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Moving guides - February 2, 2019

No matter where you’re planning to move to, moving costs a pretty penny. And that makes sense – after all, there’s a lot that goes into a move, and of course, labor should be compensated adequately. But, there are a lot of good ways to cut moving costs in a way that doesn’t impact the quality of your move. The best way to make sure you’re maximizing your budget is to look into hiring affordable movers. Of course, that doesn’t mean hiring movers that don’t care, that will just shove your stuff onto a truck without caring for its safety and dump it on the front lawn of your new place. No, there are plenty of affordable movers who can boast with really quality work they genuinely care about! But how do you find them?

A person trying to count coins. Hiring affordable movers means they will have more coins to spend on other vital stuff.
It’s important to spend your money wisely, which means first knowing how much money you have. So, make a budget plan!

You can’t hire affordable movers without a set budget

Your budget is what puts ‘affordable’ in ‘hiring affordable movers’. Cheap movers for one customer can be overly expensive movers for another. There’s no shame in having less money than you’d like. But you have to be realistic, and you have to set the budget before you go hunting. You don’t want to end up with movers that you can’t afford by accident! Of course, various things can influence your moving budget and should be taken into account. For example, if you’re moving for work, it’s quite likely you might be eligible for a hefty tax deductible, so make sure to look into that to make sure.

Different places have different costs of living and so different prices. You can’t expect moving to New York to have the same price tag as moving to Savannah. So, make sure to be realistic when you’re setting a budget. Don’t forget to leave room for accidents and disasters – even with the best movers in the world, life sometimes decides to rain on your parade. If you can save any money for dealing with emergencies, you’ll have a less stressful time when moving. And, if you don’t have an emergency, you’ll have more money to start this new chapter of your life with!

Research, research, research!

It’s very important to know all of your options. And you can’t figure out all of your options if you don’t do thorough research on the moving companies near you. Of course, you’ll have different results based on how far you’re moving – if you’re looking for local Bedford movers from Flatbush than if you’re looking for long distance Bedford movers from Tennessee. So, you have to shop around. And don’t settle for the first moving company to give you a quote! You should request free moving estimates from several companies to find the one that’s best for you. After all, you won’t know if your affordable movers are affordable if you have nothing to compare it to! If a moving company gives you a seemingly amazing offer that only lasts that very day, think twice before accepting.

You'll have to do some accounting in order to pull this off right.
Calculate costs by comparing different prices to succeed in hiring affordable movers.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you’re hiring affordable movers, they work for you and not vice versa. So you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them about anything you’re not clear on. It’s actually helpful to them too, and avoids miscommunication issues down the line. Much like sharing a storage unit with friends, you have to be clear on everything, and get everything in writing. The best affordable movers don’t have any hidden fees, so read the proposed contract well!

A woman trying to telephone, so she can start hiring affordable movers.
Any service rep that’s more interested in pressuring you to sign a contract over the phone does not have your best interests in mind. You should do well to avoid such a company.

Recommendations are worth their weight in gold when hiring affordable movers

Ask around, maybe someone you know has contracted affordable movers. After all, moving is fairly commonplace in this day and age. Word of mouth can spread pretty fast! You never know who might have moved here and what movers they’ve used workers compensation lawyer philadelphia. If you live in East New York and someone you know has moved from Sunset Park, you can use their recommendation to move to Bay Ridge. So, you shouldn’t discount the good old fashioned power of gossip – it’s faster than light.

Don’t be afraid to research a specific mover when you’re hiring affordable movers

That almost goes without saying. You should make sure they have their license and registration, and that they’re a well-established mover instead of a rogue one. If you can, you can also look at reviews on independent sites like yelp just to get a good idea of what the movers are actually like. Also, it’s vitally important to know what kind of moving estimate you’re getting. Is it a binding or a non-binding one? What about a binding-not-to-exceed one? You should be sure before you sign anything.

  • Request free moving estimates from several moving companies to find the most affordable movers. Movers should always do the estimates for free – anyone who wants to charge for an over the phone estimate is a fraud, no questions asked.
  • You can ask as many questions as you need to. Are they sub-contracting workers? After all, they’ll be strangers in your home, so you should trust them not to shank you at least.
  • You should decide based on in-house estimates – you can know the cost of the move only when a trained, qualified mover looks at your belongings in person. It’s easy to misjudge something over the phone!
  • Research valuation – if you’re hiring affordable movers, you probably don’t want to burden your budget with more than the standard free insurance.
  • Research what services you need – if you need piano moving services or packing services that will cost extra.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact their customer service rep for any questions!
  • One bad review in a sea of good ones doesn’t mean you should discard the company, but if the complaints are consistent in content, that’s a good bet they’re not a fluke.

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