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Moving guides - February 28, 2019

Making moving fun?! Yes, it is possible! Even though a family relocation includes many pre and post-move tasks and planning, there is a way to avoid stress. All you have to do is stay organized by following a few simple guidelines we have prepared.

Plan in advance

Whether you are moving your home to a different state of just a few blocks away, the key to avoiding moving stress and having fun is to plan in advance and prioritize properly. Therefore, make sure you start preparing for the relocation as soon as possible. Having enough time to deal with all the tasks and decision will not only help you move stress-free. But will, also, ensure you don’t overlook any important tasks.  Start creating the checklist well in advance. Make sure you keep the list easily reachable as tasks will come up along the way.

a family in a car
Turn the relocation planning into a great family fun


Make the move fun from the very beginning

Moving is going to be a huge change in your family-lifestyle. Whether you are moving on your own or have reliable East New York movers to help you pack and relocate your home you will need to make a personal packing inventory and a step-by-step moving plan for your family. And as children tend to adapt to the changes more difficult than the adults make sure your plan is fun and engaging for them as well. By being a part of the decision process, they will feel included and will much more easily adjust to the idea of a new home.

Before the move

  • Prioritize and keep it as simple as possible.
  • Create move games.
  • Making moving fun will be much easier if you ask your friends and family to join and help.
  • Make sure you are making moving fun with great music!
  • Packing can be more fun than you think.
  • Say goodbye to your old home in style!


Did you hear about the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) principle?

Just thinking about a new everyday life in a more spacious home is fun. However, packing your old one can turn into an emotional process. When relocating their houses, people tend to get emotional, especially during the packing process. Meaning that just creating a packing list can turn into one of the hardest moving challenges. Making moving fun will be difficult if you spend hours evaluating whether you should keep that old table you have been moving with you since college. Therefore, make sure you do yourself a favor and keep these decisions rational and simple.

Think of just a few rues and follow them. For example, an item you haven’t used in over than 6 months, has to go. Donate, sell and recycle. With clear rules like this one, you will be able to stay organized and avoid stressing out over the small stuff.

 Create new games for making moving fun!

Packing and organizing moving chores can all be made into fun moving games for your whole family. Even if you have already hired professional packers in NYC, you can still allow your kids to pack their own belongings and toys. Therefore, make sure your kids have fun during the move by making up a packing game. You can give points by speed, tidiness or any other criteria.

Do you need any help?

If you were lucky enough to find and hire some of the best Bensonhurst movers, you probably won’t need any additional help. However, if you do have some tasks you need to do on your own, inviting your friends and family for packing or cleaning party will not only ensure making moving fun is easy. But will also help you get everything done much quicker. Therefore, with a few pizzas and drinks, you will probably be able to bribe your friends into coming over for an afternoon of packing fun.

Friends making moving fun
Invite your friends over for a packing party and pizzas

Did you create a playlist already?

A great playlist made of your family’s favorite songs will boost your mood! Also, with cheerful music playing in the background your packing time will most likely be shorter and much more fun.

It’s packing time!

After you have created a detailed packing checklist, you will be able to start with filling in those moving boxes that have been just laying around. Even though having to pack your entire home can sound like a daunting task, there is no reason you can’t turn into great fun!

The very first thing you need to do is find quality packing supplies in NYC. With proper packaging, you will be able to ensure your belongings stay safe and intact during the move.

Whether you decide to have your friends help you pack or do it on your own, we suggest you pack your boxes according to the room they belong to. Make sure your children feel included in this process. Not only this will help you prepare your kids for the move, but will also keep them busy and allow them to have fun!

a child painting
Turn packing into a fun game for your kids

Allow them to pack their toys. Get different stickers and sharpies for them to decorate their boxes. Turn packing into a fun moving game!

Is it time to move out?

Invite your friends and family for a farewell party! Planning a move can be tie consuming. Therefore, having enough time to say goodbye to everyone separately, might be impossible. However, with a party you able to say goodbye to your neighbors and friends at the same time and move out in style!

After the move

Moving day is behind you… You might think it is time to relax… However, there are still all of those unopened boxes and many post-move tasks. Instead of stressing over setting up your home on the very first day, have some family fun with the unpacking!

  • Unpack and decorate your children’s rooms first. Being surrounded by familiar items will help them adapt to the new home. Also, decorating their own rooms will allow them to have fun and stay busy while you deal with the home improvements or cleaning.
  • Get to know the neighborhood! Plan a fun family day. Walk around the neighborhood, visit the local parks, playgrounds and attractions.
  • How about some indoor camping? You will be tired after the moving day. And, unless you use professional assembly and disassembly services NYC you probably won’t be able to set up the entire home in a day. Why not turn it into fun indoor camping?! Bond with your family by setting up a camp and mattresses in the living room. Making moving fun will be easy with fun board games and takeouts. Give yourself time to adjust to the new home and everyday routine.
family in a park
Make sure you find time to relax and have fun with your family after the move

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