How to make your home appear bigger

Home Improvements - June 13, 2019

A spacious home that does not overflow with things is what many people desire. However, the reality of the economy is that most homes are not like this. If you are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan and have to sell your home but want to make it seem bigger to potential buyers, then there are some easy strategies you can try to make your home appear bigger.

If you begin with some quick staging techniques you could see a significant difference immediately. Then after this initial phase, start searching for furniture and decorative items that can add to the optical illusion that your home is spacious. If you are settling in your dream home in your desired neighborhood and can invest some money in redecoration, you can try some remodeling options to make your house seem bigger.

The 1st stage: decluttering your home to make the energy flow more easily through it

Declutter your home to create some empty space. A messy house always looks smaller than a clean house. Clutter reduces visible floor and wall space and by that makes your home feel cramped. In the ideal case, each shelf, table, desk, or another surface should have some empty space on it. It makes the energy of your space lift up immediately. For example, place a single candle on the coffee table in your living room, or just one picture frame on a dresser, or a single vase on a bookshelf.

A bear light bulb that draws attention upwards cam make your home appear bigger
Whether it’s a tall shelf, or a large hanging bulb, adding one element that emphasizes the vertical space in the room can add to the sense of openness.

To effectively declutter a room, set up 3 boxes: 1 for things to keep, 1 for things you will donate, and 1 for items to toss out.

Stage 2: Let the light in to make your home appear bigger

Open the curtains and blinds, let in as much light as possible into your home and this will make your home seem a lot larger right away. If you can, your New York movers advise that you change all of the windows and blinds to lighter colors and flower fabrics to create the illusion of more space. Don’t forget to clean your windows regularly to let in the maximum amount of light.

3rd step: Rearranging furniture

  • Move furniture to create more open areas on the floor. Move the pieces that will have an impact on the amount of floor space that is visible. Try moving your furniture to the middle of a room if you only have a few small or medium pieces. For example, you could your chairs to the center of the room and gather them around a coffee table. What does this do? It opens up space around the backs of the chairs and creates better flow in your home.
  • Remove one or more pieces of furniture from a room if there is very little space. For example, you could remove one rarely used chair out of the living room, or remove nightstands from your bedroom. This instantly makes your home visually bigger!

Stage 4: Lighting makes a room feel bigger

Turn on all the lamps and lighting fixtures in a room and illuminate it. The beautiful light display distracts from the small square footage. If you do not have many lamps, consider buying a few more.

5th phase: Changing focus

Place something visually appealing in the corner of every room as a focal point. These accent pieces will draw everyone’s eyes to that attractive spot in the room. Place the statement piece in a corner as far away from the door as possible. You can do this for any room. Try our tips for remodeling the bathroom. Some examples of accent pieces that can make your home appear bigger are a gorgeous record player, an antique piece or an incredible looking plant.

6th step: Scale everything down

This could take some dollars from your budget, however, if you have a small room, you will have to invest in proportionate pieces of furniture. Cool furniture that looks great in small rooms is all about proportions. To create a feeling of roominess, always leave a little space in between the sides of your furniture and the walls. Read our tips and create storage ideas for a small space. That will also help you get rid of the clutter.

Pink flower painting and a black and white vase on a white antique cuboard with a plant next to them
For example, you could place a decorative vase on a dresser in the far corner of a bedroom, or place an unusual object on a shelf in the corner of your home office.

Also avoid heavy, bulky pieces that completely consume the usable space in the room. For example, a sleek sofa instead of a puffy, overstuffed couch will take up much less of your room. Plus it offers the same coziness with that magazine style elegance. If you desire a large, statement piece use the free wall space. Hang a huge mirror of an art piece on the wall for a dramatic effect.

Bonus furniture tip: Show off your leggy furniture

To maximize the sense of light and roominess, the design of your home should incorporate leggy and slender furniture and fixtures. Like we said, creating the illusion of more space is all about creating a sense of openness and flow. Furniture that appears to float in space is most effective when you want to make your home appear bigger.

The 7th step may be most difficult for some: Get rid of the drapes (and rugs).

As we saw with leggy sofas and statement pieces in corners, it’s all about tricking the eye. Curtains stop the view to expand outside, even when they don’t cover the whole window. In actuality, drapes and curtains are just more “stuff” that’s in the room. Eliminate them and keep your rooms simple. For privacy, consider shutters or lightweight mesh blinds. Same goes for rugs. If you do keep a rug, opt for a simple and minimal one.

White room, washed wood furniture, silver lamp, pale green plants
Introduce white into the room to simplify the space, make it more elegant and emphasize the architecture.

If you want to make your home appear bigger, remember: White is better

White has a reflective quality that opens up any room. White will make any room feel airy and light, appealing and even serene. When you opt for the same shade of white for both the walls and ceiling the effect you get is this cloud-like. This effect has something to do with blurring the boundaries between wall and ceiling. Your eye easily travels up, and the ceiling seems higher. Make your home appear bigger instantly by making it snowy white. Small spaces can quickly become cluttered looking no matter how much you try to hide your trinkets in drawers. White is not just a safe choice, it is an elegant and classic choice.

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