Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving?

Moving guides - January 8, 2019

Are you moving? Is your place full of clutter that you don’t want to haul to your next location? Well, in that case, you can just donate your stuff and call it a day! No need to move what you don’t want! That way, you won’t have to deal with organizing a yard sale or putting up listings on online sites, and not to mention you’ll be doing a good deed! It’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, you’ll actually be saving money on transportation costs. Of course, you have to be reasonable about these things – only donate gently used things! If it wouldn’t go in a yard sale, it probably won’t fare well in donations. It’s much better to schedule furniture disposal if your clunky items are in poor condition.

Some nicely folded pink baby clothes. Donate your stuff to less fortunate kids!
Things like baby clothes are always in high demand. Make a new parent happy and donate your old baby stuff!

What kind of stuff can you donate?

Donating your stuff is a great way to organize a more eco-friendly move! Not to mention the tax breaks you could get out of it. There are a lot of places to donate your things, depending on what they are. After all, there’s a bunch of charity organizations very eager to take donations! So, just look for a charity near you.

  • When it comes to transporting perishables, your movers aren’t legally able to move them. So, if you can’t move them yourself, why not donate your stuff to a food bank? It’s better than letting food go to waste!
  • What about things that cost too much to move in comparison to their price – like feminine hygiene products, or general toiletries? If you don’t want to or don’t have room to transport them to your new location, they can find a new home with a charity!
  • Of course, due to safety and health reasons, you can’t donate open or used perishables. Check with a local food bank!
  • Do you want to prune your bookshelf? Books are notoriously heavy to transport! So, why not head down to your local library? Or, maybe a school library! Libraries always welcome book donations – many of them take CDs and DVDs too. Leave a parting gift for your past community!
  • Do you have working electronics you don’t want anymore? Donate them.
  • Any appliances you don’t want to transport can be donated instead of thrown away.
  • You should be aware that charities don’t exist to take waste off your hands – it won’t be accepted unless it’s in working condition. You can send that ripped, stained, dog-smell couch to the landfill where it belongs. That broken TV with a shattered screen? Just throw it away.

Where can you donate your stuff?

It can be difficult to pick a good charity, so it’s good to stick with the tested, well-established ones, to make sure your things find their purpose. Of course, Goodwill is always an option – they take all sorts of items to sell in their stores. If you’d like to get more specific than that, though, you could always seek out specialized charities. For example, Baby2baby takes your baby gear and makes sure that new parents have proper supplies for their kids! If you’re tired of holding onto old baby items, they’ll definitely make some babies really happy.

A woman holding three things of comfortable knitwear. Donate your stuff to the Red Cross or Goodwill.
Warm items like blankets and sweaters are a godsend in these cold winter months. Be someone’s guardian angel today!

Where to donate your work clothes?

Everyone knows that good, work appropriate clothing are mandatory for most jobs. Not to mention how a certain level of professionalism is practically mandatory for job interviews! However, that puts people with no disposable income in quite the bind, since they can’t spend money on good clothing but need it in order to climb out of their problem and secure a job. It can be a vicious circle, severely impacting those people and their families. How can you earn money to buy clothes you need to get a job if you need to get a job to buy clothes? This is where programs like Dress for Success (for women) or Career Gear (for men) come in! So, rethink tossing out that ill-fitting blazer or suit – let someone use it as a stepping stone towards their own success. 

Two men high-fiving. They can get jobs because someone donated their stuff and they got good work suits.
It’s humane to help each other out, so donate your stuff instead of throwing it away.

Where to donate your appliances?

So, maybe you wan’t to purchase a new table set or microwave at your new place instead of lugging the old one over. Why not? So, what do you do with your old things, if they’re in working order? You can look at organizations like Habitat for Humanity that take your appliances and furniture, and sell them at a fraction of the retail price to help people in need. They even come to your house to take away the furniture, of course free of cost. Of course, if you have friends with busted items, you can offer the items to them, too.

Why donate?

Well, first of all, you need to figure out if you want the costs of transporting those items! Are they worth it? An easy way to check is to get a free moving estimate, and then go from there. Is it too expensive? Then maybe it’s time to de-clutter your home. Of course, giving things is it’s own reward – just think of all the people you’ve helped! With every item you give instead of toss, someone’s day gets a little bit better and their life a little bit easier.

Of course, that doesn’t mean giving things is just it’s own reward. All reputable charities give out receipts – things you can easily use for some tax breaks! If you’ve filled out your donation receipt well with the items you’ve given and their value, they can go a long way on making your tax season easier on your budget. Donate your stuff, and help yourself and others at the same time! 

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