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Moving guides - February 8, 2019

Making sure your business succeeds in today’s ultra-competitive world can be tough. After all, there are a lot of things the modern-day businessman has to deal with. Especially if you want your business to make it big. And one of the ways to make sure your business booms is to move somewhere with a demanding market – and really, no matter what your business is, New York wants it. But, it’s difficult to succeed in New York, because everyone is trying to succeed in New York. Though, on the other hand, no risk means no reward. You might be wondering, where in NYC should you set your business – and of course, it depends on the business. But, for most businesses, Brooklyn is a great place to thrive, without the Manhattan prices. However, if you’re moving your business to Brooklyn, there are a lot of things to pay attention to.

A ginger businesswoman looking pensively into the far distance, worried about all the future decisions she'll have to make.
You have to make a lot of difficult decisions as a business owner. But, if you’re smart, savvy, and a little bit lucky, you can hold the world in your hands.

Why should you be moving your business to Brooklyn instead of Manhattan?

Sure, there are a lot of excellent pros to moving your business to Manhattan, where everyone who’s anyone lives. But, there is a huge, daunting list of cons, too. Manhattan prices are a big obstacle, for one. There’s a reason most people start off commuting to their Manhattan jobs before moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. However, there is far more to Brooklyn that’s appealing than just it’s lack of Manhattan price tags. Sure, maybe you really want to be among the Manhattan giants, but even so, starting in Brooklyn first to get your legs under you is a wise, savvy business move. You have to do a lot of work to establish yourself in a new city, so you might as well do it without paying an arm and a leg for your office.

This doesn’t even take into account that you’ll be moving, too. Not to mention potentially moving – and so paying for – your employees. That’s a pretty big expense! Even if you use the well-provided tax benefits, if you qualify, that’s still a lot of money with a possibility to fail. Are you willing to move to Brooklyn and then have the added strain of commuting to Manhattan on top of familiarizing yourself with a new city? Few people are! So, it’s definitely recommended to cut down the distance between your office and home as much as possible. After all, you only have 24 hours in a day. And hours eaten by the subway are hours to can’t use to advance your business – or enjoy.

Brooklyn has excellent networking opportunities

Of course, a lot relies on what neighborhood you’ve picked. But, overall, Brooklyn tends to favor tight-knit communities. People in Brooklyn have each other’s backs. This is an excellent thing if you want to foster close bonds with your community – and which savvy business owner doesn’t? Moving your business to Brooklyn will definitely help you strengthen your brand. Brooklyn offers plenty of networking opportunities for the aspiring professional – like Northside, the best way to get in touch with the movers and the shakers when it comes to culture and innovation today. Of course, there’s far more than annual business conferences – the opportunities to network are limitless in Brooklyn.

Two women looking at a computer screen with a person behind them obscured by their own screen. Moving to Brooklyn will ensure you've got an office that suits your needs.
You have to value your employees if you want them to give 100% to the company – networking and team building is the way to achieve that.

Moving your business to Brooklyn – which neighborhood?

There are a lot of excellent neighborhoods in Brooklyn that your business is sure to benefit from. However, it pays to research the markets in each of them thoroughly. After all, while you’ll probably achieve good results no matter which you pick, you’ll be able to maximize your profits if you research them beforehand. Throwing a dart at a map is a great way to find fun vacation plans, not make financial decisions!

  • Research, research, research!
  • So, what kind of things is important for your new neighborhood to have? You should keep in mind that you’ll hopefully also live in the same neighborhood – it should be a good fit for your personal and business life.
  • After you find the neighborhood of your dreams, you should do well to contact established movers. For example, if you’re moving to Bensonhurst, you should look for Bensonhurst movers instead of Manhattan movers, though one company can cover both the computer admin.
  • How important is being connected to the rest of the city? Does your business require travel across NYC? Is it feasible to expect customers from across the entire city hurrying to your office? It can be, depending on what it is you’re selling.
A picture of the NYC subway station.
If being connected is important, look for an office space close to the subway.

How are you moving your business to Brooklyn?

Moving your business to Brooklyn is a business venture. And every good business venture needs a plan to succeed. So, you have to be thorough about this. You have to plan for every possibility. So, you would do well to figure out exactly how you’re moving, where, and when. If you make a slapdash plan for residential moving, you might get expensive mistakes, but nothing that’s devastating. If your plan for commercial moving is slapdash, it could tank your business, leaving you out of a job.

So, what are you going to do? You should ask professionals for assistance. Many commercial movers Brooklyn are more than happy to help you move your business! After all, ruining your business and depleting your money because of a botched move is a terrible thing. It could drag you into debt, or worse! If you can’t afford hiring trusted, professional movers for your commercial move, your business isn’t doing well enough to warrant being moved.

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