5 Ways to reuse your moving boxes

After the move - April 29, 2019

The relocation is finally over and you will get to enjoy your new home. That is great news. Now that you have escorted unpacking services, you are left with making your new place better every day. Also, you are left with leftovers of packing supplies. However, that doesn’t have to be a drag the way it sounds. There are ways to reuse your moving boxes and maybe even enjoy them. Yes, you can always recycle them, that is true. But maybe their time isn’t over yet. Maybe there is still a bit more life in them that you could use for making something good. Well, why not at least try? If it doesn’t go as planned, you can always continue with the recycling plan. Therefore, you have nothing to lose. So why not have some fun? Let your creative side come to life and see what you can do.

Can you reuse your moving boxes?

This is a valid question. But, of course, you can. People who hadn’t move recently probably can’t remember everything that surrounds a moving project. We are not going to talk about all of the parts, but we will mention the one about the boxes. Firstly, you can either buy new boxes or take the ones from a local supermarket, for example. Whichever you decide to go with, the procedure is the same.

 Reuse Your Moving Boxes - boxes for gifts
There are many ways to reuse your moving boxes

Once you go room by room and fill the boxes up, the crucial thing to do is – labeling! You need to make sure to write down on all the boxes what’s in them, which room they belong to in your new home and whether or not the content is fragile. No matter if you are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan or somewhere much further. This is a standard procedure for relocation no matter the distance. Why? Because that will save you so much time later when the unpacking time comes.

The boxes have labels on them, now what?

The fact that you have labeled the boxes, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily unusable now. On the contrary. There are still many ways to reuse your moving boxes. Of course, that is not the case if you are using eco-friendly moving boxes. Because you will have to return them to your mover after the relocation and unpacking are over.

On the other hand, if you stick to the good, old, cardboard boxes, you will have the opportunity to reuse them afterward. All you have to do is find some time and goodwill. You will see how fast will you be thinking of different ways to find them new purposes. You just have to think outside the box, right?

Here is how you can reuse your moving boxes:

  1. store toys for the kids,
  2. make arts and crafts for school projects,
  3. make additional storage space,
  4. donate the boxes,
  5. let your cat have a blast!
toddler in a moving box
Your kids will love empty boxes!

The best part about these suggestions is that you will probably have the opportunity to try them all after just one relocation. So be creative and try to enjoy. And make sure to let us know if you figure out some more interesting ways to reuse your moving boxes.

Store toys for the kids

Don’t let the labels stop you from having all the fun in the world with those boxes. Don’t mind the labels. All you need is a little canvas or the leftover wrapping paper from the gifts. And some glue, of course. You can even make a fun activity of it with your children. Glue the canvas over the box, inside and out. Let your kids customize it the way they like it. Afterward, put some toys in the box and there you have it! And the best part is that, if you don’t ruin it, you can later change its look.

Make arts and crafts for school projects

A great way to reuse your moving boxes is making arts and crafts. If your kids are either in school or in daycare, this could come handy. You can use these boxes for making a robot costume, or to make your child look like chocolate. Use the boxes for school projects and make a castle, a solar system or whatever is needed. And if there are no school projects, you can always make a great fortress in your back yard. That could also be fun for the whole family.

Make additional storage space

Taking a step back from your children, you can reuse your moving boxes for some more serious purposes as well. For example, you might happen to lack some storage space in your new home. If you can’t afford storage solutions away from your home, you can add storage space within it. And that’s where the boxes come into the picture. Again, you can use either canvas or packing paper to cover the boxes. That will make them prettier, but it is also good for hygiene. Fill the boxes with winter clothes or surpluses from the kitchen and store them in the basement or down in your closet. You can stack boxes one on another, of course. Just make sure that the bottom one is heavier than the one on top.

Donate the boxes

As you already know, it is always good to do a good deed. If you have followed our previous advice about moving and packing, you probably know that purging is the smartest thing to do before moving. It includes getting rid of all the things you don’t need any more (and never probably did) before your Rambo movers come to pack your belongings. Some of the things you will be throwing away, others you’ll sell and the third pile should be donated to charities.

books in a box
Donate the boxes along with some books and clothes for children

Now that you have moved into your new home, you should continue with the practice of purging. However, if you’re not quite there yet, you can donate only your boxes. Some public kitchen or shelter might need them. And if not, you can always give them to homeless people who will put them to good use.

Let your cat have a blast!

Even if you decide to reuse your moving boxes in all suggested ways, you will still have some of them left. That is why you should make sure to leave some of the boxes for your cat(s) to enjoy them. There is a no bigger joy for a cat than having a new box to play with. They will go into it, over it, behind it, under it… Move them around your home and never get bored of them. So, even if you don’t own a cat, there is a neighbor’s cat somewhere close for sure. Take them a new box and watch the joy in front of you.

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