Creative storage ideas for a small home

Home Improvements - April 28, 2019

Did you move into a smaller place? Or just have no space in general? No matter how much space you have, at some point, you surely felt that your apartment was absolutely too small to fit everything your family needed. If you are already in this situation, you know for sure that the bathroom, kitchen, and storage space are the most critical points. That’s why we gathered, tried and tested solutions for creative storage ideas for a small home.

Storage space under the stairs

If you are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, we hear you! Chances are that your new place is much smaller and you need all the extra space you can get. Use the space below the stairs that is often unfairly ignored and completely unused. In addition to being the perfect place for vacuum cleaner, broom and dust cleaner, here you can also store packaged dishes or scarfs that are rarely used. Besides, if the space you have is very small, it can serve as a spot where you will place the garbage until it reaches the container.

shelf - Creative Storage Ideas for Small Home
Looking for creative Storage Ideas for Small Home?

Smart built-in closets

Just to be clear, it’s not just Manhattan that has small homes… It’s the other places in NYC too! We cannot imagine having movers bring you your furniture, and you don’t really have where to place it. That’s why it’s always good to call local movers, like Rambo movers, that can store any extra stuff you have. And the most common issue is the lack of cabinets. However, in such homes, there are often built-in closets. With a little effort, those can be turned into a very useful storage space. You can fit sliding doors in order to eliminate space that you lose when opening the door of the closet. Inside you can put shelves, hangers, or anything else that suit your needs.

Kitchen storage ideas for small home

If you are lacking storage space, go to the kitchen! Here is most probably the best place to make additional space for storing things… Without adding a single square meter of furniture! So simply insert shelves into existing furniture, either in a hole under the sink or unused space inside the work surface. Adjust the size of the shelves to the things you store. In smaller spaces, you can place bottles of wine and other drinks, and in larger electrical appliances for the kitchen.

Kitchen is the best place to make additional space

Smart kitchen cabinets

Make extra storage space in kitchen cabinets by taking advantage of the free space in the corners. In the corners usually there is only place for shallow drawers, but they can be an excellent place for storing small devices or frying pans. In this way, you will not only take advantage of the extra space, but you will also remove things that are usually piled up on the counters and work surfaces, and thus get your kitchen in order.

Bathroom ideas

In small bathrooms, it’s not easy to put all the items for personal hygiene and cosmetics! Consider placing a decorative lath with hooks along the upper edge of the bathroom door or directly on the wall. Here you can put clothes or towels. You can also place different colored hooks to make everyone know where they can hang their things. This is also great so your family members won’t forget that it’s best that everyone has their own towel.

Use the space below the sink

Space next to the sink is usually completely unused; so think about it when you renovate your bathroom. Get the sink that has drawers or a small cabinet underneath the sink, where you can put products for bathroom maintenance. Still, keep in mind that you will need additional space for the door opening for closed shelves. Also in many homes, bathrooms are often not perfect but have recesses or bulging walls. This is a perfect spot for a shelf that can fit into the recesses and use it in the most efficient way. For example, such shelves can be a great place for towels.

Super functional corner set

The corner sets were once very popular, but today are rarely seen in the dining rooms. So if you want some extra storage ideas for small home, consider getting a corner set from Ikea or similar stores. It not only provides an easy-fitting seating space, but it can also offer excellent storage space. You can place drawers underneath the bench seat, which can be packed with everything from tablecloths and plates, to the home office materials.

dog in a chair
If you want some extra storage ideas for small home, consider getting a corner set

Solutions for the hallway

When thinking of storage ideas for small home use the potential of the corridor by inserting a functional storage space. Insert the shoe closet, with several hooks for jackets and coats, a box for gloves, scarves and other winter clothes. Place a pillow here to create a comfortable seat to take your shoes of. If you have a pet, you can create a special box where you can put a leash or pet toys and get an excellent multifunctional closet.

Take advantage of the space in the children’s rooms

Make the most of storage ideas for a small home for clothes and toys in children’s rooms, as here where is certainly most needed. On the walls, you can place shallow open shelves. Be careful that children do not overload them with toys and flip them over. A space under the window can be a comfortable reading place for a teenager if you place a few colorful pillows. So, if you are relocating your home by movers or on your own, do not hesitate to add a few square boxes of different sizes where children can put things that otherwise make a mess in the room.

Finally, we hope you got some storage ideas for a small home. We are sure that once you start thinking about finding extra space, you will get more and more creative. Good luck!

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