Include your kids in the unpacking process

After the move - April 10, 2019

Are you wondering what to do with your smallest ones during the moving process? Most of the parents want to protect their children so they usually hire someone to take care of their little ones when the day for the move comes. But, it’s not a completely bad idea to include your kids in the unpacking process and perhaps even in the whole moving process. Hiring professional New York movers will reduce the moving stress and save a lot of your precious time. However, movers can’t take care of your kids too! Movers will properly pack and relocate all your belongings safely. And, when the time comes, you should include your kids in the unpacking process! How to do so? Let’s find out!

How To Include Your Kids In The Unpacking Process?

Your kids will adapt easier if you let them be involved in the moving process from the beginning. However, you won’t have problems with babies and toddlers, because they will feel safe and good as long as they are with someone. So, the best option is to hire a babysitter for the kids under the age of 5.

The relocation can be difficult for school kids. They are used to the environment, have their good and best friends, the circle of people that they feel comfortable with. So, before you book a professional mover and get their packing services NYC, you should sit down and talk to your children about the move. Explain everything thoroughly, be open for any suggestions and answer their questions honestly. When you arrive at your new destination, you should include your kids in the unpacking process completely! But, what else should you do in order to make them feel comfortable and to help them adapt faster?

  • Let Your Kids Pack And Unpack Their Own Room
  • Make It Into A Game
  • Don’t Change The Routine
  • Include Your Kids In Unpacking Process But Hire Professional Mover too!
kid in a cardboard box
Make a game out of the unpacking process!

Let Your Kids Pack And Unpack Their Own Room

The best way to include your kids in the unpacking process is to unpack their room first! If you have two or more kids, you can make the game out of it. The one that unpacks the room first gets treats! Well, better treats, you cannot leave the other kid without prize right? While they are getting stuff out of the boxes, you can tell them where do you want everything to be and help them arrange the items in the room. In the meanwhile, you can unpack the kitchen, bathroom or living room!

Maybe your kids also have some creative ideas for decorating your new home, who knows! Your kids will feel more comfortable and adapt faster if they arrange their own rooms the way they like the most. Let them do that! You can help a little with positive suggestions and moving heavy items around, the rest is on them!

Make It Into A Game

If your kids see something as a chore, they most likely wouldn’t want to help. However, if you want to get them involved in the moving process, you should make the game out of it. Your kids will adapt faster if you make your new place feel like home and set up their rooms the same way they used to be before. The unpacking process can be fun! With all those boxes and packing materials around, possibilities are endless. You can make a race who will unpack the most boxes! Don’t forget to add some prize or treat for the winner! Kids love challenges, especially if they get treats at the end of the day. However, try to keep moving boxes with breakable items away from your children, check lehmanbrothersbank.

Don’t Change The Routine

After you are done with the unpacking process, its time to set a good daily routine for school days! However, if you want your kids to settle in better, you shouldn’t change the daily routine. For example, if they had dinner at a certain time, that should stay the same in a new home too! Most of the times kids respond well to the already established family routines. Therefore, if you had a game night on Saturday evening, try to keep it that way. Your kids will accept and adapt to a new home faster if you add some new and fun activity to do after the move. Going to the park together or watching a movie every Sunday after lunch would be a great idea!

Don’t change your kids or your family routine!

Include Your Kids In Unpacking Process But Hire Professional Mover too!

It can be fun to include your kids in the moving process but it will also take a lot of time. However, hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended, especially if you have a lot of items to move and you are making a long-distance move. If you are relocating during the summer, you should contact your professional mover at least a month or two in advance. A professional moving company is in high demand and very busy during the summer, weekends and days at the end of the month. Therefore, you should book a professional mover as soon as you find out about the move.

A professional moving company has an ID number and a license. They also have excellent workers, years of experience, polite customer service, proper equipment and wide pool of moving trucks but also, plenty of moving services. Some of the moving services that professional mover provide are:

  • Local and Long-Distance Move
  • Residential and Office/Business Move
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Storage Services
  • Piano Movers
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Fine Art Movers
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Eco-Friendly Bins
meeting, business
A professional moving company will calculate the cost of your move in advance.

You should definitely include your kids in the unpacking process! Actually, you should include them in the whole relocation process, too! As soon as you find out about the move, you should sit them down and talk about it. Be positive, opened and answer to their questions. If they are involved, they will be way more comfortable and they will accept the relocation faster. Have a good trip and best of luck!

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