Tips for moving coast to coast

Moving guides - January 18, 2019

Moving coast to coast is definitely among the more adventurous moves you can take. After all, it’s around 3000 miles, and moving your belongings that distance is difficult and expensive. Not to mention all the other details about moving, like organizing your documents, registering your car in your new state, your kids’ school records, your medical records, your pets’ veterinary records… and transporting those things! It’s no wonder people need to prepare in advance for such a difficult long distance move. Staying organized is super important when it comes to these things. After all, that helps combat stress, and last minute panic. So, make a quick moving checklist to stay in the loop.

A person counting their money - very important to do when moving coast to coast.
You have to save your money when you’re moving coast to coast. Expenses can sneak up on you!

What kind of housing will you have when moving coast to coast

This is a very important question. After all, so few people time their moves perfectly enough that they don’t need any temporary housing.  Are you going to look for temporary housing, stay in a motel, or stay with friends or family? Couch surfing is totally fine, but you have to think about your belongings. Where will your belongings go? So, a possible solution to this problem is moving into temporary housing for the first few months of your new life, while you search for permanent lodgings. Then, you can do a quick local distance move to haul your stuff into your new place. After all, it’s practically impossible to go looking at houses while you live on the other coast, and there’s nothing worse than getting suckered into buying a bad house just because you couldn’t inspect it yourself!

House keys - definitely something you should be careful about getting when moving coast to coast.
Everyone is excited to get the keys to their new house. But don’t get too hasty with your purchase!

What kind of housing works for you?

It can help to be specific with what you want out of a house. That way, you can narrow down searches very fast, and only go visit what you’re actually interested in. However, you shouldn’t stray too far in the other direction and get too specific. The odds that your dream house in your dream budget is waiting just around the corner are pretty low! So, make a list of what is a definite deal breaker, and what can be suffered if it’s worth it. Maybe you absolutely need good access to the subway, but can survive if your place isn’t right next to a bodega. Those kinds of parleys are common in New York, especially if you’re moving somewhere like East New York, because of the nature of the city’s real estate market. 

Have you done research when moving coast to coast?

Of course, it’s very important to research the cost of living. You don’t want a nasty surprise after you’ve already moved! That, of course, means being very thorough in what you look for. You should familiarize yourself with laws about your new city, and laws about what you can and can’t transport during your move.

  • Are you renting? Then you have to make sure you know the tenants’ rights in your new city! They might be different than what you’re used to.
  • What are the taxes like? For example, if you move to Florida, you won’t get an income tax. What kind of things are taxed in your new city and how different are the taxes from what you’re used to? That affects the cost of living too.
  • A good way to help deal with the cost of moving is to transport as few things as possible. So, purge your wardrobe, and donate what you don’t want to wear anymore! You can even save the donation receipts and end up with a big tax deductible!
  • What job opportunities are there? It can be difficult to find a new job right after moving, unless you’re specifically moving for work. Moving to a place with a high unemployment rate is just asking for trouble.
  • Are you moving your business? Make sure to know exactly what the laws concerning your business are.

How do you pack for a coast to coast move?

The answer is very carefully. You have to keep in mind what kind of a budget buster a coast to coast move is! And most of that money goes on transporting things. Of course, if you’re looking for fine art movers Brooklyn, you don’t have the option of discarding half your precious collection to save money! However, you can save money in all other areas of packing. Have you worn this outfit in a while? If no, toss it. Does it cost more to transport this furniture than it would to buy new furniture on location? Into the donation bin, they go. You have to be a bit ruthless with your belongings if you want to save money when moving coast to coast.

A bunch of markers and sticky post-its just waiting to be used when moving coast to coast .
Make sure to label your moving boxes when you pack! You don’t want things to get lost!

How do you ensure you have the best move when moving coast to coast?

Very easy: just hire the right mover for the job! A proper mover will make sure your move is the best it can be.  Not to mention how experienced long distance movers Brooklyn have seen it all before! Of course, every move is unique and poses unique challenges. But real experts have witnessed many a move, and won’t stumble if problems occur. Moving coast to coast is legendarily difficult because of the sheer length of travel involved, and it’s really not something you want to attempt on your own. Proper, trustworthy professionals have moved coast to coast before and so know the best travel routes. You won’t have to worry about being lost behind the wheel of a huge moving truck while your GPS incessantly insists you drive straight through a river! 

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