Packing tips for busy mums

Moving guides - May 22, 2019

Are you a mum? Do you plan to relocate soon? Then you need all the help you can get. Including these tips, we have prepared for you. No matter if you are moving to Brooklyn or to another country, there are some packing tips for busy mums that could make your life a lot easier. Whether you are a single mum or you have a loving partner, eager to help, you probably have a lot on your plate. So relax, take a minute to breathe and know that there is no room for panic. You will successfully finish every task you need with the proper organization and help.

Do you honestly need packing tips for busy mums?

You know what? Yes! You do need packing tips for busy mums, just like anyone who is moving needs tips on how to do it better or easier. However, you are in a specific situation. We all know that being a mum is a 24/7 occupation.

Packing tips for busy mums - child in mum's lap
Can you organize everything with a child in your hands?

So, putting on the side the fact that you are relocating locally or across the world, you are a full-time provider of love, affection, and consolation to your children. Therefore, you have to find a way to stay exactly that, while organizing the relocation process for your family. That explains why you are so busy, but also why you should use all kinds of help that you can. Starting with these tips.

What are the best packing tips you will get as a busy mum?

Now that we have explained why there is no shame in asking and excepting the help, we are going deeper. Ultimately, it all comes to the same things when you are planning residential relocation. Whether you are doing it on your own or just with kids or with the whole family, you will do some exactly the same stuff. The difference is that now you have to take into consideration everyone else’s wishes and needs.

So, here are the best tips you will ever get on the subject:

  • good organization will take you a long way,
  • have an early start,
  • let your children participate,
  • get the proper help.

They all sound so obvious and easy, but unfortunately, many moms forget about them. They start worrying too much in advance. And that leads to panic attacks. And trust us, you can avoid all the drama. You just have to know how. And that is why we are here.

Good organization will take you a long way

The organization is the key to any successful project. And there is no difference when it comes to relocation. Being a mum, you already know that you would hardly manage to accomplish anything if you are not well organized. In this particular situation, we suggest you start making checklists. Why would you force yourself to remember everything, when you can just write it down? Right?

a checklist
Checklists will help you maintain everything under control

So, make various checklists with the things you should do and everyone around you. Don’t forget to set the due dates, as that will help you stay on track. That way you will avoid doing everything last minute. Hence, the chances of forgetting something will reduce to a minimum.

Have an early start

Hand in hand with a good organization goes starting on time. An early start will help you with any activity you plan on handling. The moment you decide you are relocating, make sure to set the date. According to that date, it will be much easier organizing all the surrounding activities. Also, don’t wait for the last moment to tell your kids about relocation. They should be in the loop from the very beginning. That will make it easier for them to accept the situation.

Of course, the sooner you decide on the date, it will be better for finding the right help for relocation. And you will also be able to start packing earlier. Make sure to pack first the things you will not be needing in the upcoming months or weeks. As the moving date approaches, you should pack more and more important stuff. When the moving day comes, make sure to have your essentials moving box ready with your kids’ stuff. Everything from their clothes for a few days, food and favorite toys should be in there. And don’t lose sight of that box!

Let your children participate

After you tell your children about the relocation, they will need some time to accept the fact their lives will change. If you find a way to involve them in the relocation process, they will have an easier time facing the inevitable. Let them participate in the decision making process whenever that is possible.

Of course, they can’t make decisions about your living situation, no one expects you to let them do that. However, maybe you can give them the opportunity to choose their own rooms. Or at least the new furniture for the new room. You can also let them pack some of their belongings and old toys. Depending on how old they are, perhaps you can let them pick some of the best¬†moving boxes Brooklyn can offer, so they would have an easier time packing.

Get the proper help

Being a busy mum, you really need to get all the help you can. Starting with the help in your home. Your partner and children can help a lot. Unless you have toddlers, of course. In that case, you must find a different form of support. Since you really can’t do everything with one hand, while holding the baby in another, let someone help you.

Your children can help you pack if they are old enough

Fortunately for you, you can hire some great moving companies that can help you with everything. From planning and organizing to packing, transporting and even unpacking your entire household. So make sure you obtain the professional help since no one can do the job better and faster than them.

However, because there are some things only you can do the proper way if your children aren’t old enough to take care of themselves, take the help you need in that department as well. Especially on moving day, when the situation is the most chaotic. One of the best packing tips for busy mums is to let helping hands make things easier for them. So, let your mother (in law), friends, neighbors or even a nanny take care of the children so you can finish what you need. After the relocation is over, you will have enough time to spend quality time with your kids and family.

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