How to Repair a Damaged Roof?

Home Improvements - March 26, 2019

A damaged roof is not something you want for a longer period of time. Actually, it is not something you want at all. But you shouldn’t be concerned, there are ways to fix it. It most likely involves some level of skillfulness while high off the ground. So, if you don’t think you can handle that, it is best to call the professionals. However, if you think you’re up for a bit of DUI, here’s how to repair a damaged roof.

Locate the damage

There are various ways your roof can get damaged. The damage can be extensive, like from a falling branch. It can also be a bit more covert, and you may not even notice it right away. However, damaged shingles may reduce the lifespan of your roof, and you should tend to them as soon as you discover damage.

Now, the first step to repair a damaged roof is to actually locate the damage. If you have a leaky roof, than it’s fairly easy. Just follow the leak upwards, and it should lead you to the damaged shingle(s). If the damage is more extensive, then it is also quite easy to do. There will most likely be water stains or mold.

Moldy brick wall
Water will create mold on walls or ceilings

Empty out the room below before you repair a damaged roof

Before you set out to repair a damaged roof, you should empty out the room below. Even when it’s just the attic, you should remove all items that you store there. Otherwise, you may damage them in the process. Take the things and put them in boxes and store them in a lower room. If you don’t have boxes at hand, you can always take moving boxes Brooklyn for the time you need them. Just make sure you have a variety of boxes for the different things you had in the room.

Rent out a storage unit

You should definitely rent out a storage unit if you don’t have room for your things. This might actually be the best option. Moving the things to other rooms can seriously disrupt your routine. And it can do that for a prolonged period of time, depending on how much it takes you to repair a damaged roof. Remember, if the damage is more extensive, it can take you much longer than when only replacing a single shingle on your roof. Moving services Brooklyn offer storage at an affordable price. You can decide whether you need overnight storage or storage for a longer period of time. Decide on the time needed after you’ve estimated the extent of the damage.

Assess the extent of the damage

Now comes the question – to replace or repair a damaged roof? However, answering the question is fairly easy. Most would recommend to repair a damaged roof if the damage is not that extensive. After all, it’s fairly easy to replace a few shingles. But most people would actually replace the entire roof if the damage is too big, or if the shingles are close to their “expiration date.” Namely, most types of shingles are made to last for about 20 years. If that deadline is approaching, then maybe it is best to consider replacing the entire roof.

However, there are ways to fix anything, if you want that. You just need to ask yourself if you have the time. Repairing a large hole in your roof from, let’s say, a branch is bound to take up more time than just a few tiles. But anything can be done with just the right tools and effort.

A roof with a big hole in it
Consider replacing the entire roof if the damage is extensive

Get the necessary equipment to repair a damaged roof

First, to repair a damaged roof, there are certain conditions that need to be met. Never try to repair anything when it’s too cold, rainy or if the roof is covered with dew. Just like you shouldn’t move during bad weather, you shouldn’t fix your roof then, either. Then, you need the right equipment. This includes work gloves, gripping boots and roof jacks for safety. You also need a sturdy ladder. In order to replace the tiles, you need a crowbar, a nail gun and at least six nails per shingle. When it comes to shingles, get the same kind as on your roof (most often those are three-tab asphalt shingles). Get shingle cement if you didn’t get shingles with adhesive strips.

Replace shingles

With the crowbar, you need to remove the damaged shingles by working around the nail and pulling it up. A good rule here is to start with removing shingles two rows above the damage and then working your way down. Place the shingle in the position from which you’ve removed the previous one. If they come with an adhesive strip, remove the covering before you put them in place. Then, even though there’s an adhesive part, that is not enough. You will need to secure the shingles further with nails. However, that is fairly easy since most shingles come with pre-cut holes. After you’ve nailed the shingle, lift its edges carefully and put shingle cement under each tab, then press them firmly. Continue that way until you’ve put all the shingles you’ve taken out.

How to repair a damaged roof when the damage is extensive

In case the damage is so extensive, you may need to frame your roof, or, at least a part of it. Now, that is not that easy, and it takes a considerable amount of time. Actually, this may be the hardest part of trying to repair a damaged roof. Therefore, it may be better to hire professionals if you don’t have the experience or time.

Roof beams
You will perhaps need to frame a part of your roof

After framing the part of the roof that suffered damage, you will need to lay down plywood as sheathing material. You need enough plywood to cover the hole in the roof. Cut it so you can put it in a brick pattern for added strength, then nail it to rafters.

After you’ve put the plywood in place, staple 6-inch strips of felt paper bottom up. Make sure that they overlap by at least 2 inches. Then, place shingles on the felt paper as described above. Yes, it takes more time, but, with enough time and dedication, it can be easily done!

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