How to store musical instruments

Storage guide - May 1, 2019

If you have a collection of musical instruments, that you know how expensive those items are. Still, since they can last a lifetime, that is the small price to pay for something that creates such beautiful entertainment. Still, while they appear robust and sturdy, the truth is that most of these items are actually really delicate. That is why you need to know how to store musical instruments properly. No matter what is the reason that you should store them for a while, the key is to take every precaution to keep them safe.

Carefully choose the storage unit to store musical instruments in

Choosing the right storage unit for your instrument is no picnic. They require a special condition since they are very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes.

Humidity is the biggest enemy to the musical instruments. No matter how much effort you put into protecting them, they will suffer if you don’t create perfect conditions for their storing.

Old, damages guitar - Prevent this from happening by learning how to store musical instruments properly.
Humidity is very dangerous since it will cause damages to any type of instrument.

That means, that you will need to rent a climate controlled unit. Air conditioning that you are controlling will ensure that no harm comes to your instruments because of the big temperature variations. These types of storage units usually come with the possibility to control humid levels too, and it’s the only way to safely store musical instruments for a longer time.

Also, make sure that the storage unit is accessible and near to you. You will have to visit your storage unit once in a while, so the location has to be convenient for you.

Preparing musical instruments for storage

When you wish to store musical instruments in a safe storage unit, it requires a bit of preparation. Simply putting them in their cases won’t cut it. Especially if you have a bigger instrument in your collection, such as a piano.

Preparation will take some of your time, but your instruments are worthy of that. When you prepare your musical items properly, it will help keep them safe in the storage, even for a long period of time.

Tips for preparing musical instruments:

  • Pack them in original cases – Instruments like violins, guitars, flutes, etc. usually come in their own special casing. If you don’t have them, try to get a suitable replica of the case. You can surely find an adequate substitute on websites like AliExpress.
  • Disassemble your instruments – Remove any detachable elements from your instruments by following the instruction of the manufacturer.
  • Clean all of your instruments and all of their parts
  • Wax them with special paste – Make sure to avoid oil-based polish or alcohol when preparing your instrument for storage.
  • Lose the strings – If you wish to store musical instruments with strings, make sure to loosen them in order to reduce the tension.
  • Hire professional help – While you won’t need assistance in moving the smaller musical instrument, the large ones will be the problem. The safest way to transport your piano to your NYC storage unit is to hire some reliable piano movers Brooklyn. It may be an additional cost, but the one that is worth every penny.

Declutter your storage unit

If you’re already renting a storage unit, now it’s time to go through it and get rid of any unnecessary things. That way, you will free the space to store musical instruments, and you won’t have to pay for the bigger unit.

Harmonica in its case - the best way to store musical instruments
Instrument’s cases are designed to keep your instruments safe and are ideal for moving and storing your musical instruments.

Don’t think that you won’t have anything to throw away. Like our homes, our storage units usually become cluttered spaces. Since we’re paying for them, we put in the things that actually have no meaning to us. You will be surprised to know how much furniture disposal there is every year from the various storage facilities.

So take this opportunity and clean out your storage unit. If after spring cleaning of your storage you still have no place to safely store musical instruments, then renting the bigger storage unit is a must.

Also, if your current storage unit isn’t climate controlled, you will have to upgrade it for the one that is. Without the control of the conditioning and humidity levels, your musical instruments will deteriorate in the storage unit.

Place and store musical instruments in the storage unit

There are a few steps that you should follow if you wish to preserve your instruments in the same condition as they were before storing them.

Keep them elevate

First of all, make a plan of placing them in the storage unit. Keep in mind that instruments should be above the ground. That will protect them from moisture or possible rodents that may wonder in your unit.

If there are no wall shelves, put some and place the small instruments on them. In case that’s not possible, use hooks and hang them on the wall. Use pallets to elevate your medium-sized instruments off the ground.

Protect the piano

When you have to store a piano, place it on its feet. It will take up a lot of space, but it will be much safer. The good trick will be to place a rug underneath it.

In order to protect the piano’s legs, wrap them in plastic bags or durable cloth.
Cover the whole piano with some blankets, and then wrap it into the plastic foil to protect it from the dust.

Grand piano
If you place the piano on its side for a longer period, that can cause it serious damages.

Place the instruments away from the door

The places that are near the door are facing the biggest and most sudden changes in temperature. Especially if you’re entering your storage unit directly from the outside. Even with the indoor storage solution, there will be a difference in temperature outside and inside your storage unit. Make sure to place your instruments as far away from the door as possible.

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