Is NYC the best place to live in?

Best places to live in - June 11, 2019

So you decided to move to New York City… But – before you start calling the best moving company New York, you are wondering: is NYC the best place to live in? Maybe it’s too crowded? Or it’s just not for you? Let’s elaborate on what’s great in New York, and what is well, not so great… And then you can decide on your own.

Why is NYC the best place to live in?

Shortly answer is, it’s New York! The Big Apple, the urban jungle, the heart of the whole country. And the long answer is: it depends. It depends on your financial possibilities and personal preferences. Hey, maybe you don’t think that NYC is the best place to live in. Each individual has different needs. Maybe you live a quiet life and think you cannot find peace in a big city such as NY. But before you jump to any conclusion, there are quiet and peaceful neighborhoods such as Park Slope. Here you can find many green spaces and genuine people. You’ll see, even when you call a Park Slope moving company they will be more than willing to help you out with everything you need.

greenery - NYC the best place to live in
Is NYC the best place to live in? You have to decide.

Basically, there is no exact answer is NYC the best place to live in because a number of different factors are related to this issue. And in order to choose the right option for you, you have to see the highlights and benefits that suit your needs.

The basics in NYC

As for the transport, subway in NY is cheap, safe and easy to use. The whole city is connected so if you are just looking for a place to move, know that the city center is well connected.

Regarding the food, New York is a city of great street food and a place where you can’t stay hungry. There are plenty of restaurants too, but hot-dogs, pizza, doughnuts, and pretzels are here more than affordable.

If you live green and love recycling, NYC is also a great place to live in, while saving the planet (and electricity bills). From solar panels to eco-friendly bins NY will make you feel like you are helping the environment in every way.

snow in NYC
In Park Slope, you can find many green spaces and genuine people.

Besides, on Fifth Avenue, almost any store is open 24/7. So no matter if you need a phone adapter or a gym, you can find one in this city that never sleeps.

Art in New York City

If you love art and want to see all the culture and art in this city, you will need eternity. Starting from the lines in which you have to stand in until you enter one of the many museums… Although this crowd seems more terrible than it really is and you will enter it in about ten, fifteen minutes. There are also many tours and exhibits, souvenir shops, etc. If you are an art collector yourself, you may worry about moving your valuables to NYC. But there are many great fine art movers that can help you move anything you find valuable. These can include pencil and ink drawings, pastel, acrylic and oil paintings, etc.

Parks and greenery

Many people imagine that New York City is a city of steel, concrete, and glass. Yes, there is that but there are parks, and boy they are nice! And looking at the parks you don’t have to wonder is NYC the best place to live in. You can rest in Bryant Park by listening to virtuosos on a violin, or some other instrument.

bridge in NYC
Many people imagine that New York City is a city of steel, concrete, and glass.

Or you can go to Battery Park to breathe in some fresh air. Of course, there is a Central Park (which is larger than Monaco!). Here, you can feed squirrels (but not raccoons), ride a bike around several lakes and ponds, ride a horse, listen to the birds of more than 300 species living in this oasis in the city center. You can also take a break at one of the freshly painted green benches. And please pay attention to the tiles and messages on them. Every bench in Central Park is dedicated to someone, and you can have your own – if you pay 10,000 USD.

New York is all about shopping

Fifth Avenue, as well as Madison Avenue, are a paradise for those who love more expensive brands and pieces of famous designers. Soho is great for shopping too. And if you are moving internationally, keep in mind that in Macy’s department store you get a 10 percent discount on everything with a passport!

If you want to save even more, then go to the outlet stores. There are many: from those that sell Jimmy Chu sandals and Chanel cloaks, to those in which you have to go deep in raffs. For book lovers you can go to Barnes and Noble, the largest and the first bookstore open in America, that works till midnight.

If you’re worried about crime…

They say there are so many cameras in the city that every New Yorker when on the street, is filmed on average about 35 times a day. This has drastically reduced crime in the city. And New York is really the center of the world, in every sense. There you will see people of all races and religion, with various skin color. It’s hard to say what the average New Yorkers look like, precisely because of this diversity.

And for the majority, they are very kind. Yes, there is some crime but this should not be the factor that will determine your move. Because once you move, you do not even have to ask anyone for help. As soon as New Yorkers see you with a map in your hand, someone will come and offer you a solution right away. On their own initiative, they will turn on their phones and find the place you are referring to on maps.

Finally, we hope you got an answer to a question is NYC the best place to live in. Now you know all its diversities and colorfulness. Besides, it’s all up to you and your needs, so you’re the only one who will know the right answer to this.

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