How Long Should You Schedule Your Move In Advance?

Moving guides - January 13, 2019

So, you’ve decided to move. Moving can be such a hassle – no wonder many people procrastinate until the last moment! But, the sooner you start the better for you and your wallet. You might be wondering, though, how soon is soon? Should you schedule your move in advance? Well, it depends on the specifics of your move. But, honestly, the sooner the better. After all, the sooner you have a moving date, the sooner you can start all of the organizing and get a moving checklist. There’s a lot to do before the move! There’s a reason the moving industry is booming, after all, and it’s because organizing a move all by yourself is like taking on a second job. Leaving it to the professionals is actually cheaper – you won’t have to pay for rookie mistakes, or waste your time and nerves.

A calendar and a white man about to mark his moving date. He's gonna schedule his move in advance, are you?
Mark your calendars as soon as you can!

When is it important to schedule your move in advance?

There’s a few specific situations when knowing your move in advance is extremely useful. One of those times is when you absolutely have to move at a certain date or by a certain date. Just imagine putting it off and finding your preferred moving company is booked on those dates! Or finding no good moving company near you, and being stuck trying to rough it alone. Isn’t that just a horror story? So, if you have a deadline to move, it’s good to start researching and organizing the moment you get it. Especially if this is your first move! If this is your first move, you’re going in completely blind, and a lack of trusted professionals can prove disastrous. So, definitely at least start your research and get a free moving estimate ASAP.

A marked calendar. Schedule your move in advance if your moving date is non-negotiable.
Do you have a specific date to move by? Well, then it’s definitely super important to start well in advance!

Of course, the more specific your moving requirements get, the earlier you should start looking. Say you absolutely have to move on a weekend – well, everybody wants to move on the weekends too! It’s one of the most requested dates for a good reason. If you move on a weekend, you won’t have to struggle with getting a day off from your job (assuming you get weekends off). You won’t have to pull your school-aged children out of their school mid-week. Or, if you’re moving locally, you won’t have to worry about picking them up from school in time, or having them miss a school day. So, it makes sense that moving companies charge more for a weekend slot, and that the weekend slots get filled up faster, requiring you to schedule your move in advance. The same goes if you want to move in the summer.

Why is it helpful to schedule your move in advance?

Say you don’t have a lot of requests when it comes to the date and time of your move. Why shouldn’t you just wait, then? Well, the more time you have until your move, the more you can relax when it comes to doing tasks. If you have two months until your move and you’re not hiring a packing service, you have two months to pack – which can easily be chopped up into half an hour every other day. That’s basically nothing!

A whole bunch of coathangers and dresses. Just imagine folding all of those. Start in advance.
Attention people moving for the first time – packing takes longer than you think!

Remember, a day only has 24 hours, so everything that you decide to do on your own requires sacrificing a part of your day. Decided on packing everything in a week? Well, you probably won’t have time for much else! And if you desperately need time for other things… well, something will have to go, and unless what’s going is your stuff in the trash, packing will have to take priority in order to manage a move. That means you won’t have time to figure out how to de-clutter and where to donate your things! Charitable contributions can be a tax deduction.

You’ll have more moving companies to pick from when you schedule your move in advance, too!

Searching for a right moving company can take a while. Especially if you want something specific, like fine art movers Brooklyn – you can’t expect just any old moving company to move your art right! So, it will take you a while to decide what moving company to use. Therefore, if you wait too long, you might find out the moving company you wanted got booked in the times you need! Not to mention that if you wait until the last possible moment, you might have no popular, trustworthy companies to pick from! After all, those often get booked in advance anyway.

What’s the best time to schedule your move in advance?

So you’ve got free reign on your moving schedule. How best to use it? Say you’re one of the lucky few that doesn’t have to worry about move-out dates when’s the best time to move?

  • Well, it depends on a lot of things. What you want out of a move, when you want to move if a lower price of the move is worth the hassle…
  • May to October is when things get hectic in the moving industry. So, if you want to move in those months, you might have to book an entire month in advance!
  • Don’t move on the day a holiday. Just don’t. Everyone will be going everywhere and the roads will be hell and it will cost more because the crew is working on a holiday. Move on the 3rd of July or the 5th of July but never on the 4th of July.
  • Yes, if you schedule your move in advance you’ll have an easier time, but the most important thing is finding the best moving date for you. Maybe you absolutely need to move in the middle of the moving season because you don’t want to switch your kids’ school in the middle of their school year – think about your life outside of the move. Are the most frugal dates the best option?

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