Temporary Housing Options To Consider When Moving

Moving guides - January 15, 2019

If you’re lucky, the stars will align and you’ll go straight from one place to another when you move. But, for many, that doesn’t happen. After all, even if you own your home, selling it and buying a new one in quick succession doesn’t happen often! And if you’re renting, you might have to wait on your lease. What do you do if you have a gap between when you have to leave your old place and when you can move into your new place? Especially if you don’t have a convenient friend or family couch to crash on. Well, you consider temporary housing options. There are a few different things you can do to avoid being stuck on the streets until your new place opens up. As this is one of the hardest moving problems, figuring it out pronto should definitely be on your docket.

It's important to secure temporary housing until you get the keys to your new place.
Temporary housing doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be okay.

Don’t forget, you’re not looking for a forever home! It’s okay to have standards, but don’t get caught up on details. Does it matter how far from your kids’ school your temporary housing is, if you’re not moving during the school year? No. So, adjust your standards accordingly. How relevant are your standards when it comes to a place you’ll spend a week or a month in?

Know your temporary housing options well in advance

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find a place to stay with no time to spare! After all, the more you wait, the fewer options you have. So, it stands to reason that researching moving options should fit prominently in your moving checklist. That does mean that if you want to crash on someone’s couch, you have to ask them in advance. Ask, don’t assume! And even if it seems like a done deal, maybe do a little bit of research anyway. After all, circumstances can change very quickly. These are uncertain times, and most people are living paycheck to paycheck. You never know if some emergency will happen to the people you planned to couch-surf on, leaving them unable to assist you!

An orange cat on a green chair. It's got big, beautiful eyes and a kind face. Cats can be a boon or a problem when it comes to temporary housing, depending on your allergies.
If you’re couch surfing, make sure you’re not allergic to any of their pets!

Another thing you have to think about when searching for temporary housing is where to put your belongings, and how. Are the movers going to pick them up from your temporary housing? What’s going to happen to your items? Where will you put them? How will you carry them there? These are all questions demanding answers – sometimes the answer is sharing a storage unit with friends, and sometimes it’s asking friends or family to put up with boxes in their house. If you have few items and you can swing it, maybe you can carry them all to your temporary housing! But you shouldn’t count on – especially if you’re moving furniture, where disassembling and reassembling it would be expensive.

Temporary housing: Subletting, vacation rentals, and more

If you don’t have a convenient family or friends, you still have the internet. So shop around – and don’t be afraid to check out vacation properties! Who knows, you might find them a fun break between the moving stress, or even a mini vacation! If you can afford it, you can splurge on a luxury vacation rental and enjoy all the offered amenities, to really unwind!

  • Airbnb is a flourishing industry – from people renting out rooms in their house or apartment to people renting entire apartments. It spread throughout the world, letting people travel at affordable prices. So, look around and see what options there you like! You might be surprised at what you can find. Especially if you’re not moving in the vacation season – prices are bound to be cheaper.
  • You can try subletting – that means you take over a lease from an existing tenant for a set period of time, making it a good temporary housing option. However, it will require the landlord’s approval, and they might not match your timeline – if you need only ten days, it would be foolish to sublet for a month!
  • Short term rentals can be another kind of temporary housing – do you want to rent only for a month? Done! However, the prices might be different depending on how long you’re planning to stay.
  • Airbnb isn’t the only vacation rental site out there – sites like HomeAway and others are just as good!
A fully furnished kitchen and dining room, an excellent temporary housing option.
You can find fully furnished apartments via vacation rentals!

What about corporate housing?

Corporate housing is kind of like a short term rental. But, it’s still a distinct term, which means you can google corporate housing near you and get plenty of hits! Originally, it was meant to house traveling businessmen there for conferences or meetings. However, as people quickly figured out what a great solution this is, it quickly expanded to suit people between houses. The good thing about corporate housing is that it provides a lot. It’s fully furnished, so you don’t have to lug your furniture to and fro, it’s got utilities accounted for, and it’s got the internet. Not to mention that you might also encounter housekeeping services! So you can just kick back and relax. You can find all sorts of houses or apartments when it comes to corporate housing – from apartments to houses to lofts, checkout .emergencyhomesolutionsoc.com.

Temporary housing: hotels

Hotels are a safe, solid option, but they can get pretty pricey. However, if your time between houses is short, you might find them the best option of all! There are two different types of hotels you can look for. The first kind of hotel is called an extended stay hotel. However, they aren’t exactly hotels by definition. Rather, they are a serviced apartment complex that uses a hotel style booking system, and you can check out at any time. It’s like leasing an apartment! But unlike with sublets and short term renting, there is no fixed contract. This can be very beneficial for you if you don’t have a set move-in date for your new place, making this a great temporary housing option!

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