Moving to Manhattan as a single parent: Pros & Cons

Best places to live in - May 21, 2019

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent is a big commitment. The one that brings a lot of stress and difficult moving tasks. Still, with the parents that are raising children on their own, no task is impossible. As the city of opportunities, New York provides a lot of convenience for single parents. Especially the Manhattan borough, that provides so many services that can make your life so much easier. It has some cons certainly, but also some huge advantages that are great for raising the kids.

First of all, get ahead of the pesky moving tasks

All those who are moving to Manhattan as single parents will have all the burden of the moving tasks on their back. However, with good planning and organizing, your relocation doesn’t have to be so hard.

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent: Pros & Cons
You and your kid will love NYC

Surely, there is a lot to be done, so you should really consider hiring a reliable moving company like Rambo movers, to help you with your relocation.

It is always recommendable to delegate the heavy lifting to the capable hands of professionals. When you are a single parent, you will have to pull double the weight, so the moving company can help you immensely.  It will save you a lot of stress and so much time. You will be able to focus on other things that need your attention. Like preparing your children and making moving fun for them.

Cons of moving to Manhattan as a single parent

Let’s start with the cons of moving to Manhattan as single parents since there are much less of them than the pros. Most of them aren’t only the struggles for the single parents, but for all that are moving to New York. Living in this city sometimes can be chaotic, but it’s nothing compared to its benefits.

  • High living costs – It’s a common fact that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, more and more people are choosing it for their new home each year, so it can’t be that unmanageable to live here. When you are moving to Manhattan as single parents, make sure that the living costs are affordable to your budget.
  • Traffic jams – Since it is a metropolis with so many residents, NYC is crowded. While it has an excellent public transportation system, driving in this city can be a bit of the drag due to big traffic jams. Still, with the subway lines that are connecting every neighborhood, you really don’t have to own a car. Especially if you’re planning to move to Manhattan.
  • Tourists – When you are moving to Manhattan as a single parent, you have to realize that you will be living in the most popular borough. That means running to a lot of tourists on a daily basis. Still, with time, you will stop to notice the crowd and get used to it.
  • Fast pace – Everything in New York happen fast. That pace of life isn’t suitable for everyone. However, if you’re a single parent, your day is probably always in the third gear. Which will allow you to adapt to the New York lifestyle much easier.
Traffic jam in New York
Traffic jams are the regular thing in New York. As well as any other metropolis.

Pros of moving to Manhattan as a single parent

This city is maybe expensive, competitive, too crowded, but these bad points can’t even compare to the amazing opportunities that provide. Many of them can make your single parent days much easier and fulfilling. If you’re moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will notice that Manhattan is more convenient for single parents.

Daycare options

As a single parent,  you probably have the need for daycare services. If you do, Manhattan is the absolute right place for that.  There are high-quality daycare places in every corner, no matter what neighborhood you choose for your new home.  Since New York is the home to man major companies, you maybe don’t even have the need for daycare. Big and serious employers usually offer child care, which is a big convenience.

Central Park in all its glory

When you’re moving to Manhattan as a single parent, the biggest NYC amenities will be just within your reach. Gorgeous Central Park is the fresh of the beautiful greenery in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Centar Park - moving to Manhattan as a single parent will give you the chance to enjoy it every day
Central Park is the greenest and most beautiful part of Big Apple.

Its the place where you can enjoy with your kid every day since it has great child-friendly activities. It is a perfect place for your child to make some pears, but also for you to meet your neighbors after the move.

There’s no need for cooking when you’re moving to Manhattan as a single parent

While nothing can beat the home cooked meal, it is totally understandable that you may be too busy to cook for your kids every single day. There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty about that because your kids will eat like kings when you’re living in Manhattan.

Since the busy lifestyle that NYC leaves no time for cooking, there are abundant restaurants all over it. And even more takeaway places that deliver any type of food directly to your doorstep. Your kids can have healthy and nutritious meals every day, without you slaving in the kitchen after the long work hours.

Child drinking red beverage.
A family outing in the restaurant is a great chance to bond with your kids and introduce different cuisine to them.

You’re in the best school district

Some of the best public schools are located in the borough of Manhattan. As well as some of the most prestigious private schools. Form kindergartens to colleges, the educationals opportunities are vast in this part of NYC.

All those wonderful museums

Living in the proximity to so many museums will help your kids to learn more about history, art, and life in general. Taking your kids one a month to a museum will open their horizons. It is a great time to spend some time with your little ones.

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent opens a lot of carrier options

Finding a great job in NYC is much easier than in other cities. Since many people are flocking to it, the new workplaces are opening on a daily basis. All of the industries are present in New York, so you won’t have to change your work field. Job opportunities in New York are larger than in any other city in the USA.

Still, it is important to state that competition is fierce. Meaning that it may not be so easy to land the job of your dream that easily when you are moving to Manhattan as a single parent. However, you won’t have a problem to find the employment that will pay your bills as you applying to jobs that interest you more.

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