How to remodel a small bathroom

Home Improvements - May 18, 2019

You’re probably wondering how to remodel a small bathroom in NYC, without making a compromise in an aesthetic sense? First of all, you need to think about each and every element in your bathroom and how it communicates with the whole space. Do some of it occupy a larger area than necessary? So in order to enlarge a small bathroom, there are several things you can do!

How to remodel a small bathroom – basics

It’s one thing that you need extra storage ideas, and completely another to remodel a small bathroom. Bathrooms in NYC most cases don’t have a source of natural light so it may be tricky to make it look bigger. Some of the basics include replacing the wall-mounted washbasin with a washbasin with a shelf.

bathroom- remodel a small bathroom
How to remodel a small bathroom?

Choosing a small bathtub or a shower is also an excellent solution, especially now that there are numerous models on the market. Large tiles and bright colors of the walls contribute to the feeling of greater space. Opposite to this, the darker tones suggest bulkiness. Keep these simple ideas in mind as basics and remodel your bathroom according to these suggestions.

How to use a light when you remodel a small bathroom

As in all other parts of your home, you need to take into account the brightness of the space in the bathroom. This depends greatly on the position of your home as well as the NYC neighborhood that you live in or move to. If there is a possibility, it would be nice that your bathroom has a natural light source and ventilation.

In this way, your bathroom will look completely different than with artificial light. If the source of natural light is not possible, bathe your bathroom with a light that appeals to your eyes. Use gentle white tones of light bulbs, that are the perfect friends of every bathroom. In addition to the main lighting in the bath, it is important to set up additional lighting above the mirror or some other element. This will additionally illuminate the space and emphasize individual elements.

The proper way to use colors

Take special care when you select colors and want to remodel a small bathroom. There should be a selection of colors, textures, and materials that will complement your space. As you know, unlike other rooms inside your home, the bathroom deals with a large amount of steam and water. This can significantly destroy or distort the appearance and quality of the material used in it. Still, do not limit yourself to just one color, dare to mix and combine colors. Of course, in order for your bathroom to look bigger, you need to use brighter colors.

soap dispenser
The bathroom deals with a large amount of steam and water.

Wall ideas

One of the recommendations when decorating the bathroom interior is to emphasize one wall in the bathroom in relation to the rest of the space. In most cases, you can do this with different materials and surfaces. One of the most widely used methods and techniques is the mosaic technique. The variety of small tiles will enhance the wall surface, and therefore the entire space.

Of course, if you are just moving to NYC, different materials can be difficult to carry – and even expensive. The good news is that you can ask for a free estimate when you are relocating. Because good moving companies also have some of the best moving supplies NYC. So maybe they can carry different materials wherever you need. This way, you will know right away if this is a smart investment.

Additional elements and details

Once you solve some of the basic problems that one small bathroom in NYC requires, it’s the right time to deal with the mobile items inside your bathroom. And if you move to NYC, this can be tricky. Because any move requires a certain amount of help. How much help you will need depends on the distance of your move and the number of items you plan to carry.

Movers can help you with anything from packing and unpacking to furniture disposal.

That’s why you should hire a good crew of movers that have a good reputation in NYC and care solely about your needs, like Gravesend movers. Movers can help you with anything from packing and unpacking to furniture disposal. So in addition to the basic elements that each bathroom should possess, you can complete your space with many other pieces of furniture. These can be various elements for storing towels, chemicals, and cosmetics that will enrich your bathroom. These elements can also help you in the organization of the whole space.

Mirrors make bathrooms appear bigger

No secret here, the indispensable part of every bathroom is a mirror. But when you remodel a small bathroom, it would be great to put an as large mirror as possible. In this way, your bathroom will visually appear significantly larger. The mirror itself can have a special design, which can additionally enhance your space. Besides this, you can give a special note by using a variety of details. Just make sure that the basic arrangement of the space is minimized so that space itself will not be lost in details.

Vases, scented candles, colorful towels, knitted towers will surely enrich your space. Besides this, special trends in today’s bathrooms are certainly decorative plants and various greeneries. This way, you can form a small paradise in your bathroom, which combines water and green in a completely unique and special way and brings the interior closer to nature. Also, if you are moving to a smaller apartment, you don’t have to get rid of all the plants you have.

Bathrooms represent relaxing oases in every home so it can be tricky to remodel a small bathroom. These spaces are usually the smallest area within every home, but this does not diminish their significance and their aesthetic value. So be free and imaginative in arranging your bathroom. Play with materials, colors and textures, decorate it with plenty of details and make this little corner of your home an interesting and pleasant space to stay in. Set your imagination free and contribute to the unique look of the bathroom with various motives.

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