Tips for storing your clothes long term

Storage guide - June 5, 2019

Did you know that you should de-clutter your home at least once per year? Throwing away unnecessary items will make your home look fresh and cozy. Most of us keep gathering things because we always think “we will need this later” and in some situations, that never happens! We are buying clothes almost every day, but we are not throwing away the old things we are not using anymore. If you don’t want to throw them out, storing your clothes long term is the best option. So, let’s see what do you have to do in order to prepare your clothes for long term storage!

Storing your clothes long term – how to do it properly?

If you think that storing your clothes long term is better than throwing them out or giving them away, you will need a storage unit. You will also need moving boxes NYC in order to pack and relocate all of your clothes. However, hiring a professional mover will make your job easier, because they will load and relocate your old clothes fast and efficiently. Storing your clothes long term requires following these steps:

  • Wash and Dry Your Clothes
  • Clean and Polish Boots and Shoes
  • Donate Items and Clothes that you won’t use anymore!
  • Repair damaged items
  • Do not use Vacuum Storage Bags
  • Rent Storage Unit

Wash and dry your clothes

Before packing your clothes for storage, you should wash them and dry them properly. Some clothes you can wash and clean at home by using your laundry machine. Other clothes require professional cleaning before packing and storing. Don’t waste your time ironing your clothes before storing them. There is no need to iron clothes twice because you will iron all of your clothes when you retrieve them from the storage unit.

Laundry Machine.
Wash and dry your clothes before packing them for storage.

Clean and polish boots and shoes

You can also store some of your boots and shoes! However, before storing, you should know how to polish shoes properly. You should rub a little bit of oil on your leather items. But, be sure to keep shoes away from your other clothes. Do not forget to fill the inner side of your shoes with some clean tissues so they won’t lose their shape!

Donate items and clothes that you won’t use anymore!

Most of us definitely have clothes that we are not wearing anymore. Not only that, we have a lot of other things that we are not using and won’t use ever again! In this case, you should donate your stuff if they are in good condition! There are a lot of shelters and homeless people who would appreciate any kind of help. While you are decluttering, you can also give armoires and furniture in good condition to some of your family, friends or neighbors.

Pile of shirts and glasses on top.
Donate items in good condition.

Repair damaged items before storing your clothes long term

First of all, you should go through all of your items and make a few piles. Make a pile with items that you want to throw away, then pile with items that you want to donate and the third one should be the pile made of items that you want to keep and store. Before you start packing your clothes for the storage, you should wash and dry them but also, repair! Stitch small holes on your clothes and attach missing buttons! You will thank yourself for doing this when you retrieve clothes!

Do not use vacuum storage bags!

In order to protect your items when storing, you will have to pick good storage boxes, bags, and packing materials. But, you should also know how to pick the right storage unit! The best solution for packing your clothes for long term storage are plastic storage boxes. Even though vacuum storage bags are amazing and it’s pretty nice watching when a huge pile of clothes is becoming thinner, using them for clothes made of natural materials such as wool or silk is not really a good idea! Wool and silk will suffer damage and lose their shape if they are packed in vacuum storage bags, so you should avoid that. By the way, mice love cardboard boxes, so you should avoid using those too!

Rent storage unit for storing your clothes

If you don’t have a storage space by now, this is a good time to get one! However, you can also hire a professional, Rambo movers, to help you pack and store all of your clothes. A professional moving company most likely has its own storage facility. If they don’t, they can probably point you out to some of the good ones!

A professional moving company has a license and years of experience. They will pack and relocate your belongings fast and safely. No matter if you are preparing for the long-distance move, or just want to store some of your items nearby, a professional mover is always there for you. If you are relocating, these are the services that you can count on if you hire a professional mover: packing and unpacking, truck services, moving insurance, storage options, etc.

There are different types and sizes of storage units. If you are planning to store some sensitive and valuable items, such as paintings, art, and antique furniture, you should definitely consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. However, storing your clothes long term means that you won’t need to check on your storage every day. Some storage facilities placed far away from the city are cheaper than ones close to your home. Since you won’t need to check on your items often maybe you should consider renting a cheaper storage unit.

Storage facility.
Before storing, you should pack your clothes in plastic boxes.

These were the tips for storing your clothes long term! First, declutter, then wash and dry your clothes, clean your shoes, pack them into plastic moving boxes and you are ready to head to your storage place! Don’t forget to declutter your home annually! Good luck!

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