How to meet your new neighbors

After the move - May 3, 2019

For some people, meeting new people comes naturally like breathing. Those social butterflies will have no problem approaching unknown people in any place. For others, this isn’t such an easy task and it even can cause some anxiety.  If you’re wondering what is the best way to meet your new neighbors, know that you are not the only one. Thousands of people have that same conundrum at this very moment. Still, don’t stress out about it – with these tips you’ll become the favorite newcomer in your neighborhood in no time.

Why would you even want to meet your new neighbors?

Because humans are social beings that crave interaction with other people? That answer doesn’t satisfy you? Well, then think of it from the practical side.

In the time when you can order everything online, socializing with your neighbors just so you can borrow the cup of sugar if you need one is totally unnecessary. But when you go on the trip and forget to turn off your stove, or you need someone to water your plants, good neighbors relationships are very beneficial.

Two women talking
Neighbors can make your life a living hell, so try to get along with them.

If there is someone suspicious monitoring your house, a neighbor may spot it and alert you. When your dog is missing, your neighbors can provide you a valid clue or helpful hand.

While you don’t have to be best friend with your neighbors, making some kind of connection can be very helpful along the way. Not to mention that it’s common curtsy to present yourself to the people that are living around you when you move to a new home.

Your relocation that was smooth and stress-free because you’ve hired the best Gravesend movers, can become a nightmare if you have bad neighbors. To ensure a happy life at your new home, put an effort and have a good relationship with your neighbors.

Don’t be intrusive

Going from door to door in this day and age is a bit weird and can startle your neighbors. Since the media is doing its best to present the worst case that is happening, people nowadays are a bit startled. An unknown person knocking on their doors can make them a bit edgy and unfriendly.

This is not a good technique even if you’re adjusting to life in a suburb that is cozy and friendly. Not to mention that is the worst possible one if you’re living in the apartment building in New York.

So forget about baking muffins and going door to door in the style of Brie Van de Kamp from the show Desperate Housewives.
Approaching your neighbor when it’s on the street or at its a yard is the best tactic. Especially if you scoop the area and learn which of your neighbors have kids or pets. That will give you some things to talk about.

If you don’t know anything about the neighbor, brake the ace by apologizing for any inconvenience that your moving in may caused.

Even when you know that your Highland Park movers were unloading your items at the speed of light and haven’t caused any commotion in the neighborhood, this is the great approach.

It will show that you have the courtesy, and your neighbors will appreciate it greatly.

Meet your new neighbors by spending time outside

If you’re an introvert and you can’t imagine making the first step, let your neighbors come to you. By spending time outside your house you can easily bump in on some of the residents. Also, it will give the impression that you’re enjoying your new neighborhood, so the neighbors will be more willing to approach you.

Gardening - One of the best ways to meet your neighbors.
Maintain the beauty of your lawn and meet new people at the same time.
  • Take a walk around the block
    Walking around the new area is an excellent way to meet your new neighbors. Time your walks between 5 pm and 6 pm. It is the time of day when many people are returning from work, so chances to bump into your new neighbors are highest.
  • Relax on the porch
    If you’re intending to read a book or do a crossword puzzle, take it outside. It is a good ice breaker if one of your neighbors spot and approach you.
  • Wash your car
    Instead of driving to a car wash, sparkle your vehicle on your driveway. Not only that you’ll save a few bucks, but you will create an opportunity to meet your neighbors.
  • Do some gardening choirs
    People that are gardening enthusiasts rarely miss the opportunity to speak to someone that shares their interests. Same goes to the neighbors that will come to introduce themselves and even offer you some tips for repairing your lawn.

Involve in community gatherings

Not only that you will meet your new neighbors, but you will meet the ones that share your interests. If you always wanted to attend the cooking class or volunteer in the local charity, relocation to the new place is the great opportunity to do that.

Volunteering is a great way to meet neighbors and help your new community.

Also, if there is some neighborhood party on the agenda don’t hesitate to visit it. When someone is making the neighborhood party, that means that is for every resident in that area. No invitation is necessary, because now you live there too. It is a great way to meet your new neighbors and introduce yourself. Bring some good wine or a cake for the host, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

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