How to compare moving companies?

Moving guides - February 10, 2019

People might choose to relocate to a better place, to a bigger house or to move in with a loving person. No matter how happy they are, moving is usually a very stressful part of that job. You have to think about packing all your staff, get rid of your old and unnecessary things, transporting all your staff, unpacking, cleaning… It would be very helpful if you have a reliable moving company, right? But how to find one? Should you ask your friends,  research online or maybe use reviews? Well, to be honest, it’s kind of all these. And then, when you hear about some good ones, you should be able to compare moving companies, to see the differences.

Compare moving companies - change money and pencils
Compare moving companies so you could get the best deal

The information you need to compare moving companies

In order to help you to compare moving companies and find the one that suits you, we made a list of steps that you can follow:

  • write down your requirements, expectations and your budget,
  • make your spreadsheet and ask for the moving estimates,
  • ask your friends,
  • do your online research, compare websites, reviews, and ratings,
  • compare moving companies’ quotes.

After you finish these tasks, you will have no problem deciding which moving company is the best for you.

Write down your requirements, expectations and your budget

You will quickly find out that there is a huge number of moving companies on the market. So, start with yourself and with your expectations. What do you need? Do you need packing? What is the size of the move? Where are you planning to move? Do you need local movers or, for example, long distance movers in Brooklyn? There are so many questions that you should ask yourself. Make few checklists that will help you compare moving companies. Whether it’s the question of how much time you have to finish your relocation, or the size of the move, distance, service that you would need, and special requirements if you have some.

Also, think about your budget. Eventually, when you have to make your decision and choose the moving company, your budget will be one of the very important factors to consider. This step could be tricky if you are moving for the first time and you have no idea how much it would cost. That is also why it will be helpful to compare moving companies. In that case, it would be better to do the moving estimate first and then think about the budget that you can afford.

Make your spreadsheet and ask for the moving estimates

This is something that you would definitely want to have – your spreadsheet, in order to capture and save all the data that you collect. Use the bullets that you have already made, with all relevant information and your requests. For a different moving company, you can have separate columns and keep the data about their offerings and quotes. In that way, you can easily compare moving companies’ offers and estimates.

Person pointing to flowchart
Set your priorities straight in order to know what to look for

Even if you have moved for several times, it is recommended to have the moving estimate. So get a free moving estimate and be prepared. You should use the inputs that you listed in your spreadsheet and calculate your estimation quickly. It can guide you and help you understand what you should expect, what is acceptable and what is reasonable. But remember, it is just a guide, so be ready to make adjustments.

A recommendation is always a good way to start, so ask your friends

Now that you know your needs and possibilities, just like the moving estimate, you should find out which moving companies are the most reliable. After you compare moving companies that are reliable, you will have your winner. So, ask people around you, your friends, family, colleagues, relatives. Even if they didn’t recently move, they might know someone who did. People are relocating all the time and it is always nice to ask for a recommendation. Maybe some friend of yours did the research and compared moving companies a few months ago. Also, you can find out some other useful information, for example how to deduct moving costs. Anyway, knowing as much information as possible on the subject will certainly help you make the right decision.

Do your online research, compare websites, compare reviews and ratings

Somebody would say: “This should be your first step! Search online and read the reviews!”. Yes, this is very helpful. But you should prepare yourself first and then when you know exactly what you want and what you can expect, you can go ahead and do the research. You will find so many different moving companies with a bunch of different offers. Some can even offer you a storage space to use. But you won’t know that if you don’t ask.

Forklift with boxes
Look for the company that offers storage space, if you need it

In order to compare moving companies, you should investigate their web pages. Try to gather as much information as possible. Pay attention to the availability of the information. It is hard to believe that one successful company would hide its success. The fact that some company has a website is very important as well. Nowadays it is hard to imagine that some company has a serious business without a web site, especially in the service industry.

Find contact information and call them. From that call, you can find out a lot. Firstly, whether it’s a scam or real and serious company. You can see how they treat their potential customers. Ask them about their services and ask questions form your spreadsheet. Write down all the relevant information for every company. Read carefully their reviews and try to use the reviews to compare moving companies. Concentrate on reviews which sound more honest and real, in order to skip fake ones. Use reviews and rating to create a picture of some moving company.

Compare moving companies’ quotes

Eventually, when you have the list of your requests and the list of the potential moving companies, you will need to compare moving companies’ quotes. It is not important if you are planning to move all your staff or just your piano, motorcycle and houseplants. Every moving company probably will give you a different quote for some specific move. Learn the difference between binding and non-binding quotes. Fill out your spreadsheet with quotes and you will be ready to compare moving companies from different perspectives. You did hard work, so now simply choose the one that works the best for you.

All this sounds like a lot of work, but if you are planning a big move, local or long-distance move, it is very important to make a good decision. Choosing a good, reliable and affordable moving company will save you money, time and nerves. And that is the big motivation for you to do all the work and compare moving companies.

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