Going green in your storage unit: Tips and Tricks

Storage guide - June 14, 2019

Whether you are relocating or remodeling your apartment, you might get the need to store your belongings somewhere. Sometimes for a shorter period of times, and other times in the long run. Well, if you are a person who cares about the environment as well as you care about your belongings, this is the article for you. Why? Because we are talking about reasons for going green in your storage unit.

So, if you are moving to Brooklyn, for example, and you figured out you will be using some storage solutions, we are giving you the reasons why you should be responsible and rent the right kind of storage unit. Also, what are the proper ways to behave if you want to contribute to a fight for our planet to stay clean and healthy. And remember – start with the man (or a woman) in the mirror to set an example.

Is going green in your storage unit really a big deal?

Actually… yes. Yes, it is a big deal. Firstly, because you want to make a good example. But also because that will be your contribution to the fight to decrease the pollution and degradation of the Earth. Going green in your storage unit doesn’t cost that much and it makes a pretty good impact on the environment. You might think that it is impossible to find that kind of storage facilities. However, it isn’t that hard.

Going green in your storage unit - girls making eco-friendly board
It is very important to teach children what does “going green” mean

All it takes is goodwill and some Googling on the subject. You should also ask your Bay Ridge movers if you are in the area about your dilemmas, and they will answer all your questions and curiosity. So there will be a need for you to make some effort, but no more than in the situation where you are searching for the safest storage unit for your stuff. Bottom line – there are no excuses!

What can you do for making your storage solution green?

We are letting you in on the scoop. The philosophy is pretty simple actually. The whole idea of eco-friendly behavior and going green is recycling. So, the more ways for recycling stuff you find, the more eco-friendly and green will you be. You and your home or your storage unit in this case. Also, if you want to decrease the use of energy, you must find ways to spend it less. Maybe these tips sound complicated, but they really are not. You will see it for yourself when we show you with practical examples.

But, before we do that, let us just stress why going green in your storage unit really matters. These are just some of the benefits of eco-friendly behavior:

  • you are saving our planet from pollution,
  • also, you are saving energy which leads to less exploitation of it,
  • you are doing a good deed by setting an example for the future generations on how to take care of the environment and
  • you are saving your money, so you can invest it in some potentially great projects.

If the first three reasons aren’t convincing enough, we bet that the fourth one got your attention. However, we don’t want to be cynical, so we hope that many people who read this actually care about our planet and our future. And that should be the main reason for going green in your storage unit and in your life generally.

How are you saving the planet from pollution?

This is maybe the most obvious answer of all. You already know which materials are hard to degrade throughout time. So, the first thing to do when going green in your storage unit is to get rid of the plastic bins. You can easily replace them with biodegradable boxes. They are just as useful as the plastic ones, but they don’t pollute the environment.

biodegradable bin
Use biodegradable materials instead of plastic

Also, by using the eco-friendly bins for storing your belongings you are contributing to less pollution in one more way. The production of these materials is much more eco-friendly itself than the production of plastic bins. Therefore, if everyone would stop using plastic containers, their production would decrease, hence the pollution of our environment.

The way you save energy by going green in your storage unit

This step could lead to initial investments in order to get the expected and wanted result. We are talking about insolation in your storage unit. Firstly, you should find a company that offers storage spaces of that quality. It may sound a bit more expensive, but in the long run, you will actually save money. How? By not spending too much energy (and money) in an effort to heat or cool your storage unit. When you invest in an insolated storage facility, your belongings inside will retain their quality because they will be in the climate-controlled space whit much smaller bills in your hands.

One more trick for you to try is using energy efficient light bulbs. By purchasing and placing LED bulbs around your storage unit (and your home, why not), you will save a lot of power. And don’t let their price tag scare you, they last a lot longer than the ordinary bulbs.

Save money while you recycle

This is actually both a great tip and a business move. If you want to behave eco-friendly, you should try to reuse as many materials you have more than once. Specifically, if we are talking about storing stuff, there is so much you can do. Firstly, put to good use all those cardboard boxes you have leftover from buying shoes. If they are in decent condition, pack your belongings in them before you store them.

money in the soil
Save some money while you are being responsible towards the Earth

Also, you can use all your old blankets and rags for wrapping fragile and sensitive items. Whether it is a vintage lamp that you don’t have a place right now or wooden furniture, you don’t have to buy new packing materials when you have old ones. Recycle them and save money. And one more trick for going green in your storage unit is to use old newspaper as a packing paper for also fragile but smaller items. Wrap your ceramic figures in newspaper and protect them from breaking. In the same time, you will be doing a good deed because you are recycling and you will save money on packing material.

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