How to pick the right storage unit?

Moving guides - February 3, 2019

While you’re moving, there’s nothing that happens more easily than a lack of space. In fact, at some point or another, almost anyone who’s ever moved has been there. Why? Well, when you have to get a grip on just how many things you own, and measure them objectively; it’s not an easy thing to do. Which is why many tend to underestimate the amount of space that they’ll require during their relocation. Luckily, there’s a solution for that – companies which have storage options! Of course, having to pick the right storage unit isn’t easy, especially if you need short-term housing and you’re in a rush. There’s no need to worry, though; we’ve got some great advice for you right here!

What to do before you pick the right storage unit

There’s no need to be coy about it – if you’ve got a lack of space during your relocation, you’re dealing with a very pressing issue. So, you’ve misjudged the number of things you’re moving, and badly; hence your need for additional space. Wondering how to pick the right storage unit is only logical; however are there any actions you can take before doing that? If you could reduce the number of items you have, you could make do with a tinier storage unit; or share a storage unit with friends. Obviously, this would lessen your financial costs. Which is why we recommend first:

  • Decluttering your home
  • Donating excess items
  • Organizing a garage sale

Decluttering your household

Trust us – we understand the attachments people develop, both towards places and things. So, for the same reason it’s hard to move out of your old home; it’s also difficult to get rid of a thing you’ve held onto for some time. And that’s precisely why we tend to stack up piles of things we don’t really need in our garages and sheds. After some time, it just becomes emotionally tough to decide that something is just clutter. We get it. But, before you pick the right storage unit – definitely declutter your household first.

There’s really no need to waste space you can use for things you actually require. So, start with bulky old furniture, and call up furniture disposal services. And then start throwing away anything that doesn’t work, or you’ve stopped using long ago.

Donating excess items

Of course, declaring that old things are garbage and just throwing them away isn’t the only option – you can find other solutions for clutter out there! For starters; you can always donate old items that you’ve stopped using. And maybe this is the best way to say goodbye to your old stuff; knowing that you’ve done some good. Which is why we always recommend considering donations before you pick the right storage unit.

A stack of antique books.
Maybe donating some of your old books isn’t a bad idea?

Making a garage sale

Also, you may not be dealing just with items that aren’t usable any more; what if you’ve got some stuff that’s almost new, or has a lot of value? In that case, it might not be a bad idea to organize a garage sale. After all, relocation is not a cheap affair; so why not put a dent in your expenses by selling some of the things you no longer need? Let’s face it – with moving costs stacking up, it’s not like you couldn’t use the money. Which is exactly why we believe a garage sale is a good idea. On one side, you’re lowering costs by earning some money during your relocation; and on the other, you’re reducing the size of the storage space you’ll require! Basically, it’s an utterly win-win situation.

A man turning out his empty pockets.
Sell some of your old things to avoid spending your entire moving budget!

Finding the best storage company

Once you’ve lowered the amount of stuff you would have to move; there’s a big chance that you’ll still need to pick the right storage unit. And the way to do that is to find the most trustworthy storage company; one that you can be sure will handle fragile items correctly. After all, you really don’t want to let anyone handle your personal possessions. In fact, you want only the most professional people on the job; which is why choosing the right company is important.  But there are so many similar offers out there – so how do you settle for the right one? If we’re being honest, you’re not making a simple choice here – because the devil is in the details.

Remember – when you leave your items in the care of any company, you’re really handing them a huge responsibility. After all, this is your private property we’re talking about. So, when you select someone to give these things to for safekeeping; you want to do a lot of research and thinking before you make a choice. After all, you want to pick storage that’s managed by a truly reputable company. But what kind of storage do you actually need?

A stack of dirty and rusty storage units.
Don’t go with a storage company that isn’t reputable!

What to look for in a storage unit

Before you pick the right storage unit, there’s one crucial question you’ll need to answer. To put it simply – what are your needs when it comes to storage? As you’ll see, storage units vary a lot, by many metrics. but most importantly of all – think about the volume of the storage unit. Or, in other words; how big does it need to be in order for all of your things to fit inside? When thinking about this, it’s important to avoid one common mistake people make; and that’s just calculating the volume of the items you’ll be packing and unpacking.

Instead, we advise that you take a storage unit with some additional space; which will allow you to actually move around inside. Although it may not seem like it, this is quite important. There may come a time when you need to take only one specific thing out of the storage unit – and you will want the option of doing that without taking out all the other things as well.

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