should open an account on eBay and list your items online. Post good pictures of the items that you are selling! This trading process can take a little time but you will definitely earn money!

A garage/yard sale.
Earn a little money, organize a yard/garage sale!

Another way to boost your relocation budget is by organizing a garage sale! This way is faster and you will sell most of your items in a single day, but the prices will be significantly lower. So, if you have no time to waste, garage/yard sale is a better solution!

Ask your friends and family for help

Do not hesitate to ask your friends and family to help you with relocation. You would help your friends too, right? Of course! However, you should let your friends know about the relocation at least a few weeks before the move so they can organize and reschedule their plans without complications. You won’t have to pay for packing and carrying services if you have friends to help you. This is also one of the ways to boost your relocation budget!  Your friends might know where you can donate some of your items too!

Get free moving boxes and packing supplies

Save money on moving boxes and packing supplies and boost your relocation budget! You can always find some free cardboard boxes and packing supplies. First of all, ask some of your friends, family or neighbors if they have some old cardboard boxes and packing materials that they don’t need. Second thing, you can use plastic boxes and bins that you already have at your home. Third, use suitcases! Instead of buying packing materials, you can:

  • Use towels and soft blankets to protect electronics and mirrors
  • Use newspaper to fill the empty space in the box
  • Socks are good for protecting glasses
  • Use original boxes to pack tv and other appliances (some people keep original boxes)

You can also ask some of your neighbors for some extra packing materials and boxes. Stores around you definitely have cardboard boxes that they don’t need. Ask for free moving boxes at least a week before the move.

Boxes and packing tape.
Find some free cardboard boxes in the stores nearby

Another thing that will make your relocation process easier is proper labeling! Everybody has markers at home. If you don’t have packing labels, you can download them from the internet and print. If you label your moving boxes properly, you will make your unpacking process easy and fast!

Hire a reliable moving company

Whether you are making a move out of the state or just locally, you will need a professional mover to assist you with your move. Your long distance movers Brooklyn will pack and relocate all your belongings fast and safely. You can get full-moving services or partial ones! A professional mover has years of experience in the moving industry and well-trained workers. Your professional mover will send their team to your house for the inspection. After that, they will calculate the cost of your move and create a moving contract. A professional moving company also has a license and plenty of moving services to offer. Some of those moving services are:

  • Excellent communication
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Safety and Moving Insurance
  • Truck and Transport Services
  • Storage Solution Services
  • Special Services (stairs, long carry service, moving bulky and heavy items, etc.)

If you follow all these steps, you will definitely boost your relocation budget and save some money! Make some extra money by organizing a garage or/and yard sale! If you have armoires, tables, chairs or clothes in good condition, you should give it to the charity! Good luck with your move! All the best!

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