How to Say Goodbye to Your Neighbors?

Moving guides - January 21, 2019

Moving can be very complicated. After all, there are so many things to organize! So, it’s not surprising if some things fall by the wayside. Things like figuring out how to say goodbye to your neighbors. But, if you want to maintain a relationship with these people, you should find time to do so! Of course, if all of your neighbors have been obnoxious, you can just leave without saying a word. But, how rare is that, really? You must have at least a few people you care about! Or at least, people that have been friendly and decent towards you. And if you have kids, that’s even more emotionally difficult – kids have their friends and they’ll miss them. So, what’s the best way to say goodbye?

A man and a woman enjoying cups of coffee - say goodbye to your neighbors by buying them a cup of java.
You can say goodbye to your neighbors by just meeting them for coffee somewhere, completely casual.

Say goodbye to your neighbors by hosting a party

Say you’ve made a lot of friends among your neighbors. And maybe you’d like to say goodbye individually, but don’t have the time to. Which is completely fair! From packing your stuff to preparing to move to Brooklyn, moving takes a whole lot of time! No wonder you’re tired and lacking free time! So, why not just host a party instead? It can be as casual as you’d like – maybe just a few friends showing up for a round of drinks. Maybe if casual drinks aren’t your style, you could host a dinner? After all, nothing brings the community together like a good potluck!

And, of course, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your house being cluttered – you’re moving! Of course having a completely neat, organized house is gonna fall by the wayside when you have to organize a move! No one should blame you for it. But, if you really are too ashamed of the state your place is in, maybe rent a space, or ask your friends if they can host. And if you’re short on time, you can get takeout or make the quickest dishes possible.

Make sure your children are included

Losing touch with friends is especially hard for kids. After all, they’re not used to it! So, why not make your little ones feel better by organizing a big play-date between them and their neighborhood friends? Either rent a playroom or an arcade or dedicate an afternoon to hosting the friends of your kids. Make sure to exchange contact information, too! Your kids will appreciate it. And depending on how far away you’re moving, you might meet up again soon enough!

Make sure your kids can say goodbye to your neighbors' kids!
It can take your kids a while to adjust to suddenly not being within walking distance of their friends. Make sure to give them enough attention to help them through it!

Go out together

You’re leaving your town as well as your neighbors. This can also be surprisingly emotional, especially if you’re moving overseas. So, why not solve two problems in one and go out with your friends one last time? It can be a fun way to say goodbye to the town you’ve lived in and the people you’ve made good memories with.  It’s just to make some good memories together! You shouldn’t stress over it. Break the mold and go do a fun activity together! Maybe you’re just not the type to lounge around with drinks or find potlucks super impractical.

  • Well, there’s no need to be limited to conventional things! If your friend group is atypical, you can do atypical things. Do you all like mini-golf? Take them to a mini-golf course.
  • Go to your very favorite restaurant. After all, you won’t see it for a while!
  • So if you’re all young and full of life, you can exchange a potluck for a night of clubbing.
  • If you’re not into that, maybe you can go bowling and get a quick bite afterward.
  • Or you can try some fun things like an Escape Room.

 Do you want to stay connected?

Staying connected with your friends is easy today, considering how many social networks abound. It can be as easy as exchanging email addresses or following each other on Twitter or Facebook. So, if you’re moving across the country, it doesn’t mean the end of your friendship! Plus, having social media information can be very useful. What if you have to move really quickly and just don’t have the time for long parties or coffee breaks? Sending a thoughtful email or message can be just as good! But, you can just hire packing services to make sure you have time to say goodbye to your neighbors in peace. If you don’t want your friendship to fall by the wayside, you can make plans to meet up after your move! That way, you won’t forget about each other.

Say goodbye to your neighbors - but keep in touch! Get their phone numbers.
It’s easy to keep in touch if you have any kind of chat service.

A way to say goodbye to your neighbors is to gift them things

A part of your moving checklist should be figuring out what to keep, what to trash, and what to donate. Well, what if your friends happen to need what you’re not keeping? You could call furniture disposal, or you could give your friend that decent dinner table that doesn’t fit into your new place. Have your kids outgrew their winter clothes but they’re still in good condition? Maybe your neighbors’ kids haven’t. Of course, the trick is not to be pushy, and just to offer casually. Your friends shouldn’t feel indebted!

Maybe you don’t have any serviceable stuff to give, or your friends are all affluent enough not to need it. You can still show your appreciation with a homemade gift! You can make simple things, like biscuits or donuts or chocolate spoons. It’s really the thought that counts. A pretty box and a pretty bow and you’ll say goodbye to your neighbors with a gesture they won’t forget soon! Of course, if you’re already a pretty experienced candy maker, and have space for the candy to air dry a few days, you can do something special and make kohakutou to really make a memorable gift!

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