Guide to relocating a retail store

Moving guides - March 11, 2019

It only makes sense that a person would ponder for a long time whether relocating a retail store is the right move or not. On one hand, a new location might bring about many opportunities that could greatly impact your business. But on the other hand, your customers might be creatures of habit meaning they would quickly forget all about your store. So if you decide that moving to Brooklyn and relocating your retail store that was originally in Queens, you could face a significant loss of customers and, consequently, sales. And your goal is definitely to get as big of a base of loyal customers as possible. What should you do? Well, should you choose to look on the bright side and relocate your business, you’ll be happy to know that we have your back!

The outside of a store.
Relocating your retail store can be a great business move!

What is the goal when relocating a retail store?

The truth is, there is only one goal you could have during this time and that’s to relocate your business without any major disruptions. You definitely don’t want to cause too much downtime for your business, as that could have catastrophic consequences. And you might not even be able to bounce back after taking a month off work. If you wish to avoid this, all you have to do is hire reliable commercial movers Brooklyn. But that’s usually easier said than done.

Hiring reputable commercial movers is imperative for a quick relocation

While a person could try to pull off a residential relocation in Brooklyn in the good old DIY style, a business move is something else entirely. What’s at stake is your livelihood, so it goes without saying that you should take every necessary measure of precaution. Our suggestion? Go big! This isn’t the right time to save money on moving services and moving companies. Pay for every additional service you think your retail store could benefit from and don’t forget to include premier packing services into the mix.

What’s also of great importance are the moving boxes and packing supplies. It’s necessary that you get high-quality moving bins and all the accompanying materials. With sturdy boxes and cutting-edge equipment, your inventory stands the best chance of not being damaged. As you probably already realize, the safety of your inventory is one of the main things to think about during your business relocation.

Clothes to think about when relocating a retail store.
Whether you are running a store where you sell clothes or food doesn’t matter – what matters is their safety!

Be strategic when choosing your moving date

As we’ve already established, it’s of utmost importance to get your store back on track after the relocation. If you want to cause minimal disruptions to your store’s dynamics, you should pay special attention when choosing your moving date. We assume you’ve been running the store for at least a year. That means you probably have a very good idea which periods are charged with customers and which are not. Depending on the type of store you are running, the sales might be higher or lower during the holiday season. Should they be lower, then you are in for quite a treat. Both local and long-distance movers offer much better prices during this season.

Inform your customers about your relocation

As we’ve already established, the first and most important thing you need to do is ensure that your customers know where to reach you. It’s very important for your business to pick up as usual right after your relocation. The logistics of your retail store relocation are important, but they are just as important as keeping your customers. Luckily, in the Internet era, there are many ways through which you can break the news to your loyal customers:

  • E-mail newsletters
  • On-site notifications
  • Social media notifications
  • Press releases
  • Website updates

We guess that informing each one of your customers individually will be a bit hard, not to say impossible. But make sure you choose one option out of the five we just suggested and inform you are relocating your store as soon as you know the date. We are sure your clientele will be disappointed, but some of them might even cross the city just so they can keep buying in their favorite shop. Visit for more information.

A close up of a calendar.
Know the date of your move? Then make sure your customers know it as well.

Have a pre-move sale when relocating a retail store

If there’s anything you should know about relocation it’s that relocating more items will result in a bigger moving quote. And with all the expenses you are about to have, that’s not something you need right about now. Especially if you are trying to relocate on a tight budget. Luckily, there’s a great way to not only significantly cut your moving costs but also to earn some money in the process and lighten the moving load. What’s that way you wonder? It’s holding a what we guess will be a successful pre-move sale.

The point is to sell as much of your inventory as possible. This is a great chance for you to clear your storage or warehouse, should you have one. It’s also an amazing opportunity to enter a new store without any baggage. And with a lower moving estimate NYC, you will have more money to spend on the design of the new store. What more could a business owner want?

You should look forward to the layout of the new store

Relocating a retail store is a process that is filled with all sorts of opportunities. If you are moving to a bigger space, this is a great chance for you to finally fulfill all of your dreams and have a beautiful and large store. We are sure you have imagined the perfect layout many times before. And this is the moment when all of your dreams can come true. So instead of looking at all the difficulties that lie ahead (and there will be many of them), we suggest you look at the bright side and think about everything that is within your reach.

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