What packing supplies should you use?

Moving guides - March 8, 2019

Anyone that has ever moved their home or office will tell you that relocations are much more than just transporting your belongings and starting fresh in a new city. Some people may even say that moving is a daunting and stressful process. However, with a bit of planning and preparing in advance, you can manage to relocate quickly and avoid any common moving mistakes. All you need is the proper tools and a bit of knowledge. Therefore, whether you decide to use some of the best moving services Brooklyn or relocate on your own, you need to learn more about the packing process. And luckily, some of the best packers in NYC are here to share their experience with everything you need to know about the packing supplies!

packing supplies
Choose the best packing material

Moving and packing on your own?

Renting a moving truck and relocating your home or business yourself, can seem like a money-saving idea at first. However, without the proper preparations and tools, this can all turn into an expensive mistake. In order to avoid any mistakes and damages, you need to know that proper packing supplies and techniques will be crucial for relocating all of your belongings safely.

What packing supplies do you need?

Before you start with planning the packing process and making the supplies’ shopping list you need to evaluate your packing needs. Therefore, think about whether you will need to store any of your items. Renting a storage unit is a great idea for getting some additional space. However, if you need to store your collectibles efficiently and prevent any damages on them, you need to consider investing in high-quality packaging. On the other hand, for moving your home just a few blocks away it may be that you will be able to use some free packing material. Therefore, make sure you evaluate your home and all of the fragile items prior to any impulsive buy.

The best way to keep your move safe is to gather and buy some of the most important packing material:

  • Moving boxes are the most essential packing supplies you’ll need.
  • Moving bins and crates.
  • Paper, linen and plastic wraps.
  • Moving blankets.
  • Packing tapes and straps.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Box cutters, scissors, and labeling supplies.

How to buy and gather the right moving boxes

This was an obvious one, right? Cardboard boxes are the very first image that crosses someone’s mind at a bare thought of the moving day. However, most of the people don’t put any more thought into this. Rather than just buying any cardboard boxes you need to consider getting the ones of the right quality. Professional packers in NYC always use high-quality and specialized packing material. And for a good reason. Multi-layered moving boxes can ensure you fragile items stay securely placed during the transportation process. Also, moving boxes of a higher quality are always a recommendation of any storing expert. even though storage units nowadays are secure and climate controlled, quality boxes allow you to prevent any surface damages and you can even stock them on top of each other.

moving boxes
Quality moving boxes will keep your possessions safe

Specialized boxes, like the wardrobe ones, can be expensive. However, keep in mind that investing in a few special boxes can protect your valuable items pay off in the long run.

Looking for free moving boxes?

In order to save moving when moving, you can always gather some free or cheap packing supplies. Therefore, the items that are not fragile or heavy can be packed in less quality moving boxes.

There are a few great ways to gather free moving boxes. The very first we would recommend is to ask local businesses if they have some to spare. Grocery and liquor stores usually have many cardboard materials just laying around and waiting to be recycled. Therefore, visit local stores in advance and ask them to save a few cardboard boxes for you. There are, also, a few great online sources of free or cheap packing supplies. Visit websites like Craiglist and check whether there anyone is giving away some packaging you could use.

Is cardboard going to protect all of your belongings?

Moving boxes are great and easy to come around. However, some of your items might need a more secure solution. Therefore, consider renting eco-friendly moving bins in NYC from a reliable and reputable mover like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn. This way you won’t have to deal with all of the trash after the unpacking and will rest safe that your breakables are well protected.

Make sure you wrap your belongings properly

There are so many papers and wrapping packing supplies out there that it will be easy for you to find a great solution for protecting your belongings. Make sure you get enough of the wrapping material. And consider using your household linens in order to save money on moving.

Do you need any moving blankets or furniture pads?

When relocating expensive electronics and furniture, the best home and commercial movers Brooklyn often use moving blankets and furniture pads. Why not take after their example? With padded linen wrapping, you won’t have to worry about any scratches.

Tape the boxes safely!

packing tape
Secure your boxes with quality packing tape

Packing tapes are some of the most essential moving supplies you’ll need. Make sure you have enough of them. Don’t forget to get a few different kinds of tape. The paper ones can also be used for labeling. In addition to sticky tapes, consider getting moving straps and ropes as well about us. They might turn out to be quite helpful with moving heavy furniture.

Plastic bags can be used for almost anything

Anything except your antiques and painting that is. Avoid using plastic on the items with the delicate surface. Other than that, ziplock and other plastic bags will help you stay organized.

Get some box cutters and scissors

Get more than one of each. Lossing a pair of scissors is not that difficult when there are so many boxes around you. Also, a few extra box cutters will come in handy if your favorite one’s brakes.

a box cutter
Get some extra box cutters

Labeling is an important part of the packing process that often gets overlooked. Not only that proper labels will help you and your movers pay close attention to the fragile boxes. But it will also make the unpacking much easier. Therefore, make sure you get enough sharpies and stickers and start labeling!

Need any help packing?

Planning the move, gathering proper packing supplies and lifting all of the heavy boxes on your own can be time-consuming and exhausting. Therefore, in order to make the whole process stress free, you need to find reliable people to help you looking for best carpet cleaners dublin. If you are planning a DIY move, invite your friends and family for a packing party! Or make the relocation even less stressful by hiring a reliable moving company like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn. Professional movers have the tools, skills, and experience to handle your belongings quickly and safely. And they will get your packed and ready in no time!

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