How to pack wooden furniture?

Moving guides - January 28, 2019

There are a lot of things you should take care of when you’re moving. No matter if you’re moving across the street, or from Philadelphia to Bensonhurst, moving is very demanding. You have to figure out a lot of things. Of course, packing is the oft-dreaded one. However, most people tend to forget that packing their furniture is included in the packing as a concept. And while furniture is generally sturdy, that doesn’t mean it can’t get dented during the move. Scratched furniture looks unseemly, and who doesn’t want to avoid damage when they can? However, not everyone knows how to pack furniture, especially how to pack wooden furniture. Wooden furniture tends to the expensive side, and having to replace it because of damages just drains your moving budget!

A charming wooden table in a grassy back yard. Pack your wooden furniture so you can use it for parties to come!
You want to pack wooden furniture properly, especially if you own an antique.

What are the right supplies you need to pack wooden furniture?

Proper materials are very important. You could be the single most organized, skillful person on the planet, but you won’t manage to pack wooden furniture properly without the right materials! Of course, you should do a quick inventory check before going shopping for supplies, so you don’t end up buying more than you need.

  • Decide if you’re going to buy or rent moving blankets. Or, if you’re going to use your own. For larger pieces, you’ll need several covers.
  • Plastic sheeting is your new best friend.
  • You’ll need plenty of packing tape and sealing tape. However, under no circumstances should you place the tape directly onto the furniture. In some cases, it can damage the finish, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll have a gross sticky residue to deal with. That’s the last thing you want after a difficult completed move!
  • You might need to tape cardboard to the corners of your wooden furniture, to avoid dragging.
  • If you don’t want to go out searching for supplies, just hit up Amazon and make sure the supplies come to you.
Wood and a plant
Wooden furniture can be pretty fragile.

How do you prepare your wooden furniture for packing?

You have to approach packing with diligence, especially when you’re packing fragile items.  You should empty out your wooden furniture – sure, transporting your wooden cabinet full of odds and ends saves on packing time, and technically on packing supplies, but you’ll end up with a cabinet full of scratches on the inside. And, sure, maybe you can live with that if you’re really short on time. But why should you unless you absolutely have to? It’s best to empty out your wooden furniture before trying to secure it for the move. That way you don’t have to worry about it! Also, before you pack wooden furniture, you should clean it. Grime and debris particles can scratch your surfaces in transportation – and even without it, why drag dirty furniture into a new, clean home?

Decide if you want to disassemble your wooden furniture or not.

You should take your furniture apart if you can. Maybe you’ll want a furniture disassembly and assembly service! A piece of furniture with a lot of moving parts is a prime candidate for disassembly because that means its pieces won’t get joshed, scratched, or fall out. If you’re transporting a bed, a table, a desk, or anything with a lot of parts, take it apart. This will make your wooden furniture easier to carry in and out of your home. If you’ve taken the headboard off the bed, there’s no chance of it hitting the corner of the staircase!

Artisanal pieces of wooden furniture.
If your furniture has protruding parts that can’t be disassembled, you should give it extra padding.

Of course, if you take your furniture apart you run the risk of losing all the screws. To solve this problem, use a resealable bag to hold all the screws from one piece of furniture in. Don’t try to save money on plastic bags by putting screws from several items in one bag. Your nerves will thank you. Also, consult the owners manual as often as you need to. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, the internet is a vast resource and many manuals are put up online! Especially if you have IKEA furniture.

How do you pack wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture requires a level of care – it’s one of the reasons many people hire a packing service instead of trying to pack wooden furniture on their own. You can’t just load it onto the truck and call it a day. You have to be careful! So, the most common method you can use is called pad-wrapping. You use mover’s blankets – or your own blankets – and wrap them around the wooden furniture in question, padding it. If you don’t want to do that, you can use paper pads.  This will protect your furniture from unfortunate dents and scrapes. Of course, another excellent way to protect your furniture is to wrap it in moving wrap. If you own an elaborate piece, you have to pay attention to all protruding bits when you pack that wooden furniture. You don’t want an ornate part to get broken off in the move!

What if you don’t want to?

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why someone doesn’t want to carry their furniture with them on their move. Maybe you’re downsizing houses, and there’s simply no space for your king sized wooden bed. Maybe your wooden bedside table is old enough to graduate high school, and you want a change. Or maybe you just don’t want to bother to pack wooden furniture and think buying new items will cost less than transporting old ones, especially if it’s a long distance move. No matter the reason, there are plenty of ways to dispose of your furniture. You could try to donate it, or you could try a furniture disposal service if it’s too ramshackle to donate.

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