How to remodel an attic tips

Home Improvements - June 1, 2019

A lot of people have an attic and it is just a storage space. If you need some extra space, bedroom, gym or playroom for your kids, it is a perfect time to remodel an attic. However, if you are moving and your new place has an attic, you should consider remodeling it as soon as possible. So, today we will give you some tips on how to remodel an attic!

How to remodel an attic the best way?

Usually, people are using an attic as a storage room. Using attic as storage option is not a bad idea, but if you need an extra bedroom, playroom or gym, remodeling your attic is the best idea! However, if you are moving and your new house has an attic, you should remodel it immediately and get some more space! If you need someone to help you with the move, you should hire a professional mover. If you hire a professional mover, you will get packing and unpacking services NYC and save yourself some time.

Empty attic. Ready for remodeling.
Hire an engineer to inspect the condition of your attic before you start remodeling!

Now, let’s see what do you need to know in order to remodel an attic properly!

  • Hire a Professional Mover
  • Codes and Safety
  • Climate control
  • Hush up the Floors
  • Roof Insulation
  • Set a new Bathroom at a specific place
  • Use Nooks and Crannies as a storage
  • You will need an AC

Hire a professional mover

If you are moving and you need a professional mover to assist you, you should hire Bensonhurst movers! A professional moving company has years of experience in the moving industry and well-trained workers. If you have some dilemmas about the move, call your professional mover and they will gladly answer your questions. A professional mover also has a license and they will calculate the costs of your move in advance. A moving company has a wide specter of moving services, and some of them are:

  • Excellent communication with their customers
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Security and Moving Insurance
  • A wide pool of Moving Trucks
  • Recycling
  • Storage Solutions and Shipping containers
  • Special Services (such as moving bulky and heavy items, etc.)

Remodeling an attic – codes and safety

First of all, you should hire an engineer to inspect your house. The engineer will inspect your houses framing and foundation and check if it can carry an extra “load”. The codes say the attic area should be minimum 70 square feet, minimum 7 feet wide and 7 feet high! In addition, if you are moving to suburbia for the first time, you should learn how to adjust to life in the suburbs! That will make your life much easier.

Climate control

If your attic is a bedroom or playroom, having a fan there will be a good idea! Having a room above you with an installed fan will bring you cool breeze through the whole house during the hot summer months. However, the finished attic will also help you stay warmer during the winter months too!

Remodel an attic – hush up the floors

Do not forget about floors if you are planning to remodel an attic! A lot of activities in your new attic room can cause rackets in the rooms below. In order to quiet things down, you should beefier floor joists. You should also use blow-in-dense-pack insulation to fill all bays. However, to lower the sound of footsteps up there, you should also use area rugs or carpet.

Use carpet or rug to lower the sounds of footsteps from your attic.

Remodeling an attic – roof insulation

Since the roof is a major path to heat gain and loss, this is a thing where you should invest a little bit more money. Even though spray foam costs two or three times more than the fiberglass batt insulation, it is way better! Spray foam forms a tighter air barrier but also doesn’t take a lot of space, so you will have more room above your head. But first, make sure you repair a damaged roof if that is necessary.

Set a new bathroom at a specific place

If you are planning to set up a bathroom while you are renovating an attic, you should pick the place above your downstairs bathroom or the kitchen. If you place a bathroom above the other one or the kitchen, you will save a lot of money. You will reduce the costs if you minimize the distance between new and already existing plumbing system in the house. But, also, you will reduce the cost of wall damage where the pipes have to be installed.

Remodel an attic - Sink in the Bathroom.
Set up a bathroom above the other bathroom or kitchen!

Use nooks and crannies as a storage

Furniture such as drawers, cabinets, and chairs can save space when placed into smaller walls. Even small niches around chimneys and pipe chases, or near low walls, offer the potential for installing do-it-yourself open shelving. However, if you want to make a bedroom out of your attic, you can try to decorate your attic bedroom!

Remodel an attic – you will need an AC

If you are planning to make a bedroom, playroom, gym or office out of that attic space, you will definitely need an AC. Therefore, installing separate AC would be a great idea, especially if the attic is the place that you are not using every day! For example, if you use the attic as a gym just two or three times per week, for an hour or two, you don’t have a central heating system for that room too. It’s also good to have AC in the attic if it’s a guest room. That will make your guest feel comfortable and cozy! 

In case you are downsizing, you will have to declutter! If you have a lot of items in a good condition that you don’t want or can’t keep, you should find out where to donate your stuff before moving. Beside decluttering your living space, you will be doing a good deed.

These were the useful tips on how to remodel an attic! You can see that even with a little cash you can get a lovely bedroom, gym or playroom for kids! The only thing you need is will to start renovating! Have a good time while you are renovating your attic! Best of luck!

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