How to help kids adapt to a new school

After the move - April 26, 2019

Like any other major transitions, relocation can really be tough on kids. Especially when you’re moving to another town and your children have to change schools. Familiar things bring our little ones the sense of security. The new environment, new home, and new school can cause big anxiety for your children. It is your job as a parent to hear their worries and ease this huge change.  You will need to go back and beyond to help kids adapt to a new school and a new place. These tips can make this process a bit easier.

Open conversation

Before you start looking for reliable Gravesend movers in the area, first talk to your kid. It is very important to give your child enough time to except and emotionally prepare for the relocation.

Just imagine how you will feel if someone will tell you that in a week you’ll be living in a totally different town. That you’ll have to leave all of your friends behind and everything that you know. Now imagine hearing that in the fragile years of childhood. How will you feel? Betrayed by the persons that you trust the most? That’s about covers it.

Father and son talking
Treat your kids as equals and they will be more accepting about the relocation.

An open and honest conversation with your child about the move is necessary to step. Truthfully answer all the questions that your kids have about the move. Acknowledge their concerns and their fears. Provide them the necessary reassurance that relocation will be beneficial for the whole family. Give them the stability they need to get through this process and don’t dismiss their feelings. Do your best to prepare your children for the relocation.

Help kids adapt to a new school  by keeping a positive attitude

Your children are like breathing feeling detectors. If they feel that you are stressing out because of the relocation, they will get worried. They will think that something is wrong and that relocation may not be such a positive experience as you told them. Children will have a hard time understanding that moving tasks are hard and are very stressful for you. From the logistical angle, it seems easy for them, and they will think that something else is wrong.

In order to keep your children from anxiety, you need to show them that you are positive and happy because of the move. Even when the whole process is overwhelming you completely.

Father and daughter smiling - staying positive will help kids adapt to a new school.
In order to help kids adapt to a new school, you’ll have to stay positive at all the time.

That may be impossible when the hard moving tasks are all around you. The best solution is to delegate them. Hire the professional Highland Park movers and eliminate all the stress that relocation is causing you. Your children deserve the smoothness relocation, and when you’re anxious they won’t get that. Make it easier on you and them, and hire a moving company for your relocation. You will have more time to focus on your offsprings and develop a strategy to help your kids adapt to a new school after relocation.

Sneak peek to a new neighborhood will help kids adapt to a new school easier

Before your moving day, take your kids to a trip to your new home. Visiting a new place where they will be moving to can help kids adapt to a new school after relocation. Arrange a tour of the new school premises and let your kids get familiar with it. That way, they won’t feel blind sighted on the first school day and they will have a general idea what to expect.

After the tour, take them to see some of the city’s attractions. When your kids see what amazing opportunity the new town is providing, they will be keener to accept the idea about relocation.

Help kids adapt to a new school by following these tips

  • Create a routine together – Together with your child make a new school routine before it starts. Determine a plan on how the school mornings will look like. Having an idea of how things will work after relocation can help kids adapt to a new school immensely.
  • Talk to the school’s staff – Set a meeting with your child’s new teacher and principal. Get them involved in easing the transition for your kid. If your little one is under a lot of stress because relocation, involving school psychologist in the process can be helpful. The professional can elaborate just how difficult the moving is to your child and advise you how to ease their anxiety.
  • Schedule a playdate or a party– The thing that your kid fears the most is making new friends. Children tend to gather in groups even in elementary school, and it may be hard for a new kid in school to fit in. Surely you can’t make friends to your child yourself, but you can help it by scheduling a playdate with its new classmates. Having a housewarming party with many interesting contents can bring a lot of points to your children and help kids adapt to a new school much easier.
  • Think about extracurricular activity – If your child has a problem making a friend, try to interest it for some sport or activity after school. Don’t choose or force anything on your kid. Let it select the activity that best suits its interest. Your desires aren’t important, your child’s happiness is the priority.
Kids sport team
It might be easier for your kids to connect with their peers over a shared interest than it is for them to connect during the school day.

Lower your expectations

Transferring schools and moving long distance will mean a lot of adjusting for your kid. Don’t force them to excel in school right away. Be patient give and give them time to adjust. It’s really the best thing to do in order to help kids to adapt to a new school.

Setting high expectation and nagging them that they must make new friends is contra productive. No good can come of pressuring your kid to do things as you see fit. After all, you are responsible because your kid is away from its former school and friends. The least you can do is to give your child time to adjust to this huge transition on its own pace.

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