The best way to move a hot tub safely

Moving guides - June 10, 2019

If you own this beautiful luxury item, but you have to move, maybe you are wondering about how to save some money doing it. Of course, the first thing that would come to mind for most people is a DIY move. However, the best thing you could do for your safety and peace of mind is hiring Gowanus movers, who have experience and knowledge on how to safely move a hot tub. Don’t neglect the fact that you could get injured because you wanted to save a couple of hundred dollars.

On the other hand, if you are really determined to do it alone, know that with proper planning and the right supplies it is possible. First things first. A 56 square foot empty hot tub usually weighs around 900 pounds. And a hot tub with water can weigh up to 6,000 pounds! Wow! So how are you going to move a hot tub safely? It goes without saying that you should anticipate some extremely heavy lifting. Moving this large outdoor or indoor feature is no small feat. Here is our best advice on how to do it, without the help of pros, if you must.

How to move a hot tub

If you’re able to afford the help of a professional moving company, we must recommend hiring one. There are many affordable interstate movers you can find on the market. However, if hiring moving professionals just don’t seem to fit in your budget, let’s say it’s actually possible to move a hot tub without them.

A Jacuzzi with bubbles and two champagne glasses next to it
Moving such a heavy item without experience is no simple undertaking

You will need the help of a few strong friends. Make that several. Follow our easy steps to successfully move your spa, and you’ll be set to enjoy a relaxing soak at your new house.

Moving supplies

The first step when you want to move a hot tub without professionals is to gather all necessary moving materials and supplies. Your list should consist of moving straps, tow dollies, some large plywood sheets and cleaning supplies. You can find a furniture dolly at your local Home Depot. You can even find rentals at your local home improvement store. They are perfect for holding up to 800 pounds.

Moving truck

Before moving your hot tub, you should rent a moving truck large enough to hold the big tub. Depending on the size of your spa, you may need to rent a box truck that measures around 15 feet in length. Also carefully measure your hot tub before renting your preferred truck to ensure that it will fit inside it. Your truck rental should also have a loading ramp to make the move easier and the transport of the tub more effective. Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable truck rental companies to choose from when you want to relocate your hot tub.

Hire the muscle power that can help you move a hot tub

Do not underestimate the moving of heavy and bulky objects. That means you’re going to need to enlist the help of some friends. You’ll need at least three more friends to help you with the heavy lifting. The ideal situation would be, If you can, to recruit up to six people to assist with the handling of the big item. Ask friends and family as far ahead of the moving date as possible.

There is no doubt that to move a hot tub would require some serious muscle.
There is no doubt that to move a hot tub would require some serious muscle

But just in case, we have all the tricks and tips for finding affordable movers. If you’re not able to find free help or your friends can’t get out of work, or you don’t have enough hand willing to do the heavy lifting, you’ll need to find a labor-only service.

Disconnect the hot tub

Before you drain the hot tub completely, you should first unplug your spa. Water mustn’t come in contact with the electrical outlet! In addition to this rule, Bensonhurst movers have to advise other precautions as well. You need to make sure that all cords are put away before you try to move a hot tub. This ensures that nothing is dangling from the tub. Our special tip is to place cords in waterproof baggies to protect them from getting wet during the transport.

Draining your hot tub

If you think that this step will be as simple as just dumping out the water, better check again.

  1. Draining a big tub by using such a sloppy method could flood and potentially damage parts of your yard.
  2. If you want to move a hot tub, and drain it correctly, means that you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This probably means that you will need to use a pump or a garden hose for draining all that water.
  3. The trick to where best to pump out the water is – near the closest street gutter!
  4. After draining the water, clean the tub before packing it for the move.

Place plywood sheets if you want to move a hot tub like a pro

Placing plywood underneath the hot tub will create a smooth base or the perfect flat surface to level your hot tub. This will make rolling the furniture dollies underneath the spa a lot easier. However, next comes the hardest step. In order to lift the hot tub onto the plywood platform, you’ll need the help of at least three people. Each of your helpers only needs to lift each corner a few inches off the ground.

Slide furniture dollies underneath

If the path to the moving truck is flat, you won’t have to turn the hot tub on its side to transport it from the yard. However, if the path is narrow, carefully turn the hot tub on its side, then slide a dolly under it on each side. That’s why you need two dollies.

A large hot tub with steps
Make sure to secure the hot tub to the sides of the truck

Secure the spa to the dolly with straps in order to move a hot tub carefully and without accidents. You need at least four people to hold onto the tub on all sides.

Rolling is the way to go

Once your hot tub is safe on the dollies, slowly roll it towards the moving truck. At this point, it might be necessary to enlist the help of more than four people to be able to push it up the loading ramp. While trucking, keep your dollies in the secured position on each side of the spa. That way you can easily unload and roll the item to its new spot once you’ve relocated. And there you have it – the project “move a hot tub” is officially over.

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