Hosting a Move-In Party: Tips & tricks

After the move - May 24, 2019

You moved and decided hosting a move-in party for your new friends is a good idea. But you immediately think you are foolish doing something like this! Because who is going to clean the apartment tomorrow, what the new neighbors will say and – who will come?! Scare away your black thoughts and organize a pleasant and casual evening in which you will enjoy with our hosting a move-in party tips & tricks. 

To call or not to call your neighbors

No matter if you’re calling everyone from your new neighborhood, be sure to inform your neighbors you’re making a party. Because some of them won’t come and you want to be in good relations with all of them once the party is over. You can apologize in advance and ask for understanding. Posters throughout the building should do the thing. Also, whom should you call?

people-Hosting a Move-In Party
Hosting a Move-In Party – is there a right way to do it?

If, for example, you were moving from NYC to Philly you can’t really ask your friends to join you. So you can maybe go door to door and introduce yourself, letting people know you’re hosting a move-in party. If you look cute and are well behaved enough, even the grumpiest people will not find it easy to send the police to your door.

Hosting a move-in party –the basics

Talking about the notification, if you are planning something bigger, also inform the nearest local police station. Be very polite. This will greatly reduce the chances of visiting you during a party. And even if someone invites them, they will remember you and may think: “No, that’s a very nice person, let them have a good time.”. If the police still knock on your door, be polite and offer them cakes.

Drink Responsibly

Ok, we know that alcohol may seem like a great idea to meet your new neighbors, but it may not be such a great thing. It’s not just about the law if there are minors; it’s more about not knowing who will make a mess or gets drunk and start making nonsense. So moderate drinking is better than overdoing.

blur party
Moderate drinking is better than overdoing.

What to do when people start behaving badly

Hosting a move-in party can be fun, but sometimes it may turn the other way. People can get strange ideas in a new environment. And maybe you’re just trying to cope with the biggest expat problems, but this doesn’t mean you have to put up with everyone. If someone begins to behave badly (fights, goes through your things, destroys your belongings, etc.), ask your big friends (the biggest ones you have) to show this person to the door. Do not be ashamed of this procedure; they just spoil the entertainment for everyone.

Be careful with your (new) furniture

Be sure to remove all your carpets – even when all people are nice, accidents happen. If you are just moving into a new neighborhood, you can, for example, ask Gravesend movers to help you clear the room for the party. For the same reason, remove all fragile things and, of course, god forbid, all things of greater material value.

Okay, you know everyone you called, but it happens that someone takes a friend about whom you do not know anything about… Even when you are kindly asked not to do it. So, just in case, remove all things that can be ruined.

How much money do you need

You are afraid that you will not be able (for financial or other reasons) to provide foods and drinks for everyone when hosting a move-in party for your friends? Do not worry. Let your party have according to the principle “boys bring drinks, girls bring food“. In this way, there will be enough for everyone.

day-time party
If everyone brings something, there will be enough food and drinks for all the guests.

Also, make sure the food is not too heavy, because you need to dance until the morning. So avoid the pork, potatoes and huge amounts of dough and sweets. You can also surprise your new friends with some of your specialty. Cupcakes in colorful colors and various cocktails are always a great option.

What to do for fun

If you want everything to look well organized, make a list of music to everyone’s taste and let that compilation play all night. You can also organize the help of a waiter. Besides this, you can create an interesting theme for a party. It can be a black & white party, and if your friends are keen on creativity, you can make masks. Maybe you can organize voting for the best costume!

Also, if space allows, install the table of the appropriate size and organize the beer pong. If a party is for a smaller circle of people and not as noisy, you can also organize some social games. Those can be charades, which always end with laughter. Another suggestion if you have a microphone is karaoke.

Be extra careful

If you have children, ship them overnight to their grandparents. Also, take care that your pets are out of the way (in a room that you will not use). Just imagine someone stepping on your cats tail or sprinkle it with alcohol. Both kids and pets can be upset because of the noise. It is possible to see some people crashing your party – uninvited guests lurking around in search of parties. You should decide if you want to let them in. Your party is only for the people you invited so think about what is the best choice. You can make an exception if you know the person who has invited them and you feel that it is ok.

In the end, we hope that you have a better idea of what is the proper way of hosting a move-in party. In general, the idea is to have fun and get to know people that live close to you so you can have more friends. We hope you will enjoy!

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